Defense Industry Executive

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Defense Industry Executive
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Resume Summary
Defense industry executive with a proven track record in engineering, operations, logistics and maintenance management. I have generated more than $700 Million in savings through innovative cost-cutting recommendations to the Defense Department over the last 5 years.


In 2006, I co-founded a veteran owned small business dedicated to government cost reduction. We quickly acquired a Department of Defense facility security clearance, won Navy Seaport e contracting status and partnered with a major defense contractor to win a $65 Million seven year, strategy consulting contract with the Naval Sea Systems Command. Subsequently we extended that partnership to win several smaller contracts with the Chief of Naval Operations N81 staff and the Coast Guard. My has operated profitably since inception with cumulative revenues of more than $2.7 million.

I provide strategic business and engineering consulting services to the US Navy. I focus on innovative methods to reduce cost while simultaneously improving ship operational availability and safety. Specific accomplishments include:

-Created and advise the Common Maintenance Planning Working Group, a Navy cross enterprise team dedicated to reducing ship ownership costs. This small group has identified more than $700 Million in cost reductions over the remaining service life of current Navy ships. I wrote all relevant Navy policy, developed core business processes, and built the carrier, submarine and surface force cross enterprise team. We have established a culture of aggressively and successfully challenging the status quo through engineering analysis, identification and adoption of best practices, and evaluation and introduction of cost effective new technologies.
-Envisioned, designed, and supervised all aspects of an engineering study to extend the service life of certain Navy Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels. This work will save the Navy $50 Million over the next 15 years and validated a new technology, Modal Acoustic Emissions, for Navy use. The Department of Transportation intends to extend the study to cover additional pressure vessels in non-Navy use saving US municipalities more than $500 million.
-Designed and supervised an OPNAV study entitled Causal Analysis of Modernized CG/DDG Fuel Burn Reduction, which resulted in policy recommendations that will save more than $16 Million per year in DDG class annual fuel costs. This study analyzed ship operational patterns, engineering configurations and fuel usage and developed statistical models to identify effective Navy strategies for reducing fuel consumption. The study surprisingly found that Navy culture driven by policy is the major issue driving excessive ship fuel usage. The study also identified two promising technologies for implementing near term fuel reductions.
-Designed and supervised an OPNAV study entitled Maintenance Policy Impact on DDG-51 Material Condition and Expected Service Life and a similar study examining the LHD-1 class. These studies led to several new approaches for evaluating and economically extending remaining service life of Navy ships and identified management philosophy changes that could save $200 Million per LHD hull. These studies pioneered use of composite engineering business models to predict the relationship between maintenance, material condition, and remaining ship life. The studies introduced and modeled the important concept of fester and demonstrated the powerful adverse financial impact of deferring maintenance on slow-to-degrade systems.
-Assisted NAVSEA in writing or revising most major Navy maintenance policy instructions.
-Advise a major defense contractor's Ship Maintenance Improvement Project, a 50-person team focused on Navy maintenance management policy and processes. In this role I establish a culture of critical and innovative thinking, tutor and mentor project managers and clients, formulate approaches to challenging problems, develop technical frameworks, create plan and manage major projects, and specify and review uniformly high quality final deliverables.

Senior Program Manager, at a Small Technology Company
2005 - 2006

Recruited by a former supervisor and hired as the Senior Program Manager at a 50 person advanced technology company.

-Immediately assigned to supervise the Mission Readiness Support System project, a $5 Million eight month advanced technology showcase project for the DDX acquisition program designed to model potential impacts of advanced technology on ship maintainability and sustainability. When I joined the project it was two months behind schedule with four months remaining prior to showcase demonstration. I coached the project manager, regained control of the project plan and schedule, reigned in eight subcontractors, and finished on time with a highly successful demonstration, only slightly over budget.
-Assigned overall leadership of a $4.3 Million project to improve and automate shipyard infrastructure management. This project was vital to RLWs success and included several advanced technology initiatives designed to eliminate administrative workload, improve equipment reliability and decrease maintenance down time for critical equipment.
-Served as RLWs spokesperson to senior Navy personnel
-Acted as RLWs representative to the Navys Small Business Innovative Research Transition Assistance Program (SBIR TAP).
-Assumed overall project execution oversight duties from one of RLW's founders.

Senior Principal, American Management Systems (AMS)/CACI
1996 - 2005

Pioneered Advanced Engineering and Business Modeling in American Management Systems (AMS) and CACI for the Naval Sea Systems Command.

-Designed, supervised and analyzed business and engineering process models of carrier overhauls at Navy shipyards. Study recommended changes to overtime management practices, shipyard subcontracting strategies and work control processes implemented at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
-Developed models integrating maintenance, manning, operations and build rates to evaluate and improve alternative crewing strategies for Navy surface ships. Evaluation of these models showed substantial long-term adverse impacts associated with crew swap options. The Navy ultimately decided to implement crew-swap on ships scheduled for decommissioning only. This significantly increased ships available for mission tasking during force downsizing while simultaneously saving millions of dollars.
-Developed several models investigating the relationships between ship operations and maintenance to Navy surge and re-cock capability in response to sequential Naval conflicts.
-Led modeling capability overview briefings and problem solving strategy sessions with senior Navy flag officers.
-Analyzed and corrected ship financial planning models used to develop the Navys seven year forecast of $12 Billion annual maintenance budget. This analysis resulted in changes to underlying forecasting algorithms that corrected more than $850 Million in appropriation errors in Navys seven-year maintenance funding plan.

Primary strategist for Navy maintenance, budgets, policy and business processes to the Naval Sea Systems Command Maintenance Directorate.

-Assisted OPNAV staff in prioritizing $12 Billion Navy maintenance funding requirements.
-Served as lead analyst for OPNAV N81 in evaluating the impact of transitioning Naval Shipyards from the Defense Business Operating Fund to Mission Funding.
-Improved technical feedback cycle time from more than 30 days to 24 hours through development and implementation of innovative metrics and management techniques to effectively control the Naval Sea Systems Commands Planned Maintenance System (PMS) Program.
-Identified critical flaws prior to implementation of proposed metrics for managing and prioritizing $1.1 Billion in annual maintenance.
-Acted as policy advisor to Naval Sea Systems Command Maintenance Directorate for several maintenance improvement initiatives, and flag level steering groups dedicated to improvement of ship maintenance planning and execution.

Project Manager with profit and loss responsibilities for the Maintenance Resource System (MRS), a composite engineering and financial model used to forecast maintenance funding requirements and articulate financial and operational risks of funding shortfalls for the $1.1 Billion Surface Force Maintenance budget.

-Envisioned, sold, and supervised the $7 Million plan to revitalize, redevelop and extend MRS capabilities. Designed and supervised every aspect of model software design. Completed all major business process and software development milestones on time and on budget..
-Briefed senior Navy flag officers on MRS capabilities, surface ship maintenance budgets and the implications of funding shortfalls.
-Pioneered cross-business group software development and horizontal skills management within AMS.
-Monitored and advised government activities assigned to operate the MRS database.
-Facilitated and led MRS oversight panel composed of Naval Sea Systems Command, Fleet, Type Commander, Chief of Naval Operations and Naval Comptroller staff.
-Supervised all aspects of upgrading the MRS software development team from Capability Maturity Model level II to Capability Maturity Model (Integrated) level III certification.

Principal author of the technical approach for a successful $150+ Million Naval Sea Systems Command Surface Ship Maintenance Improvement Program proposal and member of Strategic Capture Team

Served as a Senior Engineer liaison working with both AMS and Naval Sea Systems Command to improve Navy maintenance business and technical processes.

-Lead representative for Naval Sea Systems Command surface ship maintenance division to the Cumbersome Work Practices and Engineering for Reduced Maintenance working panels examining ineffective maintenance procedures.
-Saved the Navy Millions of dollars by identifying high maintenance Navy systems and applying engineering solutions to reduce maintenance costs.
-Served as a member of Surface Ship Maintenance Effectiveness Review (SURFMER) teams. Reduced manpower costs and increase readiness by conducting Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Reviews.
Lead Programmer for Computerized Maintenance Management System and engineering model integration and implementation effort at NASA, Langley.

-Re-programmed proprietary C/C++ code converting to open database architecture.
-Advised Systems Administrator and DBA on implementing and integrating SQLBase, Oracle and Interbase databases.
" Participated in development of NASA Langley Unitary Plan Mach >2.5 Wind Tunnel engineering model using AMS proprietary software, Phoenix. Facilitated working sessions with scientific and engineering staff in to validate model. Trained staff on utilizing model to optimize operational and maintenance scheduling.

Independent Information Technology Consultant
1995  1996

Self-employed as a software development consultant. Developed automated information systems to manage membership, finances, communications and event planning and execution for the National Independent Automobile Association (NIADA), a medium-sized nonprofit association of used car dealers. Automated internal document handling procedures to reduce manpower and improve office efficiency for their for-profit magazine. Established tight information systems integration with the profit and nonprofit sides. Worked with the executive director and senior staff to form an information technology strategy. Designed and built a state-of-the-art Ethernet network.

Stock Broker, Smith Barney
1994  1995

Completed Series 7 Securities and Series 65 Investment Advisor licenses. Developed and managed client asset base of $1 Million. Advised potential investors and clients with financial guidance and information.

Naval Officer, US Navy
1986  1994

Operations Officer on FFG-7. Scheduled all ship's operations, maintenance and training, and directed ships safety, security and training programs.

-Completed the Navys Notional Schedule for Tactical Training, including two fleet exercises and deployment, becoming the first reserve frigate certified for unrestricted battle group operations.
-Managed ships selected reservist training program, noted during evaluation as setting the Navy standard for a reserve frigate.
-Qualified as Tactical Action Officer and Command Duty Officer. One of two officers granted unrestricted weapons release authority.
-Top Secret Control Officer.

Main Propulsion Assistant on CGN-40. Directed operations, maintenance and testing of all mechanical systems for two nuclear propulsion plants.

-Senior Supervisor of nuclear test procedures during a reactor plant dry-docking overhaul. Reviewed and co-approved all nuclear test procedures.
-Coordinated scheduling of all non-nuclear repairs and preventative maintenance.
-Qualified Surface Warfare Officer, Officer of the Deck Underway, Engineering Officer of the Watch, and Engineering Duty Officer.
-Acted as Supply Officer for two months during Operation Desert Storm, managing and directing all logistical operations and controlling the ships budget of $1.2 Million.

Reactor Electrical Division Officer and Reactor Electrical Assistant on CVN-71. Directed operations, maintenance and testing of electrical, control and safety systems for two nuclear propulsion plants.

-Qualified as Reactor Duty Officer and Nuclear Propulsion Plant Watch Officer.
-Certified by Navy Department Bureau of Nuclear Reactors as a Nuclear Engineer.

Educational Summary:

Surface Warfare Officer School, Department Officer Course, January 1993
Surface Warfare Officer School, Division Officer Course, May 1988
Nuclear Prototype Training Unit, S1C, Windsor, Connecticut, January, 1988
Navy Nuclear Power School, Orlando, Florida, April 1987
United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, B. S. Computer Science, May 1986


4 Papers published by the American Society of Naval Engineers

Association Memberships:
American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)
Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)
Surface Navy Association (SNA)
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Current Security Clearance: Secret

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Defense Industry Executive

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