Senior Executive

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Senior Executive
Location Confidential
Northeast USA
Willing to Relocate
$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Innovative Senior Executive with a 15+ year record of advancement and achievement in multiple disciplines. Generate groundbreaking strategies and solutions that consistently raise efficiency, profitability and service quality. Uniquely skilled at conceiving, developing, and implementing invaluable cost-reduction and revenue-generating measures.


Innovative Senior Executive with a 15+ year track record of advancement and achievement in multiple disciplines. Generate groundbreaking strategies and solutions that consistently raise efficiency, profitability, and service quality across the board. Uniquely skilled at conceiving, developing, and implementing invaluable cost-reduction and revenue-generating measures.

Consummate leader who builds topflight teams by fostering employees diverse skills. Forge strong relations with all stakeholders while maintaining a firm customer orientation. Adapt readily to new corporate challenges and environments. Six Sigma Black Belt.

Areas of Expertise

Team Leadership & Motivation
Strategic Business Development
Cost Reduction & Elimination
Revenue & Profit Expansion
Corporate Change Management
Business Needs Assessment
Application Development
Process Redesign & Improvement
Staff Training & Development

Professional Experience

Vice President  Energy & Telecommunication Services (2008-Present)

Set and execute core strategy for procurement, waste disposal, compliance, telecommunications, utility, and other key functions. Annually purchase 300M gallons of fuel, 100+ megawatts of electricity, and 5M therms of natural gas totaling $1B costs. Manage supply security, agreement negotiations, supplier relations, cost reduction, program and application development, and cross-functional relations.

Reduced fuel costs $2.5M per year via rigorous analysis of wholesale, retail, and index pricing; best buy program to take advantage of local market conditions; and unbundling of transporta-tion and supply.

Eliminated $2M blending and $100K road-call costs by developing Fuel Disaster Recovery Play-book for hurricane and winter seasons, ensuring supply security and fuel quality.

Championed transition of 1200 fuel card customers to new platform, ultimately reducing yearly fraud expenditures $400K+, minimizing liability, enhancing service quality, and increasing bottom line by $1M per year.

Shaped companywide vision for EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership by enrolling 4 business units, obtaining EPAs highest distinction, and developing customer-facing SmartWay reporting application that allowed sales team to win business through demonstrated fuel economy savings and optimal engine settings, providing customers a platform for managing their fleets.

Led economically viable sustainability program including facility energy efficiency program that reduced annual energy costs by $250K and greenhouse gas emissions by 2500 tons. Created centralized vehicle emissions reporting application that reduced yearly vehicular greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, and particulate matter emissions by a combined 500K tons.

Generated $500K+ additional used-oil revenue despite nearly 10% reduction in production, im-plemented new regulated waste program to save $300K, and centralized solid waste manage-ment program to increase recycling 350+ tons per year and save $1.5M.

Reduced wireless spend $1.3M+ through policy, centralized management, and electronic work-flow order process, and negotiations with carriers.

Improved contact center operations by implementing applications for location information ser-vices and text messaging, and championing enterprise-wide reader board solution.

Vice President  Environmental & Telecommunication Services (2005-2008)
Director, Environmental & Telecommunication Services (2003-2005)

Effectively managed 2600 storage tanks, 4M annual gallons of waste, 25K telephony circuits and wire-less devices, 5M inbound/outbound contact-center inquiries, 3300 utility accounts, and $50M+ annual expenditures. Led centralization strategy and vendor relations.

Cut telecom costs $750K by eliminating zero-usage cell phones, centralizing local exchange car-riers to CLECs, combining voice/data to T1 circuits, and standardizing field telephone systems.

Consistently improved compliance rates by 1%-2% per year while improving deficiency correction cycle time by 75%, raised overall Underground Tank/Line compliance rate to 92%+ from historic average of 84%, and obtained regulatory closure for 50+ cleanup sites.

Facilitated growth by leading environmental due diligence for acquisitions of manufacturing, lo-gistics, education, and services related businesses.

Generated $3.75M annual revenue by using cloud-based telecommunications system to create virtual call center from 2500+ remote sites.

Improved mission-critical telecommunications systems through disaster recovery efforts, includ-ing development of redundant contact center, carrier diversification, and implementing IP telephony, resulting in increased system uptime from 97% to consistent 99.999%.

Implemented comprehensive database and call detail applications to manage telecom activities and reporting, cutting agent onboarding cycle time in half, identifying $2.5M in missed opportunities, and generating $15M revenue opportunity through mapping and revenue forecasting applications.

Black Belt  Quality (2002-2003)

Contributed to GE Quality DNA initiative while completing advanced Six Sigma program.

Improved companywide management of facility and real-estate portfolio consisting of $45M an-nual rent roll, $250M book value, and $150M+ annual capital expenditures.

Cut yearly costs $1.5M by developing facility and real-estate database including properties re-ports linked to annual capital expenditure plan.

Generated $100K annual savings by driving DMAIC projects that optimized rent management.

Mentored 8 associates to gain certifications on diverse quality projects including wireless devic-es, fuel cards, environmental reporting, and storage tank compliance.

Director  Environmental Services (2000-2002)

Led all aspects of company environmental programs (audit, air, water, waste, storage tank, training, due diligence) and utility management for 2K+ environmental permits, 1K facility audits, and 24K utility invoices representing $30M+ annual expenditures.

1995  2000: Rapidly advanced through roles including Environmental Compliance Engineer, Senior Environmental Engineer, and Manager  Facility Compliance Engineering.

Education & Professional Development

Master of Engineering  Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Bachelor of Science  Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Certified Black Belt, GE Six Sigma Quality Program

Various leadership courses throughout career.

Registered Professional Civil Engineer, California, Massachusetts

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Senior Executive

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