General Manager / Plant Manager

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General Manager / Plant Manager
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Twenty plus years experience delivering superior results while holding several leadership positions within manufacturing operations. Characterized by others as a high energy leader passionate about driving change. Professionally exhibits a strong passion for success and unwillingness for failure.


Executive Summary
Twenty plus years experience delivering superior results while holding several leadership positions within manufacturing operations. Characterized by others as a high energy, hands-on leader focused on achieving goals through target setting, follow-up, accountability, team development and fast action. Passionate about driving change and results through continuous improvement, strategic planning, people development, and creative problem solving. Personally and professionally exhibits a strong passion for success and unwillingness for failure. Successfully led two organizations in business turnarounds from loss to profit.

Core Competencies
Full P&L Responsibility Operations Management, Problem Solving / Six Sigma, Budget Planning & Cost Control, Change Management, Process Improvement, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Materials Management, Strategic Planning, Positive Union/Mgt Partnerships, Supplier Contract Negotiations, Union Contract/Labor Negotiations, Lean Manufacturing / Kaizen, Quality Control / Customer Focused

Plant Manager, Johnson Controls  McCalla, Alabama (6/2014  Present)
Requested by senior leadership to take over a struggling plant, I find myself in a familiar role challenged with another plant recovery / business turnaround assignment. Improvements in all areas are needed including operations, delivery, quality and P&L. This requires driving accountability, coaching and mentoring, and reducing turnover in order to build a strong performing team. A top focus is recruiting and developing technical, materials/supply chain and front line supervision talent. Daily/weekly/monthly drive for step improvement in each functional area will help create the urgency needed to develop a winning culture and success.

Plant Manager, Johnson Controls  Romulus, Michigan (6/2012  6/2014)
During my previous role, I successfully moved a performing and profitable plant to the next level of operational excellence. Using the same drive that fueled me through two business turnarounds, my team and I moved the Romulus facility to the top of the list in many KPIs and overall performance. Faced with a significant floor space shortfall starting in 2014, we reduced the internal footprint through lean initiatives and expanding the use of vertical integration as well to overcome this obstacle. Given the organizations strong performance, we were selected to pilot two business transformation projects. The first was implementing a production shop floor management system, the second focused on improving how the organization communicates with employees at all levels.
" Product/Customers: Injection molded interior trim for Ford and Chrysler
" Strong Safety performance; at the end of 2013 over 500 days without a lost time incident.
" Platinum Award for Quality, 2012-5 PPM and 2013-3 PPM.
" Gold Award for On-time Delivery, 2012-99.89% and 2013-99.95%
" Exceeded profit plan in both 2012 & 2013.
" Continuous Improvements savings of $2.2M in 2012 and $2.0M in 2013.
" Improved Return On Sales (2012 to 2013) by 1.0%.
" Improved Conversion Cost (2012 to 2013) by 2.5%.
" Improved manufacturing costs through better machine and material utilization and labor control.
" Achieved a $55K monthly savings in material through improved regrind usage.
" Rebuilt the Engineering/Technical team during the first three months.
" Improved plant MEG score from 1.60 to 2.68 (by Feb 2013) on a 3.0 scale, highest in organization.
" Drove scrap reduction from 1.64% to 0.89%, annualized savings of $802,500.
" Recognized for strong operational performance and leadership.
" Named to Johnson Controls Top Talent List in 2013.

Site/Plant Manager, WKW Automotive  Pell City, Alabama (4/2011  5/2012)
During this business turnaround, several initiatives had to be implemented simultaneously to overcome the challenges that had led to millions in financial losses. To better understand the businesses financial performance, a full rewrite of the SAP system was completed. This included restructuring all cost centers and implementing warehouse management for all raw materials and finished goods. Quickly establishing that the business had been oversold, we added two start up facilities in order to free up manufacturing space needed for new equipment. To fulfill this need, an offsite assembly plant and warehouse facility were created. Another unique challenge we faced was anodizing capacity, but due to line and plant design the existing anodizing capacity could not be increased. To resolve this constraint, we sought out and developed a joint venture agreement with a non-automotive anodizer. During this same time, the existing team had to be significantly changed to meet the demanding needs, this not only required recruiting new personnel but establishing a culture of accountability.
" Product/Customers: High end aluminum trim components for BMW, Mercedes, VW and GM.
" Improved operating performance during the first few months by $1.1 Million.
" Established new suppliers to relieve areas of overcapacity and non-core business.
" Redefined the organizational structure to meet the challenges of a business turnaround.
" Established bonus system for hourly personnel measured against 5 key metrics.
" Recruited resources for understaffed areas and underperforming personnel.
" Reduced scrap by 3.7% and rework by 5.2%.
" Daily productivity increase of 18%.
" Reduced premium freight (inbound/outbound) by 52% in first two months.
" Improved On-Time Delivery from 47% to 83% in first five months, finally to 97.4%.
" Reduced labor from 635 to 540 while increasing daily production, savings of $122K monthly.

General Manager, North American Lighting  Muscle Shoals, Alabama (10/2008  12/2010)
Starting with NAL, the plant was just over a year old and still struggling from many new plant startup issues. At that time, the plants quality was very poor and Nissan imposed a 3rd party containment. Concurrently, scrap was high at nearly 8%, and efficiency was low from poor operator productivity and many equipment issues. These issues along with others drove up labor and overtime resulting in plant labor of nearly 26%. Because of the extreme performance issues at the Alabama plant, it was placed on new business hold. At the end of 2008 NAL was looking to close or shutter the plant as it had become such a financial drain on the entire company. At that time operating income was below a negative 16 percent (-16%).

During that time the automotive industry, as well as the general economy, saw its biggest downturn in decades and plant sales were dramatically reduced. While scaling back business expenses to bring the plant in line with lower volume, we were able to simultaneously reduce scrap, improve quality and efficiency. By April of 2009 we had made many improvements and the plant was taken off new business hold. In January 2010, the plant saw its first profitable performance. In September of 2010, my team and I were recognized by NAL as having the best new product launch in the company. Closing out 2010, I had driven many improvements that resulted in the plant having a financial turnaround, operating income had improved to a positive 5%.
" Product/Customers: Automotive lighting for Toyota, Honda, Nissan and GM Cadillac.
" Fourteen months after taking over, plant saw its first profitable month.
" Improved Net Operating Income from negative -16.4% in 2008 to a positive 5.0% in 2010.
" Reduce material cost from 54.2% to 51.3% through recycling and alternate suppliers.
" Realized labor reduction from 25.7% to 17.3% by improving efficiency and quality.
" Drove plant scrap down from 7.6% to 3.2% utilizing team focused activities.
" Successfully defeated a unionization effort by the UAW in November 2009.
" Improved effectiveness of shop floor management through the use of visual management.
" Established bi-monthly full plant business meetings sharing financials, quality, scrap, & Q&A
" Redefined the plants management culture into one of personal ownership and accountability.

Guardian Automotive  Renamed SRG Global in 2009, (04/2007  10/2008)

Operations Manager  Evansville, Indiana (11/07  10/2008)
(Areas of responsibility; Injection Molding, Chrome Plating, three Paint Areas, Plant Maintenance, Process Engineering for Molding, Plating, and Paint, and Production Control)
Responsible for all aspects of manufacturing and assembly operations in a high volume 400,000 sqft facility with 610 employees and annual sales of $110M. Products produced include grilles, front end assemblies, body side molding, hood & trunk finishers and other vehicle trim components. Oversaw daily production of 20,000 products ensuring on time delivery to support a diverse customer base with varying expectations.
" Developed annual budget along with strategic business plans to align plant requirement with economic conditions to maintain company profitability.
" Drove and supported monthly Impacts activities for manufacturing, (Kaizen type events).
" Scrap reductions in chrome plating trending from 14% year end 2007 to 8% in July 2008.
" Scrap reductions in injection molding trending from 2.8% year end 2007 to 1.8% in July 2008.

Engineering Manager,  Evansville, Indiana (4/2007  11/2007)
(Areas of responsibility; New Program Development, New Product Launches, Continuous Improvement, Industrial & Packaging Engineering, Capacity Planning)
" Worked in conjunction with corporate sales team to bring new customers and products into plant.
" Turned around a high visibility new grille program that was behind in development and testing by bringing all groups together, including Toyota, and driving open issues to closure. Program launched on time in July 2007 with zero customer concerns.

Assistant Plant Manager, Milgard Manufacturing Inc.  Tacoma, Washington (5/2005  4/2007)
(Areas of direct responsibility; Materials, Purchasing, Receiving, Delivery, and Warehouse)
" Managed and budgeted a combined total of $46M of the locations $90M budget.
" Drove a companywide initiative saving $2.1M through improved raw glass optimization.
" Drove bottom line savings by reducing delivery percent of sales from 3.72% to 2.54% through improved route planning, focusing the team on truck load density, driver route time accountability, and the outsourcing of crate fabrication reducing overtime and seasonal hiring.
" Improved material turns from 13.7 to 18.2 through negotiated consignment inventories, focusing purchasing to monitor and adjust reorder points resulting in significantly reduced stock levels.

Visteon Corporation / Ford Motor Company  (8/1992  5/2005)
(Visteon was a former subsidiary of Ford Motor Company until going independent in June 2000)

Project Manager Corporate PLM-SCM Integration - Dearborn, Michigan (8/2004  5/2005)
(PLM  Product Lifecycle Management, SCM  Supply Chain Management)
" Leveraged past Manufacturing and Engineering experiences to ensure the PLM-SCM solution was designed and configured to meet the various global needs of Visteons many organizations and diverse processes
" Coordinated the design and testing phases of all manufacturing scenarios ensuring the new integrated PLM-SCM solution delivered on design specifications
" Led system integration efforts between solution vendors (UGS, Tecnomatix and SAP) ensuring our process strengths, system abilities and the unique needs of Visteon were fully leveraged.

Manufacturing Manager - Visteon Milan Plant (8/2001  8/2004)
(Two areas of responsibility, Injection Molded Bumpers & Blow Molded Fuel Tanks)
Responsible (including P&L) for all manufacturing aspects of a 3-shift, 350,000 sqft area within a 1.3 million sqft molding facility. These areas generated $200M of the plants $450M in annual revenue. Managed 350+ employees.
" Developed Lean Inventory tools to monitor and maintain proper inventory levels of molded product, utilizing the TPS min/max type approach.
" Achieved cost savings in Direct Labor and scrap reductions of $1.1M in 2004, $570K during 2003 and $1.35M during 2002 using TOC, Poke-Yoke, line balancing, and defect analysis principles within molding and assembly areas.
" Identified product design opportunities resulting in a performance savings of $280,000 and a scrap reduction of $160,000 in 2002.
" Improved OEE (73% to 92%) by implementing a mini-PM program for presses and tooling that eliminated recurring downtime issues.
" Managed several flawless product launches.

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer  Visteon Ypsilanti Plant, Ignition Systems (6/2000  8/2001)
" Developed the design and specifications of a new automated equipment line to support the production of 20+ million coil-on-plug ignition components.
" Reduced equipment MTBF resulting in a 20% OEE improvement.

Synchronous Material Flow Plant Coordinator  Ford Motor Co. Van Dyke Plant (7/1999  6/2000)
" Piloted company initiative using WhereNet, a wireless RF Call system for line side Hilo delivery.
" Implemented visual marketplace using KAN-BAN card system.

Lean Manufacturing Plant Coordinator  Ford Motor Co. Van Dyke Plant (8/1998  7/1999)
" Reduced inventory and customer defects through smaller production run sizes following the Batch of One philosophy.
" Directed plant initiative on continuous improvement activities (Kaizen initiatives).

Production Supervisor  Ford Motor Co. Van Dyke Plant (8/1997  8/1998)
" Initiated team meetings between maintenance and production personnel to resolve recurring downtime issues, resulting in OEE increase of 12%.
" Improved quality with the use of error proofing (Poke-Yoke) and employee awareness of customer related concerns.

Production Supervisor  Ford Motor Co. Chesterfield Plant (5/1996  8/1997)
" Developed an In-Line sew layout to reduce material handling resulting in a direct labor savings of 6 people.
" Reduced weekly direct labor by 300 hours and Indirect by 60 hours.

Industrial Engineer  Ford Motor Co. Sheldon Road Plant (2/1993  5/1996)
" Created and maintained labor utilization plan for entire plant.
" Led Theory of Constraints team on Ford F-Series project.
" Received Ford Motor Companys prestigious Customer-Driven Quality Award.

Systems Analyst/IT Support  Ford Motor Co. Sheldon Road Plant (8/1992  2/1993)
" Supported 450 users in Windows/NT based network environment.
" Implemented automated data collection system for assembly lines.

Lawrence Technological University  Southfield, MI

" Started MBA, 1/3 completed at Lawrence Technological University (GPA 4.0)
" B.S. Engineering Management, College of Engineering, with Mechanical Engineering Concentration, Graduated Cum Laude (GPA 3.48)
" Received Paul Michel Scholarship Award for Outstanding Student overcoming educational adversities
" Maintained Deans Honor Roll for the College of Engineering

Professional Development
" Certified Lean Implementer, (by Johnson Controls, Dec 2012)
" Toyota TPS (Lean) & Assembly Process Training (Through Toyota TTS)
" Practical Problem Solving using 5-Why, 8Ds, DDW, Cause & Effect
" Visteon Leadership Development Program
" Advanced training in Lean Manufacturing from Ford Motor Co.& Toyota
" Training in ISO 9000/9001, 14000/14001, and TS 16949
" Six Sigma Green Belt (Certified through Ford Motor Co.)
" Trained and experienced with DFMEAs & PFMEAs, Control Plans, Standardized Work Instructions, Containment and Reaction Plans
" Additional courses taken in Engineering Cost Analysis and Advanced Professional Communications at Lawrence Technological University
" Trained and well versed in MS Windows, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Lotus Notes, Kronos

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General Manager / Plant Manager

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