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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Extensive leadership experience as a board member, CEO, CFO, COO, principal accounting officer and treasurer. Broad experience in corporate and operational strategies, including organizational development, IR, M&A, restructuring, equity financing, licensing, partnerships, manufacturing scale-up and outsourcing.

Resume Body      CEO/CFO/COO


Executive C-level leadership position with a dynamic company


Senior executive with extensive leadership experience in the life science and high technology industries, having served as a member of the board of directors, CEO, CFO, COO, principal accounting officer and treasurer. Broad experience in corporate and operational strategies, including organizational development, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, equity financing, product licensing, corporate partnerships, manufacturing scale-up and outsourcing management. Deliver inspired and consistent communications to shareholders and analysts through several mediums and investor relations settings. Cultivate management environments that are positive, instructive, accountable and team-oriented. Assembled high performance leadership teams across multiple technical specialties and geographies.


President, Company Z, 2006 to Present
Company Z is an independent consulting firm focused on life sciences and medical devices.
" Advise early-stage companies on issues of strategy, capital formation and fund raising.
" Provide executive coaching and management planning for organizations in transition
" Serve as Biotechnology Industry Advisor, XXX
" Serve as Executive Advisor, Technology Transfer Office, XXX

Chief Operating Officer, Company Y, 2009-2013
Company Y is a private company that uses advanced protein engineering technologies to create proprietary human protein pharmaceuticals with enhanced therapeutic properties.
" Executed strategies necessary to advance our product candidates to the next stage of development
" Prepared and filed four product pre-IND meeting packages with the FDA and conducted meetings with FDA personnel to address vital development decisions;
" Established internal GMP manufacturing capability for our products, including a portable clean room, to support IND enabling toxicity and Phase 1 human clinical trial studies;
" Lead discussions with potential Series A investors and partners and/or acquirers of our products.

President, CEO, and Director, Company A, 1999-2006
Company A was a public pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. Hired as CFO and SVP Operations in 1999, named CEO in December 2001 and elected to the Board of Directors in May 2002. Acquired by XXX in 2012.
" Guided Company A transition from a development stage to a commercial company following a $90 million IPO;
" Implemented the required external SEC reporting, internal controls and procedures, and corporate communications/investor relations programs to support NASDAQ listing;
" Expanded cancer portfolio licensing efforts by implementing a product evaluation team of internal reviewers and external KOLs, leading to a complex license to the rights of XXX, approved by the FDA in 2009;
" Implemented a document management system to allow electronic submissions of the companys first NDA and MAA for XXX, accelerating both the filing and regulatory review times;
" Conducted a competitive compensation/benefit program review, modifying compensation packages to attract highly technical people from medical technology centers of Silicon Valley and Boston;
" Built investor/shareholder confidence, credibility and valuation by completing small, quick financings totaling $77 million to limit dilution;
" Drove early adoption and led internal evaluation, testing and implementation of SarbanesOxley requirements resulting in improved corporate governance and increasing our ISS score from the low 50s to the high 80s.
" Organized, prepared and participated in a FDA Oncology Drug Advisory Meeting (ODAC) for XXX;
" Secured Orphan Drug Status for XXX providing the potential for 7year market exclusivity;
" Executed the strategic decision to pursue and was granted a special protocol assessment by the FDA for XXX providing a single Phase II study as the basis for FDA approval;
" Streamlined operations, slashing the staff from 92 to 53 to preserve cash resources and reduce cash flow after an FDA-related setback for XXX;
" Spearheaded several M&A related discussions pertaining to both the acquisition of and by the company.

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Company B, 1990-1999
Company B was public biopharmaceutical company with operations in Colorado, California, Europe and Australia that developed and commercialized therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. Acquired by XXX in 1999.

" Managed 80 employees in multiple functional areas, including accounting and finance, IT, legal, human resources, risk management, corporate communications, investor relations, purchasing, facilities and safety.
" Implemented internal controls in 8 international operating subsidiaries to support an increase in sales from $4 million to $125 million and employee growth from 60 to 550;
" Leveraged A/R into a $10 million foreign debt facility and led two follow-on offerings for $68 million in capital;
" Participated in the structuring and negotiation of a co-promotion transaction between XXX and the company to regain U.S. rights to XXX;
" Actively managed over $45 million in foreign currency exposure created by the sale of company products into international markets;
" Supervised the construction of a 50,000 square foot GMP manufacturing and lyophilization facility leading to significant manufacturing cost reductions and efficiency improvements;
" Formed XXX to house certain R&D assets and sold a 51% interest for $37 million, monetizing R&D investment and increasing return on assets.
" Served as interim CEO on two separate occasions, merging XXX in 1994 at a $95 million valuation and in 1999 selling XXX to XXX at a value of $550 million.

Prior Experience  Includes various financial management positions with public high technology companies in the Silicon Valley, including Treasurer, Director of Finance, and Assistant Treasurer


Master of Business Administration, Finance, California State University, Fresno

Bachelors of Arts, double major in Business Economics and Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara


" XXX, Private, a provider of compliance management software and environmental health and safety services to biopharmaceutical and medical device industries, 2008 to Present
" XXX, oncology drug development, 2002 to 2006

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