COO, Divisional Leader

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COO, Divisional Leader
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Financially-Astute COO/Divisional Leader with a history of restructuring organizations and teams, optimizing processes, and retraining teams to eradicate inefficiencies and substantially improve operations and financial success.



Eliminating barriers, driving organizations to operational breakthrough, financial & revenue success.

Financially-Astute Chief Operating Officer with a history of restructuring organizations and teams, optimizing processes, and retraining teams to eradicate inefficiencies and substantially improve logistics and operations. Growth strategist who challenges the status quo through "out-of-the-box" exploration of solutions, rapidly overcoming the most complex challenges that block sales and revenue growth. Proven track record of consistently delivering EBITDA and measurable business development results using strategic, value-based sales and business development acumen to identify new business and foster long-term productive partnerships. Noted strengths in developing business concepts, plans, and proposals combined with proven achievements in building and sustaining strong business partnerships to support corporate objectives.

Signature Strengths:
Operations Strategy & Leadership Inventory & Logistics Oversight Profit & Loss Management Strategic Planning Market Share Development Process Innovation & Optimization Employee Engagement & Morale Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting Revenue & Profit Optimization Strategic Analysis & Tactical Execution Human Resource Leadership Business Analysis & Alignment Customer Satisfaction & Retention Short & Long-Range Goal Planning Cross-Functional Collaboration Team Building, Mentoring & Leadership Turnaround & Change Management

BlueCross BlueShield Association, 2015  Present

Executive Director, Product Managemnt & Business Development, Enterprise Data Solution (2019 - Current)
Executive Director, PlanConnexion Program (2015 - Current)

Overview: Hired to lead the Product Management & Business Development, and PlanConnexion with $75 million plus P&L, 11 direct reports and 40+ indirect reports. Collaborate closely with team to enable all 36 Blue Licensees and their vendor partners, affiliates, TPAs, analytic vendors, FEP, Consortium Health Plans (CHP) and Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) deliver innovative, purpose-built data solutions, business applications, platforms and shared solutions for local and national markets.
Notable Achievement at PlanConnexion:
Pioneered transformational initiatives that improved the division and helped it reach $20 million+ cumulative gain with a forecast of another $34 million in net profit over the next 3 years as opposed to the cumulative losses of $6 million over 5 years before heading the division.
Superintended and led efforts that helped provide a 5-year CAGR or 18% (with a projection of 21% by 2021), improved a 5-year CAGR of 36% (with a projection of 41% by 2021), and also increase profit margin from -9% to +36% (with a projection of 43% in 2021).
Conceived, designed and implemented new service model that drove 20% decrease in service tickets while doubling transaction volumes & workload  resulting in an effective 60% decrease.
Modernized capabilities within organization by generating a 20% YoY increase for custom applications and implemented at least one solution at every Blue Plan in the System and every major healthcare vendor in the market.
Earned the privilege successfully implementing a new business model without additional FTEs or expense that drove 40% more active collaborations (more than 65) and 570% higher member participation (8,000+ Blue executives).

Notable Achievement on Data Management:
Web/API Solutions:
Championed the development of an API-First strategy for Plans/Vendors to discover, develop, publish, consume and monetize.
Spearheaded the change from an Agile focus and delivery, from SOA to macro/mini/micro services approach that allows for high volume & availability, shorter development and faster implementations.
Enhanced quality outcomes by 100% for the SLAs, 70% improvement in request/response time, and 25% 5-year CAGR in web service utilization.
Enterprise Analytics Services
Developed and executed the BCBSA business plan for analytic services, sandboxes, algorithms and digital repositories so Plans & Vendors are securely connected to National Blue data and data-enabled solutions.
Fueled business development opportunities by leading business, IT and procurement resources to deliver several high compute, analytic environments for various use cases, e.g. COVID-19, opioids, population health, clinical programs, HEDIS, FWA, etc.
Health Research: Alliance for Health Research in collaboration with Harvard, Princeton, Rice, Scripps, Stanford, Univ. of Chicago , Univ. of Oklahoma, Univ. of California-Berkeley and Yale
Health Strategy: Health of America (HealthCore) & Health Index (BlueLabs, Milliman, Moodys)
Consumer Transparency: all Blue payers and dozens of emerging or well established vendors
Aligned the organization for growth by leading business representative for innovative digital solutions & services, including Blockchain, HL7/FHIR, EMR/Clinical hub, RPA and other AI/ML solutions developed in a data science experience.

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield (NYSE:ANTM), 2013  2015

Vice President, Sales Operations and GTM Strategy

Overview: Hired to manage a team of 7 direct reports for National Labor & Trust. Collaborated with Finance, Sales, Account Management, and Leadership to possess, manage, and improve efficiency in:
Market validation, channel strategy, strategic partners, business development, and go-to-market strategy.
Performance monitoring, CRM management, dashboards, and productivity indicators using
Intelligent win-loss analysis.
Client Implementations, onboarding workflows, I.T. coding & testing, and program/product support for Anthem's WGS and NASCO claim platforms, as well as more than 100 TPAs and self-administered accounts using all known commercial or labor adjudication systems for ITS/B2 processing.
All aspects of RFP Management and Sales Support.
Operational planning for compensation and resources, problem/corrective action, and cross-functional associates' alignment to support the sales functions.
Competitive intelligence, operations research, analytics, assessment, design, and implementation.
Territory & pipeline planning, review, reporting, and diagnosis.
Training & development, webinars, internal communications.

UnitedHealthcare (NYSE:UNH), 2008  2013

Vice President Client Development, Public Sector, Labor & Trust

Overview: Designated to manage the development process for state & large governments, schools & higher education, religious entities, as well as Labor & Trust. Oversaw performance monitoring, CRMs, dashboards, and productivity indicators using Coordinated competitive intelligence and analytics, territory & pipeline planning, channel strategy, strategic partners, business development, and go-to-market (GTM) planning across multiple regional markets.
Notable Achievement:
Promoted based on stellar reputation to the position of National Sales V.P. for Federally Recognized Tribes and MLR Tribal administration.
Laid the groundwork for new revenue growth and leadership in internal cross-functional teams for multiple services, including Medical, PBM, Wellness, Medicare & non-Medicare Retiree, Part-D, and Ancillary coverage.
Played an instrumental role in several multi-thousand member sales to premier municipal agencies, higher education universities, school districts, and consortia sales to both governmental & tribal entities.

Gallagher Benefit Administrators, 2006  2008

Regional Vice President

Overview: Tasked with the coordination and management of regional sales and marketing team on an integrated health plan administrator with 400,000 ASO members served by claim administration, onsite medical clinics, D.M./Wellness, and retiree solutions. Distributed strategies through Midwest Consulting firms.
Notable Achievement:
Architected, developed, and launched "PPO First" that resulted in a lowered trend by 4% via onsite patient advocacy, D.M. & wellness.
Assigned the Lead consultant role for "Provider's First," contracted IPAs and Hospitals at Medicare rates to insure domestics plans 20-30% below commercial rates.
Impact driving force behind the fostering of key G.A. relationships that allowed for self-administration of multi-thousand life groups.


BB&T, TPA Division, 2004  2006
Vice President

Cotton Line, Inc., U.S. Division, 2004
President & Chief Executive Officer

Asahi Seiko, North America, 1999  2004
Strategic Marketing & Pricing Manager

Syncor TPA Group, 1989  1999
Sales & Marketing Manager


Bachelor of Arts  Communications
University of Illinois

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Center for Management - Advanced Labor Management & Collective Bargaining
Rutgers University

Certified Product Manager
Product Management & Product Marketing for agile, technology products

Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises

Licensed Insurance Producer


State of Illinois (Committee Member): served on Governor Pat Quinn's State of Illinois Disparity Task Force through the Illinois Department of Central Management Services.

Promac USA (board): largest engineering class industrial chain manufacturer in Brazil. Joint venture between Promac International & Amec Manufacturing (Changzhou, China) to supply roller & attachment chain for the largest U.S. chain companies, including Rexnord, Jeffrey, and U.S. Tsubaki

Cotton Line, Inc. (board): a supplier of fabrics, apparel, and bed & bath products for the home, health, and hospitality industries imported from facilities Pakistan, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates

BioMist, Inc. (advisory): a portable, fully automated sanitation and disinfection system designed for use in healthcare (hospital & ambulance) and food production

Illinois Motor Vehicle Insurance Association (founder): a fully insured health, dental & disability plan for union automotive mechanics in the Chicago area

Quick Card, Inc. (advisory): a partnership with Wal-Mart/Beneficial National Bank for a combination low-interest credit card & health insurance identification that offered insured employees a payment option, benefits verification, and information retrieval system

Syncor Group (advisory) and DataMed, Inc. (advisory): TPA, founded in 1972, wrote the first ERISA plan in Illinois and the first Midwest firm to utilize PPO claim reimbursement for commercial membership with embedded pre-cert and U.R.

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COO, Divisional Leader

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