Plant Manager

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Plant Manager
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Leading companies manufacturing and distributing building materials & consumer products, improving productivity and growing revenues in strong and challenging economies. Enhancing customer satisfaction, developed new products, strategic alliances, controlled costs, shortened delivery cycle time, maximized profitability and increased shareholder value.

Resume Body      PLANT MANAGER


Manufacturing / P&L / Operations / Business & process Development
/ Quality / OSHA / Budgets / Supply Chain
/ Profit Improvement / Lean / Startups / Turnarounds
/ B2B & B2C / Sales / Unions

An experienced senior manager, I lead manufacturing
and consumer product companies to be profitable,
efficient and survive in challenging economies.
Enhancing customer satisfaction, I develop new products
and strategic alliances to secure high quality, increase
shareholder value, and achieve strong operational support
to meet sales increases.

Known by management and colleagues for my excellent
problem-solving skills, I simplify and resolve complex
engineering and manufacturing problems. Providing options
that work, overcome throughput problems and find alternatives
for instituting operating efficiencies. Values driven,
I design and institute sustainable strategic plans.

Key strengths include...

-LEAN - Continuous improvement
-Improving quality, customer service and
-Reining in costs to support increased
-Recruiting and retaining high-performing,
low-turnover teams
-Developing objectives, goals and budgets to
improve processes

I have a BS in Marketing and Business Management from
San Diego State University. Throughout my career, I have
excelled in my past roles and risen to the top echelon as
a catalyst fostering cohesive environments. An effective
communicator, teacher and mentor, I easily win people‚??s
confidence and inspire others to top performance.


Turned around company to profitable margin. Engineered Steel
Products (ESP) had not made profit since opening. Instituted
policies/lean process methodologies, improving operational flow
and effectiveness. Decreased inventories by 50%. Increased
operational efficiencies by 20%, resulting in first year profit,
a $280K year over year swing.

Expanded operations, growing market share. Sleep Station
maintained eight locations. Researched demographics and
learned clients‚?? motivation to travel vs. shopping closer
to home. Developed action plan for expansion. Negotiated
two new leases at favorable rates. Opened new stores,
generating $10M in additional income.

Improved processes, increasing profits. ESP‚??s profits were
disappointing. Formed and led a product improvement team.
Analyzed processes, cost controls and pricing negotiations,
measuring performance against goals. Reduced scrap 15% and
raw materials 18%. Increased annual profits 80%. Reduced bank
line by $250K.

Built startup, becoming debt-free within five years.
Desired to grow franchise, Verlo, using business acumen.
Scouted locations, negotiated lease, purchased equipment,
recruited/trained staff, set operations in place.
Grew company from ground up, increasing top and bottom
line results each year. Obtained debt-free status within five years


General Manager, Engineered Steel Products,
2006 to 2011. Building Materials Manufacturing company.
Recruited in 2006 to restore growth to
stagnant, unprofitable company. Gained
profitability in first year, increasing
additional 50% the following year. Managed
staff of five. Held full P&L.
Directed operations, servicing six-state

President, Verlo Mattress Factory,
2001 to 2006. Consumer products
manufacturer/retailer. Led staff of six. Held
full P&L. Established
franchise, managing operations. Led
manufacturing, personnel, marketing,
advertising, retail sales and customer
service. Achieved debt-free status through
sales and operational efficiencies.

Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley, 1998 to
2001. Improved financial portfolios of small
businesses and individuals.

President/COO, Sleep Station, 1995 to 1998.
$15M home furnishings retailer. Managed $7M
budget with full P&L. Led direct staff of 17
and day-to-day operations of privately-owned
retail chain. Directed vendor/supplier
negotiations, sales/marketing, advertising
campaigns, recruiting/staff, training,
business development and warehouse operations.

Earlier: Leadership of 175 for $55M division of
Simmons Company, a $500M mattress/home
furnishings manufacturer, to include
progressive titles VP, General Manager,
Regional Sales Manager and Key Account

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Plant Manager

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