President; General Manager

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President; General Manager
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Executive has effectively led, developed and managed multiple manufacturing businesses. Team player strategic planning, business development, product development and personnel training to build global businesses. Implemented procedural, process, product,organizational for changes customer demands in product quality, price, and delivery.


" Led Product Development, Product Engineering, Sales Manufacturing Purchasing, Packaging, Maintenance, and Quality.
" Team player experienced in strategic planning, business development, product development and personnel training to build global businesses.
" Using 6-Sigma and Lean principles I implemented procedural, process, product, and organizational changes in response to the voice of the customer asking for improved quality, lower prices and improved availability.
" Reduced Inventory 28.5% by changing stock levels to 75 days down from 120 days, and consolidated warehouses
" Automotive & Heavy-duty gasket experience, hands on, enjoys working on the plant floor and leading projects
" Executive that has effectively led developed and managed multiple manufacturing businesses.
" Started high volume automotive packaging program going from an open warehouse to a packaging center shipping 60,0000 kits per week with 1-day notice.
" 6- Sigma, Greenbelt trained. Previous experience with TQM
" Implemented QS9000 and ISO2001-2008 Quality Programs, received Plant Certification
" Eliminated 25% rejected part, implemented preventative maintenance program and a revised control plan. Within 2 months, the production center was producing 99% defect free parts. Output increased by 65% improving on time delivery and customer satisfaction
" Key Performance Metrics: Machine up time; Output by Part vs. Standard; Cost Variance; Delivery Performance; and Stock shortages. Reports issued daily and monthly.
" Supplied automotive and heavy duty parts to Dana, Federal Mogul, FP Diesel, Caterpillar, John Deere, Agco, Detroit Diesel, Ford, GM, Chrysler and several independent kit packagers.
" Drive Lean Manufacturing/5-S programs in both office and plant at United.
" I strengthened our Lean and 5-S programs adding a Plant Manager and Quality Director with Toyota Production System experience. Our largest customer audited the facility and was amazed by the appearance of the factory and the performance charting that was in place. Result customer added United to the list of supplier companies eligible for new business.
" Recognized a potential problem with undocumented workers, replaced 30% of the production personnel. After three months of training production was back to a normal level. Implemented program to check documentation for all new employee and applicants
" Embrace change as a means to expand business and remain competitive.

Bradley University  Peoria, IL
" Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology

" Dana U / Bowling Green University Executive Program


2013- Present Consulting

2012 - 2013 United Gasket Corporation, Cicero, IL
Title: General Manager Operations

" Led the operations team: production, plant engineering, purchasing, packaging, maintenance, quality, and shipping.


Career Highlights
2011  2012 TAPI USA, Mexico City, Mexico
Title: Contractor-GM

" Worked as a general manager for a plastic molding plan to reduce quality rejects which were running as high as 25% on a high volume line affecting daily output needed for customer orders.
" Assembled and led a cross functional team to analyze the production process.
" Used Paredo Analysis determined the top five reject categories. The data showed that one production center scrapped 25% of the parts produced during the month.
" Determined root causes for equipment and tooling. The corrective action plan defined preventative maintenance programs for equipment and tooling. Changed process control plan to have quality check product at the press. Within 2 months, the production center was producing 99% defect free parts. Output increased by 65% improving on time delivery and customer satisfaction.
" Quality problem linked to mixed inventory of good and rejected parts. The 5-S program eliminated those problems.
" Established weekly Operations Meeting with personnel from production, quality, maintenance and scheduling to review issues that affected the quality of parts produced or caused delivery problems. Team members investigated and reported their findings and proposed corrective actions to the group. During a recent phone conversation with the owner he said the Friday meetings are ongoing.

2008 - 2010 Amorim Cork Composites Trevor, WI
Title: Chairman (GM)

" Drove the P&L for five product lines. Focused on cost reduction including inventory reductions, price negotiations with suppliers, development of alternate suppliers, product line standardization, and elimination of external costs (warehouses) to remain profitable during the business recession.
" Achieved $2,000,000 inventory reduction in raw material, finished goods, and supplies by adjusting the stocking levels of raw and finished materials from 120 days to 60 days.
" Closed contract warehouses and brought the stock in house eliminating $225,000 in rent and handling charges. Shipped product within 24 hours of receipt of order, a 50% improvement compared to the contract warehouses.
" Added $1.5 million in new business after converting a high volume auto parts manufacturing facility to a high volume rubber flooring manufacturing facility Redesigned process to eliminate bottlenecks which reduced overtime from 20 hours per week per employee to an average of 10 hours for the department.
" Increased capacity 33% and saved $300,000 in material cost resulting in a 75% reduction in landfill costs (Sustainability) by standardized production procedures. Delivery improved to 98% with 24-hour lead-time. Capital investment was less than $50,000. Timetable six months. 6-Sigma Principles
" Realized annual savings of $150,000, enhanced customer relationships by offering a greater product range; generated sales growth, eliminated inventory duplication; and improved on-time delivery by merging two product lines.
" Achieved a 50% margin increase on a specialty product line by outsourcing material to Portugal
" Implemented $260,000 cost reduction on a key raw material by developing alternate source.


2005 - 2008 Amorim Industrial Solutions, Inc.
Title: President
" I was Responsible for Amorims North American manufacturing/distribution facility P&L.
" Direct reports: Engineering, HR, Finance, Operations, Quality, and Sales. The economy was changing, the higher gasoline prices, impacted the sale of new vehicles ultimately resulting in bankruptcy for GM and Chrysler which impacted Amorims Automotive OEM and Aftermarket Businesses. Transferred high volume, low margin automotive gasket production to Portugal to improve profitability for Trevor Plant and improved our competitive position in the automotive gasket aftermarket
" Stabilized production levels in both facilities while opening needed capacity for new products in the US facility.
" Saved the company$500,000 annually by locating and eliminating the root cause of material contamination in a major product line.
" Initiated a cross training program to balance the workload by shifting employees from slow areas to overloaded areas.
" Reduced overtime costs $5800 per week.
" Added $300,000 in gasket business to Trevor by agreeing to become the sole source for cork rubber cut gaskets for a major customer.

1986  2005 Global Technology Systems/Amorim Industrial Solutions
Title: Executive Vice President

" Responsible for Engineering, Manufacturing in two US plants, UK plant, International and Domestic Sales & Marketing. Engineering, Quality and Sales reported at different times.
" Defined responsibilities for new business development manage automotive sales functions, negotiated global automotive supply contracts with Fortune 100 customers.
" Career highlights shift with changes in my role during the 1986 -2005 years
" Increased heavy-duty aftermarket sales by $24,000 per month with the introduction of a new molded cork silicone head cover gasket
" Amorims decision to enter the automotive OEM market required new product offerings to compete with molded rubber technology. Built a new test facility, purchased $1 million in equipment, hired engineers and business development personnel to develop a cork rubber product that would compete with molded silicone gaskets for the automotive OEM market.
" By incorporating the product improvements into its existing transmission oil pan gaskets, Amorim replaced the competitors molded rubber gaskets.
" Captured 80% of automotive automatic transmission filter kit market  increased yearly sales by $750,000 with the development of transmission oil pan gasket, replacing competitors materials.
" Increased automotive aftermarket sales in Europe $800,000 by establishing a supply contract with international client targeting specific high volume parts.
" By downsizing from three plants to two plants, we eliminated excess capacity and cost.
" Led a cross-functional team of engineers, production and quality personnel, developed the procedures for the Ford Q-1 certification, in two plants. Later replaced by QS-9000 and ISO-9001-2008

Professional Affiliations:
" Board of Directors Amorim Industrial Solutions
" President- Gasket Fabricators Association (GFA)
" Board of Directors National Engine Parts Manufacturers Association (NEPMA)
" President  National Engine Parts Manufacturers Association (NEPMA)
" Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

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President; General Manager

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