GM - Technology Business Unit or Program

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GM - Technology Business Unit or Program
Location Confidential
Southwest USA
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Executive with 15+ years of development and commercialization leadership in high technology products, services, and companies. Advanced background in nanotechnology / renewable energy. Seeking business or program that needs strong leadership and development of sales, engineering, and/or operations.


Senior Executive with 15+ years of development and commercialization leadership experience in high technology products, services, and companies. Extensive experience with high technology products and services for manufacturing environments from high volume to small batch production. Advanced background in nanotechnology and renewable energy. Strong leadership and development skills of high performance, cross functional teams for sales, engineering, and design toward successful implementation of a technology product or service. Business unit management from the acquisition, planning, and budget stages into full operational implementation. Full budget P&L responsibility and success demonstrated by a record of career advancement and successful implementations. Broad based and prolific electrical engineering background.

Executive and Program Leadership Budgeting, planning, and organization of teams up to 40 persons with annual budgets of $7M. Led and managed high level subject matter expert staff for development of technology products. Mentored cross functional teams for product or service delivery and implementation into the targeted client or market. Led the North American efforts inter-company in a global team of six for the $80M unit.

Strategic Relationship Management Discovered, developed, and negotiated key inter-industry or industry- academia relationships for service and product development. Managed multiple custom designed projects developed under cross vendor platforms for high technology use in the field and manufacturing floor.

Business Process Improvement Implemented multiple initiatives to improve operational design and build strategies for product commercialization. Developed financial, operational, and sales and market metrics to follow and analyze business processes post acquisition through to full integration.

New Product & Service Development Leader of new service implementations from concept development to operational delivery for smart grid and solar energy sector and new product implementations for semiconductor, data storage, photonics, machine tool, automotive, biotechnology process test and automation.

Business Sales and Marketing Industry facing representative leading in conference and committee participation for driving Solar Energy use. Directed sales and marketing teams. Formulated and drove go to market strategies.


Company A 2006- 2013
Company A is a global 1.6 billion euro provider engineering services company for manufacturers over a wide spectrum of industrial and consumer products.
Vice President and North American Business Unit Manager - Energy Division 2006 2013

Promoted from a General Region Manager role to a global category leadership role with a matrix product P&L responsibilities for $80M service line and solely directed a $7M budget cost center. Developed strategy for category products and services to drive revenue and profit growth through global selling regions.

Developed business plans to service the growing renewable energy market in the North American region and broaden the service offering working mainly from operating capital.

Led engineering teams on technical service development effort for multidisciplinary programs from inception to operational implementation. Transformed existing services while directing development of new services for the smart grid and solar energy market.

Performed analysis on acquisition targets for business unit growth. Formed partnerships with other affiliated market companies to expand the core competencies of our engineering services base.

Instituted CRM, service delivery improvements, and financial controls, to gain control of business unit operational output. Introduced management reporting, and developed systems to track progress and ensure implementation of improvement efforts. Provided timely financial auditing of the business unit.

In six of the last seven years, the efforts undertaken improved the business profitability and stability:
Successfully transitioned the business from a university laboratory to a for profit service entity moving the revenue line from $1 million to $7 million.
Directed teams that improved gross margins on the core services from negative to over 26 % by instituting Kaizen studies on operation flow, improving tracking and recording of processes.
Led North American efforts inside the corporate-wide global structure and participated in the team of 6 that directed global strategy for the $80 million dollar unit.
Directed a team that shortened the lead times of our standard services from 153 day to 60 days.
Guided the internal and external engineering resource teams that launched 8 new services for smart grid, product monitoring, field services, and re-tooled our outdoor exposure programs in the last 12 months.
Relocated the business unit and directed the staff migration and helped lead the transition and implementation of a multi-million dollar capital improvement initiative. Instituted numerous business process improvements.

Company B is part of the larger global organization, a EUR 500 million manufacturer of metrology for the machine tool industry, Company B division specializes in process and control automation systems for high technology and nanotechnology manufacturing environments.

President and General Manager - 2001-2006
I was recruited by executive management to lead the turnaround of a recently acquired business venture, Company B. The customer base ranged from Fortune 500 prospects, to Venture Capital funded technology start-ups in the semiconductor, data storage, material science, photonics, and biotechnology industries in the western U.S. and abroad. I had full P&L responsibility for the business venture, managing 40 people.

100 day Review / Report - Implement Turn-Around Strategies At arrival the business venture was in turmoil, providing no ROI, with significant losses. Traveled internationally, strategizing with key customers, inter-company distribution sites, and colleagues to determine viability of the companys market direction.

Led product improvement and new product development efforts. Directed the return of core products to R&D to institute basic design changes, affecting manufacturability, serviceability, and performance. Staged new products into development with a higher level of complex technology required by customer need.

Developed sales and marketing plans to re-gain a reputable position with past customers, broaden product application, and deepen product offering on a very limited budget. Developed market analysis and implementation plan to position the company as a Tier One supplier to the data storage industry.

Performed M&A analysis on several potential acquisition targets for business unit expansion. Formed partnerships and alliances, and acquired a company in the automation industry, broadening the base of technologies offered.

At each successive quarter, the efforts undertaken improved the business profitability and stability:
Improved gross margins on the core products from under 9% to over 38% by instituting design changes, improving assembly techniques, and adjusting selling prices.
Shortened lead times of the standard systems from 22 weeks to 13 weeks.
Instituted MRP, ERP and other basic company metric programs for manufacturing and financial analysis.
Instituted basic sales metric programs to improve the tracking process for sales activities.
Regained key supplier status for key accounts - semiconductor and data storage industries.
Championed corporate-wide the global sales and support of product line by wholly-owned distributors.
Successfully launched multiple innovative technology products into client use on time and under budget.
Established B2B relationships with other high technology companies.
Created a pipeline for significant business expansion (from US $5 million to US $15 million in sales).

COMPANY C 2000 2001
Company Cs parent is a measurement and instrumentation company providing bio-analytical and electronic measurement solutions to the communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis industries.

National Sales and Marketing Manager 2000 2001
Recruited to lead national sales and marketing for this recently acquired business unit and re-construct sales media and channel-to-market stateside, and develop contractual agreements for company distributors. Directed all aspects of the stateside company-to-customer interaction including a team for Product Management and Project Management platform sales and platform development.

Appointed key member of a launch team (comprised of President, PhD Scientists) for new product introduction.
Initiated the marketing portion of a new product launch for proteomic research.
Restructured the companys direct sales and distributor sales network to achieve better penetration and coverage for the product line in the United States.
Developed three-year channel-to-market plans for United States territories including contract negotiations.
Sought and obtained collaborative marketing agreements from synergistic customers.
Negotiated terms of vendor and partner contracts and agreements.
Directed PhD level staff in instrument application development.
Studied and developed topic expertise on a variety of advanced research trends.

COMPANY D 1998 2000
Company Ds parent designs, manufactures and markets equipment to make light emitting diodes (LEDs), hard-disk drives, as well as for emerging applications such as concentrator photovoltaics, power semiconductors, wireless components, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and other next-generation devices.

Senior Accounts and Western Region Manager 2008 2013
Recruited to direct sales and manage the Western Region of the United States. Managed all aspects of company-customer interaction, delivered product demonstrations in seven western states, and provided strategic planning for growth. Led a team of PhD level subject matter experts on client capture applications and equipment development efforts. The company grew from US $5 million to US $17 million.
Improved western area sales 117% in 1998, 97% in 1999, and 133% in 2000.
Increased product margins selling in the region by more than 11%.
Rebuilt the account management structure in the western region.
Instituted improved contact management systems to improve account penetration.
Negotiated amenable dismissal of distributor coverage in specific territories.
Guided PhD level staff in customer application and product development analysis.
Negotiated customer collaboration agreements with university and industrial research facilities.

COMPANY E 1986 - 1998
Company E is the US $45 million division of a 500M Euro Company. The U.S. division manufactures and distributes metrology for the machine tool industry in North America, and has locations across the region.
Western Region Manager (Technical and P&L responsibility) 1995 - 1998
Eastern Region Manager (Technical and P&L responsibility) 1992 - 1995 OEM Technical Manager (Full Technical and Project Leadership) 1989 - 1992
Electrical Design Engineer & Service Manager 1987 - 1989
Electrical Design Engineer 1986 - 1987

Started as a design engineer for complex automated electrical control systems used in high volume manufacturing environments which ranged from PCB board level to system level design. Advanced regularly to positions of larger authority including the management and supervision of other engineers and technicians. As Eastern Regional Manager, held P&L responsibility for a sales & marketing, field service, and general & administrative budget of US $1.6 M on a total revenue of $5M USD. In the position of Western Regional Manager I was appointed to an elite three-member team reporting to the CEO, to initiate the U.S. portion of a global product launch.

B.S., Electrical Engineering, Undisclosed Technological University
Dual Major: Electrical Control Systems - Biomedical Engineering
Post Graduate Various professional, industry, and technical training courses

" Member of SEIA  Solar Energy Industry Association
" Member of DOE Sunshot Solar 3.0 Steering Committee
" Six Sigma and Lean Project Course Work
" Project Management and Program Course Work
" ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA, UL, IEC, NEC Code, EHS - Management Training
" Intercompany Training -Business Ethics, EBITDA. SAP, Salesforce CRM, LIMS, FMEA
" Intercompany Training - photovoltaic PV, concentrating photovoltaic CPV, Solar Thermal

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GM - Technology Business Unit or Program

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