Industrial Director / VP of Manufacturing

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Industrial Director / VP of Manufacturing
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Professional with international experience and substantial knowledge of the agrochemical, bioenergy and food manufacturing industry, with abilities to safely lead multi-plant operations. Has a proven career track in optimizing manufacturing performance and boosting profitability.


Company 4 Regional Industrial Manager - 2012  2014

-Led 4 plant managers and 1,100 indirect employees, ensuring a highly efficient processing of sugar, ethanol and power generation. Oversaw the areas of People, EHS, Production, Maintenance, QA, Warehousing and Logistics.
-Ensured annual processing of 17 million tons of sugarcane while increasing throughput by 10%.
-Focused on execution, improved industrial yield by 2%, OEE by 3% and reduced fixed cost by 5%.
-Implemented short and long-term manufacturing strategies while meeting the goals set for the region.

Company 4 - Sr. Operations Manager 2010-2012

-Implemented the juice import operation in the Port of Tampa, increasing competitiveness for the Company in the US juice market.
-Restructured the Procurement Department obtaining savings of U$ 5 million while reducing parts inventory by 30%.
-Sponsored the certification of the Quality System by GFSI Standards in two plants. Led the USDA-DOV Accreditation Program that granted to LDC the status of US Government Supplier.
-Working with the Global Execution Team, implemented Company's KPI and Visual Management System.
-As a Member of the Company Due Diligence Team, participated in several projects of M&A in US, Asia and Central America.

Company 4 - Plant Manager 2007-2010
Directed all juice processing plant operations. Led 7 department managers and 242 indirect employees. Utilizing a U$ 33 million annual budget, reduced unitary cost by 17%.
-Led the project that increased 54% the plant processing capacity, by consolidating operations, upgrading fruit transportation, storage and juice extraction, redesigning the peel oil centrifugation system, improving the efficiency and sanitation of the juice evaporation and simplifying juice blending process.
-Led the initiative to standardize the global manufacturing and quality standards ensuring Utilizing world-class best practices, implemented a maintenance management system that increased overall equipment efficiency by 36% and reduced maintenance cost by 30% in 4 years.
-In conjunction with Corporate, implemented an EHS system, reduced recordable injuries by 69% while ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards such as EPA, DEP and OSHA and received the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award.

Company 3  Plant Manage 1999  2007

Company was one of the world largest poultry producer with annual sales of U$ 1.5 billion.
-Managed a large unionized poultry processing facility with 2,000 employees.
Improved yield by 4.1%, increased throughput by 42% and reduced cost by 7%.
-Led the Industrial Team in the Process and Value Stream mapping that resulted in the redesign of the companys operational structure. As part of the executive team, developed with others the Strategic Planning and 5 years business plan.
-Directed the R&D Department, developed new products and new technologies, scale-up and standardized new processes.

Company 2 - Production Manager 1996  1999

Reported to the Plant Manager, led directly 4 supervisors and 140 employees to produce luxury sanitary ware, while increasing productivity by 13%.
-Led the Production and Quality Department, implemented the ISO 9001 Certification and Lean Manufacturing Principles.
-Reduced by 15% the consumption of propane and fuel in ceramic firing kilns, while improving firing quality and reducing emissions.
-Replaced a conventional ceramic casting process by an automated casting system, increasing productivity by six times.

Company 1 - Production Supervisor 1988  1996

Career started as engineer trainee, developed substantial processing knowledge of solid and liquid agrochemicals manufacturing, standardized process, implemented ISO 9001 system in the production department, developed controls and techniques to prevent cross contamination throughout a multi-purpose facility and improve product formulation.
-Led the Operational Team to produce agrochemicals, utilizing process of synthesis, mixing, atomization, drying and utilities.
-Coordinate a project to build and operate a plant to produce the insecticide Fipronil.
-Chairperson of the EHS Committee, member of the Hazardous Operation Analysis (HAZOP) Team and ISO 9000 auditor.


MBA  Finance
BS in Chemical Engineering


Production Management


Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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Industrial Director / VP of Manufacturing

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