General Manage r/ VP Operations

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General Manage r/ VP Operations
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Resume Summary
Expertise " Growth Strategies via Integrations Mergers, and Acquisitions " Leadership/ Team Building of Multi-National diverse Cross Functional Teams " Business Process Re-Engineering & Change Management " Enterprise Resource Planning Expertise


Senior Operations Executive / General Manager

Driven, analytical and business savvy executive level operations strategist with a proven track record of international experience contributing to advanced corporate performance and profitability. Adept at discovering new business opportunities, driving product lifecycles, and building new markets ventures from the ground up. Demonstrated leadership skills in building strong partner relationships with customers, suppliers, and internal development teams. Notable success in delivering impressive turnaround results by creating competitive business advantages through cutting edge technologies, innovative process engineering and effective operating management. Strengths in formulating strategic policies and technical initiatives that have resulted in organizational growth, improved operational efficiencies, and increased gross profit margins. Empowering team leader able to drive diverse cross functional teams to achieve objectives and meet critical deadlines in a fast paced environment.
" Growth Strategies via Integrations Mergers, and Acquisitions
" Global Operations Management with P&L Ownership
" Supply Chain / Value Stream strategic sourcing and deployment
" Leadership/ Team Building of Multi-National diverse Cross Functional Teams
" Business Process Re-Engineering & Change Management
" Lean Six Sigma Customer centric Process Improvements
" Enterprise Resource Planning Expertise

Professional Experience

Encore Electronics, Saratoga Springs, NY 2011 - Present
Encore's products and services are used in a wide variety of engineering, industrial and governmental
applications including aircraft engine testing, automotive fabrication, nuclear and hydro turbine research and
development, as well as power distribution and aerospace/military electronics. NRC compliant ISO 9000 Military/Commercial standard environment.

General Manager Operating responsibilities include Sales, Service, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, etc... General management with full P&L responsibilities. Developed key performance metrics by group and drove NPI phased program management of cross functional teams to delivery metrics and cost objectives while institutionalizing the 5S Quality program throughout Operations. Re-designed the business process from order to cash while establishing work cells and new process capabilities in the factory. Implemented and refined an effective ERP system throughout the company with dashboard reporting of deliverables and appropriate workload planning. Collaborated with Sales/Marketing and Customers to develop new market opportunities supporting design development activities while maintaining our existing base and driving gross margin improvement.

Results: Increased sales by 32% in a down market with an economy not investing in large capitalization projects. Improved on time delivery performance by 28% while reducing operating costs by 15%. Reduced new product introduction time by 40% and repositioned the organization to support new emerging markets for the sustained growth of the company.

TEBCO Hudson, NH 2002 to 2011 (self-employed) Consultant on projects to develop contract manufacturing business opportunities for fabrication houses.(Sheet metal and Printed Circuit board assembly) Conducted productivity improvement programs, developed test and process equipment, as well as implemented world-wide sourcing and quality initiatives for local companies. Free lance project work while attending to parental health care issues.

NESLAB (Division of Thermo-Fisher Scientific) Newington, NH 98-2002
$160m Manufacturer of Constant Temperature control systems and devices supporting the medical, semi-conductor, machine tool and electronics industries. FDA cGMP ISO 300 people and remote field sites/repair depots.

VP Operations Developed strategic operating plans, integrated and consolidated remote activities into the plants, drove cross functional teams to address customer issues in the quality, delivery, and cost arenas. Initiated business and process re-engineering via change management and six sigma programs. Unified the organization through the development of a strategic vision that set goals and objectives for all functional areas, while enabling measurements of key outcomes, and assigned responsibility and accountability for action plans. Successfully, developed a supplier selection, reduction, and consolidation initiative using supplier certification and development programs. Improved and enhanced Customer and Distributor relationships to facilitate communication in an extremely dynamic market. Re-structured the organization to reflect the reality of a shrinking market. Led the shift of resources from declining markets to activities supporting emerging market opportunities.

Results: On-time delivery performance 45% to 98%. Operating costs reduced by over 20%. Cycle times for standard products improved from 14 weeks to 2 days. Custom product introductions from 6-12 months to less than 3 months. Maintained gross profit margins in a shrinking semi-conductor and machine tool market while bringing out new products for emerging markets to maintain revenue objectives.

GENRAD Concord, MA (sold to Teradyne) 95-98
$300m capital equipment manufacturer of Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Measurement Systems and Inspection Systems 2 plants over 500 employees.
VP/Sr. Director Operations (appointed member of the board)Directed all manufacturing elements of a successful turnaround while in a declining market. Implemented innovative supply chain techniques, renovated antiquated policies and procedures while introducing cellular manufacturing and self directed work teams. Successfully outsourced non-strategic manufacturing activities to focus on core enterprise critical competencies without negatively impacting customer satisfaction and achieving significant product cost reductions. Improved product cycle time from over 60 days for standard product to less than 10. Reduced cost of goods sold 22% year over year. Introduced significant new products and manufacturing processes while planning a new facility reflecting the re-vitalized operation.
Results: Significantly improved product cost was key in driving earnings per share from negative performance to $.50/share year one to over $1.00/share year two. Stock rose from $6/share to $34/share. The turnaround was successful and we positioned the company for acquisition to optimize the return to our investors.
AEG / SCHNEIDER AUTOMATION (formerly Gould, Modicon, AEG) North Andover, MA 85-95
300m electro mechanical industrial manufacturer of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) sensors, and application software for the process, automation, automotive, consumer, pulp and paper, chemical, medical and industrial markets. Multiple plants over 1000 people in my groups.
Senior Director of Manufacturing (reported to VP Manufacturing) Spearheaded Integrations, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Internal Consolidations to grow the business and improve market share. - Five companies to one. Championed the Six Sigma enterprise Quality System. ( Achieved ISO certification in 9 months). Shifted the organization to a broad, flat, nimble structure, constructed a new flag ship of a facility, implemented cellular manufacturing, and initiated self directed work teams, and won the National Electronics Association award for Automation Renewal. .Developed relationships with Distributors, Suppliers, OEMs, and Key Customers to ensure manufacturing operations were viewed as a competitive advantage. This led to industry recognition and improved market penetration .Coached core teams to drive operational excellence in all aspects of operations.
Director Advanced Manufacturing, Development and Test (reported to VP Mfg and VP Eng) Enabled process design for new product introductions, productivity improvements, and process technology enhancements. Managed the capital planning process, facility layout changes, material sourcing strategies, set and monitored labor and material standards, Drove the corrective action process, variance investigations, engineering change request activities, Ensured process development was in line with business needs and design requirements for product launch. Maintained data base integrity for bill of materials, component specifications, and parametric test attributes of finished product.
Director Program Management and Continuing Engineering (reported to VP Eng) Structured the new product introduction process to facilitate timely development and launch market critical products and services. In close association with key Customers initiated Product Requirement Documents, defined market segment opportunities and synergies, developed engineering specifications, managed the design and qualification of products/systems, managed beta site results and supported the ramp up and launch internationally. Designed a product development calendar and presented progress to senior management. Owned ongoing design support for mid-life product enhancements, reliability improvements, and cost reduction objectives.
Results; Revenues increased on average 15-20% per year by mergers and acquisitions. Manufacturing was viewed as a competitive advantage for its success in merging products with existing processes and organization structure. Plant consolidations significantly reduced fixed overhead costs. Over 1 million square feet reduced to approximately 200k.square feet. Plant cycle times went from 4 weeks to hours through process enhancements and automation investments, first pass yields from 68% to 98%. Scrap and rework costs were minimal and customer installations went without issues. Employee retention was high and morale excellent
Career note* additional history includes roles as Director of Technical Operations at Adage, Inc., Technical Operations Manager at Apollo Computer, Manufacturing System Program Manager at Digital Equipment Corp,. Further details upon request.

Education, Associations, & Development
Bachelor of Science Degree: Engineering Operations
North Carolina State University Raleigh N.C.
EMS Insider ( Electronics Manufacturing Services ), Global Business Transfers Experts Group, Global Manufacturing Executive Forum, International Consumer Electronics Group -CES
Proficient in QFD / FMEA / PPAP / APQP / SPC / Value Stream Mapping / 6-sigma / Kaisen / PPA / 5s / / 8d / SAP / Peoplesoft / Oracle / MES / Lean / Supply Chain / RONAE / ROI / NPI / SMT / MCM / MEMS / DFX / ISO

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General Manage r/ VP Operations

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