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Executive leader with experience managing complex capital equipment businesses for both public and private equity companies in global, high-tech manufacturing industries.


Executive leader with experience managing complex capital equipment businesses for both public and private equity companies in global, high-tech manufacturing industries.

Managed $200M+ P&Ls; analyzed markets, created strategies and drove product development initiatives from inception to high volume production; designed and led organizations, fostered winning cultures, drove M&A and integration; interfaced with BODs and investors; succeeded in high-growth, turnaround and re-alignment situations; grew revenue from $108M to $790M and gained share from 23% to 72%; served as Navy submarine officer.

Uniquely combines a strong marketing foundation with operational performance. Visionary, agile, market-driven strategist with a reputation for consistently driving growth by scaling organically and capitalizing on new market opportunities.

SHAPE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, Kent, Washington 2016 to 2019
$450M global leader in ultrahigh-pressure process solutions for manufacturing industries (Private Equity)

President, Component Shaping Group 2016 to 2019

Recruited to lead the $200M waterjet cutting systems business segment, serving a broad range of manufacturing industries, including aerospace, automotive, microelectronics and food processing. Oversaw global Sales, Service, Marketing, Product Management, Business Development and Engineering functions directly. Managed Operations, Quality, Finance and HR indirectly. Member of Core Leadership Team, set strategy and drove operational performance. Regularly interacted with Board of Directors. 200 employees direct, 600 including indirect.

** Successfully led and managed core business coupled with recently acquired operations in France and Korea serving global industrial markets. Set and executed share gain strategy, increased sales channel effectiveness and drove P&L performance through major product, service and operations transformations. Oversaw broad range of configure-to-order systems products, engineer-to-order systems for advanced applications and comprehensive aftermarket services. Achieved revenue growth of 8% and increased EBITDA 25%.

** Defined and implemented global sales channel strategy across direct sales, distributors, key account management and business development functions. Restructured Sales organizations to align with strategy and deployed new leadership for North America and Europe. Established new Global Aftermarket leadership and regional service model. Developed, mentored and coached key team members. Resulted in a 12% increase in win rate and strong leaders in all key positions.

** Established and executed core systems share gain strategy. Drove market segmentation analysis, competitive assessment, product conceptualization and positioning. Led all commercialization activities for global launch and ramp up of six different product lines, while phasing out previous product generation. Penetrated key growth segments in advanced aerospace applications. Established key industry marketing partnerships. Resulted in 10% revenue and 7% unit growth, a 35% year-over-year increase in 2019 core market business, and a solid product and M&A roadmap for further competitive advantage gains.

** Led organization through major change. Upon entering the role two years into the private equity turnaround, the organizations morale had been shaken by the rapid pace of change, resulting in weak execution. Drove communications throughout organization, balancing a sense of urgency with empathy to reinvigorate the culture. Persistently and clearly conveyed vision, strategy, goals and expectations. Result was a motivated organization powering growth through continued product, factory and organizational transitions.

** Drove transformation of Aftermarket business from from break-fix to preventive maintenance model, with roadmap to predictive approach. Launched new service package and e-commerce platforms globally to improve retention, increase consumables share, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction. Grew service package business with a 90% attachment rate to over 520 contracts and $10M. Resulted in an overall 7% increase in Aftermarket business with a growing portion of multi-year service contracts.

** Worked closely with private equity sponsor and potential buyer organizations during rigorous preparation, presentation, follow up and due diligence during company sale process. Resulted in a successful company transaction with new private equity shareholder.

VEECO INSTRUMENTS, INC., Plainview, New York 2006 to 2016
$470M market leader of process technology solutions for semiconductor and related industries (Public: VECO)

General Manager & Senior Vice President, MOCVD Business Unit 2013 to 2016

Selected to lead $250M compound semiconductor equipment business unit serving the LED, photonics, solar and power electronics industries. Led Marketing, Engineering, Technology functions directly. Managed Sales, Operations, Finance, HR, Services and Quality indirectly. Member of Senior Management Team. Routinely interacted with Board of Directors and engaged in Investor Relations activities. 100 employees direct, 200 including indirect.

** Successfully managed business unit serving the US, Asian and European markets for five distinctly different product lines in the LED, photonics, and power electronics segments. Designed and led organization, set strategic direction, managed operational performance, including P&L and product development. Grew revenue 27%, increased gross margin 5%, increased operating profit 8%, increased market share from 61% to 72% and realized a 12% average gross margin advantage over leading competitor.

** Drove creation and implementation of value-based, platform strategy for metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) systems products and services, including full product lifecycles from concept through production. Effective execution resulted in strong value propositions to customers, improved competitive differentiation, revenue growth and enhanced profitability.

** Inspired and instilled a winning culture by clearly focusing organizations strategic direction and business objectives on profitable market leadership. Established goals centered on market position, speed, product leadership and new customers. Relentlessly communicated expectations and priorities for success. Culture change contributed to profitable market share gains.

** Upon entering role, focused organization on critical objectives centered on core market and technology, where product development was stalled. Once success was in hand with core business, built organizations capability to multi-task for new product development and new market penetration. The result was a business unit well-structured for both core business success and expansion into adjacent segments for continued growth.

Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing 2012 to 2013

Promoted to spearhead up to 25 concurrent growth initiatives across $500M multi-business unit organization. Set corporate strategic direction, led growth program portfolio and owned Marketing Communications.

** Developed Organic Growth Playbook to document best practices for assessing markets and establishing product development plans. Used by the company as a guide for all new market opportunities. Resulted in improved product development success rate, better decisions and consistent performance metrics.

** Executive champion for a number of acquisition assessments. Led preparation and presentation of business cases, scenario analyses, integration plans and risk assessments. Interfaced with Board of Directors and bankers for critical updates and key decisions. Provided input and recommendations on operating structure, valuation, strategies and messaging.

Vice President, Marketing, MOCVD Business Unit 2009 to 2012

Handpicked to oversee Marketing for $500M compound semiconductor equipment business unit serving the LED, photonics, solar and power electronics industries. Directed all aspects of product marketing, business development, product management and new market penetration. 15 employees direct.

** Spearheaded industry vision for five-year evolution of LED manufacturing as the TV and lighting industries transitioned to this emerging technology. Established strategic plan and led development and execution of multi-generational product and technology roadmaps, to achieve #1 equipment supplier position during ramp up. The realized vision resulted in revenue growth from $108M to $790M, market share gains from 23% to 59%, a 12-point gross margin gain and positioned the organization as the market leader.

** Rebuilt Product Marketing organization to execute strategy. Recruited team of PhD level, business-savvy, product marketing veterans to ensure exceptionally strong and credible interactions with customers. As a result, penetrated all competitor stronghold accounts and positioned organization for further growth.

** Frequently tapped to provide input for Investor Relations strategies and messages. Regularly interfaced with investors and analysts. Led strategic investor messaging initiative to recast corporate theme and key elements that provided crisper investor relations messaging and enhanced insight to analysts and investors.

Vice President, Marketing, Data Storage Business Unit 2006 to 2009

Recruited to lead top strategic organic growth initiative with new physical vapor deposition (PVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) products. Oversaw Marketing for $130M process equipment business unit. Built and led cross-functional Marketing, Applications and Engineering teams. 25 employees direct.

** Established agreement with key customer for joint development of an advanced customized chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system. Program resulted in new product and $50 million in incremental revenue.

** Developed win strategies and business plans for emerging disc drive patterned media market.

BROOKS AUTOMATION, INC., Chelmsford, Massachusetts 1994 to 2006
$690M market leader of automation solutions for semiconductor and flat panel display industries (Public: BRKS)

Vice President, Product Marketing, Technology Automation Division 2004 to 2006

Promoted to lead Marketing for $300M division which developed and manufactured robotic handling systems and components for semiconductor process equipment. Directed business development and product management.

** Led largest product introduction in company history, launching 14 new products. Resulted in a more competitive product line up based on next generation technology and led to continued profitable growth.

Product Marketing, General Management and Account Management Positions 1994 to 2004

Held various positions of progressively increasing responsibility. Key business driver during company's expansion from pre-IPO $24M to $540M.

** Developed methods to analyze markets, evaluate businesses, and define strategies during corporate strategic planning process. New approach served as the template for the entire company.

** Led integration for three different acquisitions. The commercial, technical and manufacturing operations were all combined ahead of schedule, ultimately contributing to continued company growth.

Senior Associate, DEVONRUE, Ltd. (Private, $5M in revenue) 1991 to 1994

Sold, developed, managed, and delivered professional services to electric utility and insurance company clients at Boston, MA, based consulting firm. Served as team leader for onsite technical assessments of nuclear power plants.

Submarine Officer, US NAVY 1986 to 1991


Master of Science, Engineering Management and Operations Research 1994
Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, with Honors and Distinction 1986
The Pennsylvania State University

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