President and CEO/COO

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President and CEO/COO
Location Confidential
San Francisco
Willing to Relocate
$300,000 to $600,000

Resume Summary
Seasoned senior level executive with over 25 years of multinational experience in operations, sales, marketing and finance. Entrepreneurial in nature but able to successfully work within and across major multinational organizations with strong leadership skills.



Stephen R. Manning
1468 Forenza Court
Pleasanton, CA

Seasoned senior level Information Technology executive with over 30 years of multinational experience in ecommerce, wireless, outsourcing, reverse logistics, operations, sales, marketing and finance. Entrepreneurial in nature, but able to successfully work within and across major multinational organizations, with strong leadership and team building skills.

5/2009-11/2013 Chairman and CEO-Recellular Inc.
Privately held company focused on the recycling and re-sale of wireless devices based in Ann Arbor, MI

Recruited by private equity investors turn around this portfolio company
" Converted sales channel from 80% wholesale to a value added reseller of direct to consumer mobile devices
" Company regained its leadership in the industry, established itself as the as the largest on-line seller of 2nd generation wireless handsets in North America
" Largest direct to consumer via Ecommerce seller of refurbished mobile devices (

10/2008-4/2009 President and CEO-CloudMSP
Private Equity funded start up focused on providing outsourced Managed Services IT solutions to small and medium businesses. Target market was for organizations with up to 500 seats based in North America and Europe.

" Collapse of capital markets in late 2008 caused the private equity partner to pull back on its $460M financing commitment to the company

1999-2008 Senior Vice President - Solectron Global Services

" $1.2 Billion IT services reverse logistics company, achieved and maintained market leadership position and a >20% CAGR
" 22 sites globally on 5 continents with 15,000 employees
" Deployed 7000 field technicians in wireless retail outlets throughout the US and Asia to provide customer support and in-store repair services
" Acquired 5 companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia
" Responsibilities include worldwide strategy and business development, marketing, sales, service product supply chain development and all field service operations

1990-1999 President and CEO Sequel Inc. (Co-Founder)
Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

" Very successful service and manufacturing IT outsourcing company focused on manufacturing and repair of computer systems, network equipment, disk drives and sub-assemblies
" Management owned leveraged buyout, $100M+ in worldwide revenues with operations in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and United Kingdom
" Sales channels developed include Tier 1 OEM contracts with companies such as Cisco, IBM, Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Hitachi, as well as, sales through distribution, 800-direct and direct on the Internet
" Company was successfully sold to Solectron Corp in July, 1999

1989-1990 Vice President Sales and Marketing AT&T

" Data Communication Group of AT&T with $500 million of worldwide revenue
" Recruited by AT&T Corporate offices to turn the business around so it could be successfully sold or spun out as a separate entity
" All objectives were met ahead of schedule and the business was sold for $178 million premium above Corporate objectives

1985-1989 President and CEO Future International Inc.

" Venture Capital based start-up co-located in London, England (Engineering and Development), Pleasanton, CA (Sales, Marketing, Program/Product Management), Asia outsourced Manufacturing and assembly
" Product focus included IBM compatible data communication products and Intel based workstations.
" Recruited by the board of directors and original investors to re-focus the R&D organization to a private label product company to services the data communication and computing OEMs.
" Successfully developed a product roadmap and an outsourced Asia manufacturing strategy for this venture

1981-1985 Burroughs-Memorex Corp.

President Communications Group
" $600M Group focused on the IBM compatible data communications industry
" Very successful, high growth component of the Burroughs Corporation with sales and service offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia
" In-sourced and outsourced manufacturing activities in the United States, Mexico and the Far East
" Drove an innovative product roadmap using both in-house and contract engineering groups to complete a fully integrated communications product offering

Director Product and Program Management-Communications
Corporate Director Business Development

1976-1985 Rockwell International
Director Financial Planning
Director Business Development
Director Internal Audit
Manager Internal Audit

1974-1976 Inland Steel
Accounting Manager
Staff Accountant


BS University of Nebraska with concentration in Economics and Finance - 1974

CPA issued 1975

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President and CEO/COO

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