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Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
A proven executive leader with well developed business acumen and over twenty years experience. Has a successful record of operating, maintaining and improving commercial facilities and cogeneration plants. Understands the technical and commercial risks associated with major projects.

Resume Body      DIRECTOR/GM

Northern New Jersey
Professional Profile
A proven executive leader with well developed business acumen and over twenty years experience. Has a successful record of operating, maintaining and improving commercial facilities and cogeneration plants. Developed start-up businesses from concept to full operations. Understands the technical and commercial risks associated with major projects. Thoroughly comprehends the intricacies associated with energy management and operational economics. Has extensive expertise in measuring major equipment performance economics in order to optimize system integration. Experienced in the complexities of national and key international energy markets. Has led and managed organizations, facilities and major projects in multi-cultural and mixed language environments.
Notable Contributions

"Managed operational & maintenance personnel at electric generation and cogeneration facilities while supporting all PSEGs regional plants
"Developed and led a world class engineering organization in support of major, turnkey facility projects for Doosan Heavy Industries.
"Advised facility Directors on improving economics and forming a master energy plan
"Led the development of regional strategies and the generation of corresponding business plans for both Hitachi America and Doosan Heavy Industries yielding over $900 million in sales


Core Competencies
Facilities Operations & Engineering f Client Relationship Development f Personnel Development Leadership
Marketing & Sales Leadership f Major Contract Negotiations f Technical Expertise & Direction
Team Building f Facilities Management Leadership f Operational Economics Expertise

Consulting Engineering Associates, LLC
Principal, 2012 to Present
Consulted plant operating companies and institutional facilities on best management practices and operational economics. Reviewed options and advised major universities on energy management, policy and practical energy research. Supported engineering specialists with complex projects and operational issues.
"Advised The University of Wyoming on energy research options showing most promise
"Consulted Rutgers University Facilities Department on practical energy management options

Doosan Engineering and Services  Montvale, NJ
Vice President, 2006 - 2011
Developed and led a world class engineering organization in support of major Doosan Heavy Industries turnkey facility projects. Hired specialists, developed teams and negotiated with executives in other organizations for additional services. Synchronized corporate vision with organizational goals. Counseled and advised personnel in adherence to corporate vision and western management practices.
"Developed Doosan Engineering & Services (DE&S) from concept to a fully operational, EPC engineering business
"Led the recruitment and hiring of local engineers to staff DE&S
"Advised, counseled and developed employees based on their individual contributions, abilities and business plan direction
"Developed responsibilities, goals and key achievements for each employee and integrated them into the new Doosan compensation model
"Worked with regional research institutions to better understand co-development options

Hitachi America Limited  Tarrytown, NY
Director  Thermal Plant Engineering, 1999 - 2006
Led and managed all technical efforts associated with project development, proposal preparation and conceptual engineering associated with large scale electric, fossil-fueled, generation projects employing the most advanced technologies. Worked with technical executives and lead engineers in client organizations to determine specific project requirements and structured commercial contracts to minimize corporate risk.
"Supported the sale and led all technical negotiations of several major projects totaling more than $900 million
"Negotiated confidentiality documents, service agreements, and consortium contracts with sub-vendors and general contractors to mitigate corporate risk while adhering to the commercial requirements of the project
"Established personnel, departmental and individual goals including corresponding mechanisms for tracking, measuring adherence and achievement of same
"Directed the review and execution of construction and service related contracts associated with all major projects

Public Service Electric & Gas  Ridgewood, NJ
Manager  Power Systems, 1986 - 1999
Worked directly with plant managers, construction managers and partnership representatives to resolve specific O&M issues, facility management problems, construction inconsistencies and performance deficiencies. Relocated to and worked out of generation facilities during construction, commissioning or special project periods to manage operations and render energy generation services. Managed numerous construction projects during the erection of modern combined cycle, co-generation facilities at JFK Airport, Stony Brook University, Newark Bay and Eagle Point Refinery. Traveled globally to perform due diligence studies on generation assets to determine viability for acquisition during major corporate privatization initiatives in Latin America and Europe.
"Directed project teams, consultants, site personnel and contractors in the execution of major, electric generation maintenance & construction projects
"Collaborated with equipment suppliers, construction contractors and EPC firms to bring forth projects and minimize PSE&G Globals liability
"Conducted field evaluations of electric production facilities for possible acquisitions or privatization requests in the international market
"Installed performance software packages to improve plant performance, energy management and unit reliability
"Developed projects from initial conception through complete engineering proposal specifications using thermodynamic modeling programs and corresponding financial spreadsheets

Additional Experience

"Public Service Electric & Gas - Senior Supervising Engineer, 1986

oSupervised daily plant operations at Bergen Generating Station
oAnalyzed best practices and improved operating criteria based on findings
oManaged a team of 26 technical and operating union personnel
oSupported facilities maintenance overhauls and new equipment installations
oWorked directly with GE and Westinghouse field engineers on major outages
oLed the commissioning and testing of all new facilities equipment on behalf of PSE&G


New Jersey Institute of Technology  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology  Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Corporate Development
Extensive corporate management and financial courses
Training in Excel, Word, Power Point and similar formats
AMA Executive Management Training Course & Seminars
Communications and interpersonal skills building courses and workshops
Numerous technical training seminars to maintain expertise and state licenses


ASME Performance Test Code Committees 12.2 and 23


Professional Engineer, State of New Jersey
Stationary Engineer Second Class (Red Seal), State of New Jersey
DEP Water Treatment Operator, State of New Jersey

Published Papers
Periodicals published through EPRI, EEI and ASME
Internal Corporate White Papers


Completely fluent in Spanish and English


United States of America


Executive References Furnished Upon Request

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