CEO Technology

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CEO Technology
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$300,000 to $600,000

Resume Summary
Experienced in establishing, acquiring, merging and growing international high technology manufacturing businesses. Areas where I can bring expertise include marketing, sales, product and organization rationalization to reduce absolute costs as well as converting fixed to variable costs through outsourcing.

Resume Body      CEO TECHNOLOGY

Autonomous Business Manager wiith a positive track record in new business development, multiple product launches, market penetration, branding strategies and manufacturing processes in world-class, stand-alone corporate spaces. Chosen for key leadership roles with higher impact, scope and influence to coordinate product design, testing, launches and ongoing technical support. Solid expertise delivering high-tech market solutions, translating complex concepts into actionable items and significantly controlling expenses. Diverse background in integrating multiple products, penetrating competitive markets and complying with client requirements. C-level exposure to international business dynamics and emerging technologies in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America market spaces.

Top Achievements:
c Organizational Streamlining: Positively restructured product range and overall business processes to reposition the company, achieve 66% greater volume and improve EBITDA by 420% against a background of declining market and price-based competition.
c Cost Controls: Spearheaded the rollout and implementation of Lean processes company-wide, resulting in a working-capital-to-sales improvement of 7%.
c Market Growth: Transformed a domestic US-focused business into an international supplier, including $20M in new business in China, despite market downturn post-9/11.

Core Skills in Driving Business Growth
c New Business Development
c Target Marketing
c Operating Efficiencies
c Cost Reduction
c Change Management
c Competitive Analysis
c Turnaround Strategies
c P&L / Budgeting
c Operational Streamlining
c International Business
c Enterprise Solutions
c Market Knowledge
c Process Reengineering
c C-Level Presentations
c Multiple Product PortfoliosSuccessful Career in Maximizing Sales, Revenue and Product Design

CONSULTING 2014  Present
Assignments include mentoring, business and product strategy, and operational support for companies ranging in size from start-ups, through small to medium size companies and divisions of public corporations. Also, partnering with private equity to identify acquisitions in the test and measurement market space.

Start-up provider of proprietary technology for counterfeit detection in manufactured products.
Key contributor to closely evaluating and aligning company goals with market dynamics, competitive demands and customer requirements.
c Utilize expertise in business direction, multi-sector product marketing and acquisition of military funding.

PRESIDENT, 1999  2014
Managed this $70M wholly owned subsidiary of public corporation making industrial gauging with 240 staff at production sites in the US & Europe. Focused on targeting multiple global market sectors, branding unique technology, profitably loading factories and rolling out new products in a timely manner. Guided the outsourcing of critical production operations and established a multinational management team that instituted systems and controls.
c Most recently headed up the acquisition and oversight of a French-speaking business in Belgium, including significant restructuring, marketing campaigns and engineering initiatives, against a background of very restrictive labor laws.
c Generated revenue growth for core business by 66% in a flat market with 420% higher operating profit since 2003; also improved gross margins for key product offering by 14%.
c Opened up and expanded into major territories in Europe and Asia, including over $20M in new business in China.
c Introduced Lean processes to reengineer and outsource non-core functions, reducing cycle times and improving operating profit by 4% and working-capital-to-sales by 7%.

Brought on to oversee this $17M company with sales and service operations in the US and Germany, targeting food, tobacco and web industry sectors.
c Achieved sales and operating profit growth of 22% and 57%, respectively, through strong sales processes, new product introduction and outsourced manufacturing.
c Refocused the company from technology-based product development to market-led sales strategies.

Chosen to merge three UK-based companies, worth $50M in annual sales, and support sales of vacuum chambers/fittings, quadruple mass spectrometers and surface analysis equipment.
c Redirected business operations to focus on external clients in semiconductor and high-tech thin film sectors; smoothly positioned this entity as part of profitable acquisition by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 1995.
c Deployed a strong sales and marketing emphasis to traditional engineering firm, while creating new channels, such as online and catalogue sales.

Responsible for coordinating all aspects of sales initiatives, product strategy and market roll-out for this provider of a wide array of analytical equipment for analyzing new materials for semiconductor and high-tech niches.
c Succeeded in expanding global sales from $10M to $20M, or 100%, by winning new market share against US and Japanese competitors.

Previous Experience:
Held progressive management and professional positions in product sales, start-up operations, engineering, product design and cost controls with different US and British entities: Bio-Rad Laboratories, EDT Research and the Atomic Energy Authority (UK). Successful track record of significantly increasing sales volumes, penetrating competitive markets and supporting the production of cutting-edge semiconductor products. Gained expertise in target marketing, team formation, technical research and customer satisfaction.

Imperial College, London, UK
PhD, Analytical Chemistry
BS, Chemistry

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CEO Technology

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