CEO / President / COO

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CEO / President / COO
Location Confidential
Southwest USA
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Maximizing Shareholder's Value. High-performance executive with a 20+ year track record at the strategic and tactical helm of successful organizations. Expert at defining the business vision, rebuilding operations, driving organic and M&A growth, optimizing top and bottom lines. Phone 832-372-5419

Resume Body      CEO / PRESIDENT / COO

Turns opportunity into profit through strategic performance and building high caliber teams

CEO / President with exceptional Growth Experience
Industrial Products / Industrial Services

Delivers exceptional results. Maximizes shareholders value.
Develops a culture of sustainable competitive advantage across all business functions that motivate people
to perform to their highest potential. Creates high performance teams and a high performance culture.

Core Competencies:

P + L Management, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness,
Financial Management, Turnaround, Restructuring, Growth Strategies, Value Creation, Team Motivation,
Attracts / Retains / Develops Top Performers, Excellent Communicator, Market + Customer Focus,
Profit Improvement, Key Performance Metrics, High Energy, Vision, Strategic Planning + Execution, Leadership Skills.

Samples of Success Stories:

" At a private equity group with 3 manufacturing companies: Boosted the combined sales from $156 M to $206 M and turned a $3.6 M loss into a profit of $8.5 M  a swing of $12.1M
" At an equipment manufacturer: jumped the revenue from $12 M to $74.5M and grew profits from $0 to $12 M.
" At a division of Mercedes-Benz (manufacturer of tools + automation equipment): boosted revenue from $61M to $289M and profit from zero to $22M.
" At a $612 million manufacturing group of 6 divisions: increased the shareholders value by $48 M  from $183 M to $231M and improved the bottom line by $12 M - from $46M to $58M

HYDRATRON INC. - Houston, TX 2012  2013
Manufacturer of industrial products  high pressure equipment for hoses + pipes + tubing
Customer base: oil + gas services, energy, petrochemical, oil/gas platforms, pipelines, refineries
This start-up Company never got off the ground successfully.
" Restored this failing business and transformed it into a dynamic Company
" Redesigned the sales process, from the sourcing of leads to negotiating and closing final deals
" Developed comprehensive plans and built a platform that boosted revenues from $3M to $18M
" Assembled a high caliber / first class team; motivated the team members to new success levels

Industrial services  Steel Coating and Protection, Fire Proofing, Insulation, Scaffolding, Steel Repair.
Customer base: oil & gas industry, marine, petrochemical, platforms, pipelines, refineries, industrial facilities, bridges, municipalities.
This group of 4 small companies generated major losses - $10 M combined loss with a revenue of $40 M.
Three CEOs were hired + fired over the previous 3 years due to lack of turning the company around.
The German parent company was contemplating to close the operations and exiting the U.S. market.
CEO / CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER  Total P + L Responsibility.
" Reversed a $10 M loss to a $8 M profit (EBITDA) by:

& pursuing high margin business / projects
& improving gross margins from 11% to 28.7% through continuous project monitoring
& implementing high standards for project + task performance
& reducing management levels from 5 to 2
& eliminating overhead costs by $10,844,000

" Restarted a new subsidiary / business unit: capitalized untapped revenue opportunities in the wind power markets.
" Decreased overhead costs by $10,844,000 - eliminated duplicate and redundant internal services at 4 subsidiaries, such as HR, controlling, IT, accounting, taxes, insurance, and marketing; consolidated these into a single shared service function.
" Reduced headcount from 284 to 175 with improved efficiency and operational effectiveness.
" Hired first-rate project managers in the industry and built high-performance teams.
" Together with the Safety Director: revamped the safety program to ensure compliance, achieved a low accident occurrence,
and improved the EMR ratings from 3.5 to 0.8. Safety records became impeccable. Company became more competitive.

Founded this turnaround consulting + performance improvement firm to focus on growth, to restore profitability, and to increase shareholders value.
The firm provides more than advice: it places its senior executive into troubled companies  often as CEO or COO or CFO or CRO  to solve the problems.

Accelerated the shareholders value, revenues and profits of 12 client companies.


1. $612 M manufacturer of industrial products + automotive components; 6 production facilities. Rexroth Corporation, Pennsylvania.
The Company wanted to sell itself. Under the old circumstances it was doubtful if the desired price could be achieved.
CRO / Chief Restructuring Officer + Advisor to the Chairman.
Result: Increased the shareholders value by $48 M  from $183 M to $231M.
Boosted cash holdings from $10 M to $60 M  20% higher than targeted. Improved the bottom line by $12 M - from $46M to $58M.
Positioned the company for a successful sale to the Bosch Automotive Group in Europe.

2. $345 M private equity engineering group with 11 portfolio companies: The Bober Group, Europe.
Turnaround CEO of this private equity firm.
Restructured the group. Sold one unprofitable unit and acquired / merged a new business unit. Re-focused the operations on high margin business. Accelerated the bid success ratio from 7% to 15%.
Result: Increased the value of the group by $38 M  from $150 M to $188 M. Boosted EBITDA by $9.5 M. Accelerated Revenue by $55 M from $290 M to $345 M. The restructured and reorganized group was sold to Siemens in Europe.

3. $116 M manufacturer of electric overhead transformers. Power Partners Inc., Georgia  a private equity firm.
The Company had stagnated and started to decline without any vision for a fast growth any time soon.
Turnaround Consultant. Designed a turnaround plan, a balanced scorecard system, plus a 3-year growth strategy action plan. Result: Increased revenues from $116 M to over $160 M  an increase of $38 M.

4. $101 M steel fabricator: Alamo Iron Works, Texas. Part of a private equity firm. The Banks covenants were continuously broken and the lender started to threaten the Company.
Turnaround COO. Stopped a decline in sales and reversed a loss into profit.
Result: Grew the sales by 34% from $75 M to $101 M and turned a loss of $2 M into a $6 M profit  an improvement of $8 M.

5. $95 M construction contractor / family owned. Urban Concrete, Texas. The Owners saw a dooming future due to cash depletions.
Financial Turnaround Consultant. Built a reliable cost control, cash flow control and cash flow forecasting system.
Result: Companys cash assets enlarged from $2 M to over $7 M  an increase of $5 M.

6. $88 M environmental service firm. Environmental Resources Management, Inc. Texas. Part of a private equity firm.
The company desired to tap into the Mergers & Acquisition arena but had neither real plans nor any specific strategy action.
Growth Strategy Consultant. Aided the Company in the creation of a new division to target mergers and acquisitions.
Result: This new division generated over $8 million in additional revenue and fees.

7. $80 M financial service firm. Federated Financial Corporation of America, Michigan. A privately held Company.
The CEO was frustrated by being forced to deal with daily operational issues and not being able to focus on growth strategies.
Turnaround CFO. Created a comprehensive financial and management reporting system and KPI - Key Performance Indicators.
Result: The CEO could now focus on strategic issues for the Company to grow to $100 M.

8. $22 M High-Tech Company for the Hotel / Hospitality Industry. Part of a private equity firm. Hotel Online, Texas and Georgia.
Start-up CFO. Developed and installed financial controls, budgets, accounting standards, systems, financial policies, management reports, operational guidelines and operating procedures.
Result: Profit accelerated from Zero to $2.4 M.

9. $20 M steel forging and machining Company. Lenape Forge, Inc., Pennsylvania. Part of a private equity firm (American Industrial Acquisition Corporation.
The company was purchased during a chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding.
Turnaround CEO. Turned around and rebuilt this $20 M bankrupt / defunct / dormant steel forging and machining Company.
Result: Produced a profit in 4 months after purchase  the first profit in more than 2 years.

10. $10 M engineering service Company for the construction industry. Big G, Texas. A privately held Company.
Growth Strategy Consultant. Established strategic and tactic directives to grow this Company.
Result: Company grew by 50% - from $10M to $15 M.

11. Start-up of Fish Farm / Food Processing Company, Atlantis Aquaculture Group, Texas: Food Production. A privately held Company. Interim CFO. Designed and constructed an extensive business and financial plan.
Result: Company attracted several investors and secured the needed funds of $5M.

12. Start-up restoration company for the food processing industry, FIXXUS. Created growth strategic plans, operational and financial controls and policies. Start-up + Growth Strategy Consultant.

A.G.I.V.  North Carolina; 3 U.S. portfolio subsidiaries of a $2 billion global European private equity firm 1996  1999
These newly acquired portfolio companies were underperforming entities. The goal: turning around and selling all 3 companies in 5 1/2 years
Executive Vice President of the U.S. portfolio - reported to the Chairman in Europe.
Total P+L responsibility for 3 U.S.-based private equity manufacturing portfolio companies with a total of 666 employees.
" Increased the combined revenue by $50 M  from $156 M to $206 M = 32% increase.
" Turned a combined $3.6 M loss into a profit of $8.5 M  a swing of $12.1 M.
" Met the target goal two years ahead of schedule.

Simultaneously turned around 3 Private Equity Portfolio Subsidiary Companies in the U.S.:

" American Barmag Corp. (Engineered equipment manufacturer for the textile and synthetic market): Refocused the marketing and sales strategy, accelerated sales volume from $121 M to $161 M, and improved profits by 432% - from $810K to $3.5 M.
" Avenatech Inc. (Engineered hospital decontamination equipment manufacturer): Drove a sales and marketing strategy which grew sales from $17 M to $24 M, and turned a $1.9 M loss into a $2.4 M profit.
" Carapace Inc. (Disposable medical / orthopedic products manufacturer): Streamlined operations and logistics, increased sales from $18 M to $21 M, and turned a $2.5 M loss into a $2.6 M profit.


SCHOTT PROCESS SYSTEMS, INC. - New Jersey; U.S. subsidiary of Schott Group ($2 billion World-wide) 1990 - 1995
The Company had zero growth for the past 6 years  it stood still at $12 million sales with zero profit.
President + Treasurer (Acting CFO)
Total P+L Responsibility of this U.S. subsidiary - $74.5 M  287 Employees.
Manufacturer of engineered process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
" Boosted sales six-fold from $12 M to $74.5 M.
" Merged a newly acquired $39 M Company.
" Grew profits from $0 to $12 M.
" Paid record-breaking dividends for 5 consecutive years.
" Redesigned the manufacturing process and increased manufacturing productivity by 300%.


Product Manager (Europe)
Total P&L responsibility for 2 product lines: industrial robot/automation equipment and commercial/industrial power tools
(manufacturing, sales, technical services). Effectively managed 3,489 people.
" Reversed rising production costs and a downward sales trend.
" Escalated sales from $61 M to $289 M (= 375% increase).
" Paid record-breaking dividends for 10 consecutive years.
" Grew profits from $0 to $22 M.
" Managed five manufacturing facilities throughout Europe
(2  Germany, 1  Spain, 1  Ireland, 1  Hungary)



M.S.; Master of Science Degree / Engineering Management; Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA).
M.B.A.; Master of Business Administration Degree; Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI).
B.A.; Bachelor of Arts Degree  Focus: Accounting & Finance; Elmhurst College (Elmhurst, IL).

International Experience

Worked and lived in Europe. Fluent in German.
Intimately familiar with European business methods and mentalities.

Professional Certifications

Certified Board Director / Board Leadership Fellow; NACD- National Association of Corporate Directors (Washington, DC)
Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP); TMA - Turnaround Management Association (Chicago, IL)
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE); ACFE - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Austin, TX)

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