General Manager

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General Manager
Location Confidential
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$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Marketing- and sales-oriented General Manager with experience in all facets of business management, including Sales Force Recruitment & Development, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Product Development, and Acquisition Integration.

Resume Body      GENERAL MANAGER

Dec 2008 to present: General Manager, $6mil Healthcare Software & Services Business Unit  Responsible to CEO for growth and profitability of Healthcare Business Unit. Consistently increase year over year revenue. Deliver operations efficiency to support growth while improving margins. Drive market and product strategy for success.
* Increased annual revenue by 500% to $5.5mil in 2012 versus $1mil in 2009 with expanded product plus investment in sales team.
* Achieved 400% increase in customer base to 800 medical practices while improving cost ratios.
* 300% increase in average revenue per customer in 2013 versus 2009 with new Revenue Cycle Management product offering.
* Acquired $1 + mil annual revenue Medical Billing Services Company to expand billing optimization services.
* Beat competition in niche market with first Complete Certified EHR software using cost efficient off-shore Development team.
* Drive sales lead opportunities through negotiated marketing referral partnerships with recognized industry leaders.
* Recruited and trained, and now lead and mentor, A+ management team to drive growth.

Jan 2007 to Dec 2008: Senior Vice President, Marketing, $20mil Software Developer - Responsible to CEO for effective marketing. Measured by success of Lead Generation programs for new sales of B-to-B Document & Payment Management software solutions. Charged with driving Product Management strategy across all business units.
* Beat $5mil new revenue targets with successful management of lead generation programs to US-based medium sized businesses.
* Reduced average cost of lead and sale with new metrics to measure lead generation dollar spent for dollar returned.
* Transformed Marketing to a results driven team by implementing Pragmatic Marketings Effective Marketing.
* Delivered value orientated Product strategy to meet customer needs leveraging Pragmatic Marketings Product Management.
* Promoted to General Manager of Healthcare Business Unit.

Nov 2002 to Jan 2007: General Manager, $4mil Banking Software Business Unit  Responsible to CEO for turning around an unprofitable Business Unit offering payment processing software to 7,500 USA community banks.
* Delivered $1mil improvement in bottom line performance by turning annual operating loss of $775,000 to $325,000 annual profit.
* Increased annual revenue by 200% by directly managing for first two years a direct sales team and indirect agent network.
* Reduced operating expenses by completing successful merger and assimilation of two acquired companies into one Division.
* Reduced costs of product deployment for new customers and ongoing customer support with new SAAS software offering.
* Achieved revenue growth and operations cost controls by recruiting A player Sales and Operations management.
* Improved Divisions internal and external relationships with stakeholders using Karrass Negotiating training.
* Promoted to Senior Vice President to lead Marketing for all of the corporations Business Units.

Feb 1999 to Nov 2002: Vice President Sales, $9mil Document & Payment Management Division - Responsible to Division President for annual sales quota and product pricing & promotion strategy of B-to-B Document & Payment Management software solutions to medium sized businesses across the USA and Europe.
* Consistently delivered 100% of quota annually with USA direct and European indirect sales channels.
* Achieved over $3mil annually in new USA software sales with direct sales team recruitment, training and ongoing management.
* Realized competitive cost per sale ratio with innovative telephone and internet based sales model.
* Improved per sales rep contribution annually with ongoing training of Miller Heimans Conceptual Selling and Strategic Selling.
* Delivered over $500,000 in new sales annually from European reseller network concentrated in England, Netherlands, and Spain.
* Reduced cost per lead promotion costs by shifting to online marketing programs versus traditional direct mail and events.
* Promoted to General Manager of Banking Software Business Unit.

Jan 1995 to Feb 1999: Owner, Document Management Software Company  Software startup with developer and technical expert. I focused on revenue growth, partnerships and major business decisions. Delivered Document Management software solutions for accounting departments in medium sized businesses.
* Successful startup to sale to competitor in less than five years with no outside financing by building from cash flow.
* Achieved annual revenue of $3.5mil at time of sale with 30+% of revenue from recurring maintenance contracts.
* Delivered $2mil in annual new software revenue in 1998 with telesales team trained by Software Success Sales Boot Camp.
* Impressive gorilla marketing to drive sales lead opportunities leveraging Software Success Marketing Boot Camp.

May 1992 to Nov 1994, Sales & Marketing Consultant, Marketing Solutions Company - Priceless exposure to planning and executing revenue generation models in fast paced software start ups. Assistant to President in creation, presentation, and delivery of sales & marketing plans for venture backed clients.

MSc Computer Information Systems, May 1996
BA Business Administration, May 1994

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General Manager

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