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Resume Summary
Operations improvements Better asset and manpower utilization Merger and Acquisition integration International business expansion Value creation and profit maximization Restructuring and organization Operating cost and overhead reduction Manufacturing process optimization Corporate growth development Strategies, tactics, development and execution

Resume Body      CEO / COO

Experienced, Proven Senior Executive

Ï COO Ï CEO Ï MBA Ï Fluent Bilingual Ï Industrial, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer Ï LEAN Manufacturing Six Sigma Black Belt Ï

Summary: Analytical, innovative and results-oriented bilingual operations, manufacturing executive with 20 years of demonstrated hands on experience in production, problem-solving, managed over 400 employees, developed new products within existing production lines. Skilled in value creation, growing revenue and improving EBITDA by establishing efficient operations, setting metrics, implementing cost saving initiatives, applying lean manufacturing and six sigma principles to achieve maximum profitability and corporate growth.

Operations improvements
Restructuring and organization
Better asset and manpower utilization
Operating cost and overhead reduction
Merger and Acquisition integration
Manufacturing process optimization
International business expansion
Corporate growth development
Value creation and profit maximization
Strategies, tactics, development and execution

XG Ventures DBA National Oilfield Fabricators,
Trinity, TX 2011 - Present

Chief Executive Officer who accomplished the development of an Industrial Park from ground up, established and operated different manufacturing facilities providing synergy and turnkey solutions for engineered steel fabrication products involving cutting, bending, rolling, welding, sandblasting and coating a wide array of custom items and finishes for the oil & gas industry.

Developed & Implemented internal management policies, production and quality procedures to meet manufacturing specifications while maintaining a strict quality, cost and time control.
Designed a proprietary software application that provided accurate production costs, reduced estimating time and provided guidelines for production planning and resources management.
Negotiated and Obtained State and County grants due to business plans and job creation.

Guller Enterprises Inc., Houston,TX 2007 ? - 2011

Chief Executive Officer for project management firm specialized in business engineering & organization, logistics, standardization of internal procedures, launching new product lines, cost reduction through operations improvement, outsourcing and in sourcing, strong P&L management.

Jardinlandia, Mexico City. / House & Terrace Ltd. Houston, TX 1987 ? 2007

Executive Vice President 2004 ? 2007 for Manufacturer with multiple plants, Retailer with multiple locations, Wholesaler, Importer & Exporter of Indoor and Outdoor Furniture and accessories. Company with 420+ employees and operations in Mexico and Houston TX.

? Actively involved in planning, and developing business strategies and development achieving satisfactory performance of services and products provided.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1992 ? 2004 for manufacturing division of Jardinlandia (Muebles Para Terraza S.A., México City.) with 400+ employees that produced over 300 different products, where directed and supervised all areas related to production, supply chain, human resources, accounting, sales, marketing and logistics.

? Developed a strategic plan to advance the company's mission and objectives to promote revenue, profitability, and growth as an organization. Result: Achieved significant growth in company size and sales, taking it from a local market and gaining international exposure. Improving manufacturing division EBITDA by 726%.

? Identified acquisitions and merger opportunities and directed implementation activities. Result: Merged and relocated manufacturing facilities to gain vertical integration and lower production costs through consolidation of 3 manufacturing plants.

? Directed company operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. Result: Implemented growth and innovative production strategies to efficiently manage production processes involving iron, bronze & aluminum castings, aluminum & PVC extrusions, TIG, MIG & ARC metal welding, metal machining, sand blasting, powder coatings, plating, anodizing, tube bending, metal stamping, fiberglass, injection molding and upholstery departments.

? Evaluated performance of executives, managers and employees for compliance with established policies and objectives of the company and contributions in attaining objectives. Result: Negotiated several labor contracts with union and non union employees to stay within budget and achieve production goals.

? Managed foreign operations including, marketing, evaluation, operations, logistics, financial performance and vendor negotiations. Result: Opened international retail, wholesale and distribution center.

? Planed, developed, and implemented strategies for generating new revenues for the company. Result: Developed, prototyped and marketed new products, implementing new production lines within similar processes and distributed them through existing channels.

? Steered Company to implement cost savings initiatives within production lines and management policies to reduce inventory and production times while maximizing profits and customer?s satisfaction. Result: Profits increased by 24%.

? Established adequate logistics strategies for supply chain and product distribution. Result: Increased distribution efficiency from 76% to 98%.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) 1987 ? 1992 for manufacturing division of Jardinlandia. (Muebles Para Terraza S.A., México City).

? Designed and Implemented a proprietary ERP system to keep track of inventories and production costs, requirements, planning and control. Result: Productivity improved 18%, administrative cost savings 22% plus the fact of knowing every unit cost in real time.

? Implemented internal procedures focused in cost reduction and increasing performance, effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. Result: Reduction of production time of 13% and staff reduction of 10%.

? Developed and Applied production standards. Result: Accurate forecasting of production needs and delivery time of products.

? Optimized inventories by applying economic order quantities models. Result: 23% savings in raw materials inventory and 17% savings on product inventory.

Universidad Anáhuac Del Sur, (Top 3)
México City. 1990 ? 1992

Senior Professor
While being COO of Muebles para Terraza S.A. and enrolled in the MBA program, taught different Industrial Engineering subjects to senior students.

? Specialized in Business Administration, Project Management, Marketing, Logistics, Production Layout, Innovation, Forecasting, Planning and Control.
? Directed, Supervised and Mentored top class student?s Professional Theses while managing specific real projects in real companies where production improvements were always achieved.

Master of Business Administration, Executive MBA Universidad Anáhuac Del Sur, México
BS, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering ? Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
BS, Industrial Engineering ? Universidad Anáhuac Del Sur, México
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification- Villanova University, Tampa FL
Metallic Furniture, 1994
European Commission & National Chamber of the Processing Industry, Mexico City, Mexico

Outstanding dedication to the attainment of Professional Degrees, 1992
Universidad Anáhuac del Sur, México City, México

Elaboration of Agendas for Industrial Engineering College Courses, 1990
Universidad Anáhuac del Sur, México City, México

Director ? Royal Shores Homeowners Association, Kingwood, TX 2008 ? Present
Improve services and lower operational costs for a high end subdivision with 242 residents.

Board of Directors Twin Towers International HOA, Acapulco, Mexico 1994 ? 1998
Supervised management of a 600 units Beach Condominium resort.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint), MS Project, CAD, ACT, ERP, QuickBooks, Minitab, Corel Draw and Illustrator.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Bilingual, English and Spanish.


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