Hands-on Executive Seeks Mid-Market Firm

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Hands-on Executive Seeks Mid-Market Firm
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Hands-on leader with 20+ years of diverse experience spanning general management, international business development, strategy, engineering, and change management seeks to transition career from large corporate environments to leading a middle market (perhaps private equity backed) enterprise to new heights.


Full and Unlocked Resume Available Upon Request

Executive Profile

" 20+ years experience with manufacturers of highly engineered products
" Broad experience base spanning a variety of technical and business functions
" Profiled in Outstanding Young Men of America
" Taught business courses in Corporate Finance, Operations, and Management
" Well-travelled internationally with particular knowledge of India; Fluent in Hindi

Skills and Capabilities

" R&D, Engineering, Product Development
" Program/Product Management
" General Management (Profit/Loss)
" Quality Improvement
" Margin Expansion
" Business Case Analysis
" Multi-Site Operations
" High Impact Presentations and Reports
" Strategic and Tactical Planning
" Marketing and Business Development
" Risk Management
" International Expansion
" Proposal Development
" High Performance Team Building


" Graduate Certificate, International Affairs
" MBA, General Management
" MS, Systems Science and Mathematics
" BS, Electrical Engineering

Career History

" General management ($60M P/L). Led sales, marketing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, procurement, finance, and customer support functions.
" Led several strategic business development campaigns across the globe.
" Directed market studies, developed capture strategies, and analyzed business cases.
" Planned/led several product development initiatives. Launched a new $200M product line.
" Led initiatives to improve quality, profitability, and customer satisfaction.
" Led annual strategic planning process and developed plans for international expansion.

" Engineering department manager for a staff of 30+ engineers.
" Reorganized the department and established departmental processes and procedures
" Recruited engineering talent and improved cohesion of geographically dispersed team.
" Directed test and evaluation of a new product line in accordance with FAA regulations.
" Program manager for a $15M subcontract at an Ankara, Turkey based sub-contractor.

" Engineering department manager for a staff of 60 engineers
" Directed systems engineering efforts associated with major US Army programs.
" Recruited engineering talent from across the country and grew the department two fold.
" Directed the start-up of a new department chartered to institutionalize continuous process improvement and strengthen Program Management functions.
" Planned, launched, and led process improvement initiatives to support ISO 9001, the Capability Maturity Model (CMM-I), and Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
" Planned major new programs including a $30 million engineering development program and led a multi-company team to plan a $4.3 billion system-of-systems mega-program.
" Chaired a corporate committee chartered to strengthen the practice of Systems Engineering.
" Served on Technical Advisory Board of the Systems and Software Consortium

" Served in senior technical capacities including systems integration engineer, chief engineer, and project manager/IPT leader.
" Received numerous awards and commendations (e.g. Team of the Quarter award, Certificate of Appreciation). Inducted into corporate Leadership Development Program.
" Led a team of 20 people to develop and certify the mission-critical flight control systems to support launch of a new aircraft. Developed certification plans, interfaced with FAA regulatory personnel, and served as candidate DER.
" Led a team of 15 people in an R&D program for a system envisioned to re-engineer aerospace logistics operations. Key technologies included Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM), embedded fault diagnostics and prognostics, artificial intelligence, and wearable computing devices.
" Led cost reduction/product improvement initiatives jointly with the customer and supplier communities. Brainstormed new ideas and developed project proposals resulting in several enhancements to the product line.
" Organized a Technical Review Board and conducted a specification compliance audit internally and across the supply chain. Achieved key milestone resulting in product certification and launch.

" Accepted this entrepreneurial position in this PR firm after completing MBA.
" Campaign manager for a statewide fund-raising campaign for a non-profit client.
" Responsible for hiring, training, and motivating a sales staff of 10, developing and executing campaign strategies, and full profit/loss responsibility.
" Turned-around this struggling operation from 12th to 1st place within region. Re-staffed entire operation and established a customer relationship management system.

Graduate Student, 1991-1992
" Completed MBA and Graduate Certificate in International Affairs.

" Served as operations research/systems analyst on key aerospace programs. Received the Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Award.
" Developed, analyzed and supported test and evaluation of flight control systems, autopilots, and terrain following systems.
" Conducted studies and analyses to understand and characterize the market potential for hypersonic vehicles. Developed mission scenarios for commercial and military applications using both orbital and atmospheric flight regimes.
" Took initiative to develop, integrate and automate a large collection of simulation and analysis tools. Resulted in a 50% reduction in turn-around time for engineering analyses.

Community Involvement

" Friends of India Association, 2007-2010
" Habitat for Humanity, 2007-2008
" Systems and Software Consortium, Technical Advisory Board, 2001-2003
" University Lecturer - Corporate Finance/Management Science, 1999-2001
" University Lecturer - Corporate Finance/Operations, 1992-1993
" United Way, New Ventures Committee, 1990
" Life Crisis Services, Inc., 1989-1990
" United Way, Public Speaker - Fund-raising Campaign, 1989

Search Keywords

Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Profit/Loss, P&L, General Management, Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, Product Development, Engineering, Product Management, Program Management, Process Improvement, Technology, R&D, Systems Engineering, Operations Research, Systems Analysis, Quality, Lean, Six Sigma, International Affairs, International Strategy, Strategic Planning, India, Hindi

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Hands-on Executive Seeks Mid-Market Firm

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