Dean, Provost, International, Global, VP

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Dean, Provost, International, Global, VP
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Possess extensive academic, private, and government sectors experiences. Served as - CTO, Vice President, Program Director, Lead Scientist, Faculty, and Projects Director. Uniquely qualified to lead, develop solutions, policy, and recommendations for a wide variety of academic issues.


I possess extensive academic, private, and government sectors experiences. Served in variety of positions - CTO, Vice President, Program Director, Lead Scientist, and Technical Projects Director and am uniquely qualified to lead, develop solutions, policy, and recommendations for a wide variety of academic issues. I apply 3D and systems thinking approaches across leadership and operational issues to develop solutions for complex problems. My work has involved working with all levels of leadership from a wide variety of federal agencies and private firms, as well as numerous universities. I have worked extensively with minorities and many different international cultures, especially for Native Americans, African Americans, and underserved both in the U.S. and abroad. I bring all of these experiences to leadership and to the classroom, elucidating real world problems and solutions.

Possess an executive presence with a knack for building trust and alliances, garnering funds, and establishing professional credibility and respect with faculty, staff, business partners, peers, benefactors, and competitors. I am an energetic, dynamic, innovative, and results-driven leader.

My skill sets are unique and my goal has been to observe and manage interdependencies of a great many issues and their broad effects on peoples, the environment, economies, and resiliency and to develop solutions for these problems. Succinctly, I am a leader and problem solver with a unique ability to work with students, faculty, and staff, as well as with all stakeholders to achieve goals. I enjoy difficult challenges.

Languages Spoken: Miccosukee, Spanish, Beginning Arabic and Mandarin

Career Highlights:
Served as major professor or committee co-chair/member for 40 Masters and Doctoral students who have completed their respective degrees 21 from CU Denver, 18 from Colorado Technical University Doctoral Management Program and 1 at Brigham Young University. Also, 2 others (not listed) at HoHai University and Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas"

Served as professional mentor more than 50 minority students nationwide from schools such as Stanford, North Carolina, Duke, etc. who are pursuing Masters and Doctoral degrees. Additionally, mentored over 400 professionals including faculty and PhD researchers for professional and leadership development and support from multiple agencies and national and international organizations, as well as more than 600 upper-level university students;

Taught more than 24 different college courses  multiple times;

Written two text books;

Authored 57 peer-reviews journal articles;

Worked internationally in China, Jordan, Nigeria, Europe, Spain, Latin America, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana, Chile, Ethiopia, Thailand, India, Libya, Mexico, and Hong Kong on a wide variety of projects;

Appointed as Editor-in-Chief for resource journal (international in scope), lead strategic direction of journal, website design and implementation, editorial board selection and other requisite duties for the past 1.5 years getting ready for launch. The first issue is now online;

Developed and directed national programs for U.S. DOI working on principles of shared governance and collaboration with multiple federal agencies, foreign governments, universities and the private sector;

Served as delegation and team leader for the U.S. Department of State within the Middle East Peace Process working with Jordanians, Israelis and Palestinians in the areas of water, energy, and food security related to sustainability and resiliency for those countries;

Served as mission leader and key technical advisor for government of Romania for its successful entrance into the European Union in January 2007 in the areas of water quality and supply, environmental systems, and water and environmental policy issues regarding the Aries River System and Danube River shared by multiple countries;

Lead and directed a task force in Latin America of over 400 professionals working with multiple agencies and foreign governments comprised of a wide variety of academic, professional, technical, and cultural backgrounds and a $150 million budget;

Evaluate potential project success for water and energy funding programs in work with the World Bank and Organization for Economic Cooperative and Development (OECD);

Managed and directed multi-million dollar Native American Affairs Program to work with 26 Native American tribes on environmental, economic development, sustainability, and other issues, as well as developed a Tribal Trust Model. Also, garnered more than $3.5 million, through BIA and other benefactors, in funding for various tribes (this funding is not included in total listed in grants within CV);

Served panel co-chair and member on national funding panels for both the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to determine if of 400 currently funded research programs/projects should receive renewed funding and more than 300 should receive initial funding based on scope and priority of work. This was across multiple fields of study and $270 million in funding.

Continually lead and managed water and energy projects with underdeveloped countries in Latin America including El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, and others;

Work with Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Israel universities to develop strategies and programs for moving science and social issues forward under adverse conditions through graduate programs and development of MOUs with U.S. universities-currently developing U.S. university selection list;

Addressed multiple town-hall meetings to audiences of over 600 (each) comprised of policy makers, legislators, academics, scientists, foreign leaders, and private industry. There were given to groups such as American Geophysical Union, NSF, USEPA, NOAA, NASA, U.S. NORTHCOM, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. House Committees of Energy and Commerce, Homeland Security, and Natural Resources;

Generated more than $5M in research funding since 1997 with only a few select proposals;

Served as co-lead in agency and university science education and public outreach program to achieve broader impacts of research and science for 7 years to middle and high schools and universities in Colorado about environmental issues, careers, and higher education;

Served as a Vice President for a large consulting firm directing more than 350 personnel and P&L statements and R&D funding of $86 million;

Served as a Chief Technology Officer directing more than 150 personnel and P&L and R&D statements and funds of $64 million;

Developed small-scale self sufficient agriculture program that is currently operating successfully in 12 Latin American countries; and

Currently serve in additional capacities.

Current Projects:
I am working on the following independently and wish to house them with a great university; it is my nature not to come empty handed:

1. Co-partner and mentor of a bright young protégé in which we have invented a motor approximately 12 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick that produces 30 horsepower. It runs on water. This is a life altering and economical development technology for developing countries.
2. A partner and I have developed an earthquake model that is 60% complete. It can predict accurately earthquakes within 30 days and 60 miles of epicenter, but only a range of magnitude; for example 2 to 5 Richter. The goal is to predict to within 7 days, 30 miles, and a specific magnitude such as 3.1. We will be seeking funding at some point to complete the model, but more importantly house it at a public institution.
3. I and a partner have developed a climate forecast model that can predict climate precipitation, temperature, etc. for 7 years forward, i.e., advance warning of droughts, floods, etc. and how severe they will beits a veritable mini crystal ball. This is coupled with natural resource bases and use, critical infrastructure and economic sectors to produce a stress factor for sustainability of the region or nation. We recently modeled groundwater flow for an area the size of Texas and surface water flow for 2x that. Temperature accuracy is +/- 0.1 °F.
4. Development of a specific .com as a component for use by graduate students/interns across multiple programs to perform internships in 7 different fields (agriculture, emergency management, energy, health care, manufacturing, security, and water) of endeavor, as well as the policy, regulations, societal, and other accompanying issues.

A full CV is available. Thank you for your consideration.

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Dean, Provost, International, Global, VP

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