Business / Strategic Development Director

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Business / Strategic Development Director
Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Insightful & influential leader known for ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations. Diverse military operations and functional expertise, with a tenacious commitment to integrity, driving sustainable sales, profit and market share growth.


Areas of Excellence include:

- Solving Tough Problems
- Leading Diverse Teams
- Strategic Level Analysis
- Advanced Weapon Systems
- Customer Requirements Insight
- Cross-cutter Integration
- Successful Team Growth
- Customer Oriented Solutions
- Threat Analysis

Executive Highlights

Diverse Teaming - 2011: Led specialized Army, AF, Navy team&executed 228 POTUS directed, international, interagency, Counter Terrorism missionsdirect support to US Ambassador

Transformational Change - 2012: Handed program with $1.7B funding disconnectcrafted and implemented best way forwardfixed disconnect, reinvigorated program yet still supported 16 ongoing disparate/competing/critical MQ-9 Quick Reaction Capability (UON/QRC) efforts

Cross-Cutting Integration - 2013: Guided $15.5B worth of program efforts to best support all A-10, B-1, F-15C/D/E, F-16, F-22 (2,200+ a/c) requirements &to maintain weapon system viability and relevance given anticipated threats, to ensure uninterrupted Warfighter success

Professional Experience

Dec 12 - Present
Chief, Combat Forces Division (leads 37 personnel)
HQ Air Combat Command, USAF, Langley AFB, VA

Champions USAF requirements while collaborating with industry partners, acquisition professionals at the USAF System Program Offices, and the Pentagon during portfolio / enterprise discussions to balance limited budgets against warfighter requirements. Responsible for guiding USAF combat aircraft, Advanced Targeting Pod, and Aircrew Flight Equipment requirements on behalf of Air Combat Command (largest weapon system team within USAF).

Deftly briefed OSD advisory group in Washington, chaired by OSD/CAPE TacAir and AT&L-S&TS, on extremely contentious multi-billion ACAT-1D AoA study results. Successfully convinced senior leadership by articulating the military utility business case for the recommended course of action primarily via an efficient frontier methodology and strong ops requirements.

Integral to ongoing 5th to 5th and 5th to 4th tactical data link tradespace discussions. Instrumental in ensuring current and future F-22 requirements understood by all data link stakeholders, and also ensures System Requirements Document (SRD) communicates needs to acquisition/industry

Multi-National Fighter Program, Ops & Logistics Requirements (OLR) Committee Chairman

Aug 11 - Dec 12
Chief, Irregular Warfare Division (led 24 personnel)
HQ Air Combat Command, USAF, Langley AFB, VA

Shepherded MQ-1, MC-12, and MQ-9 aircraft requirements for Air Combat Command. Directly interfaced with SOCOM and other partner aircraft requirements OPRs, Industry, Acquisition professionals at the USAF System Program Offices, and the Pentagon during portfolio / enterprise discussions to balance limited budgets against warfighter requirements.

Crafted and presented compelling business case and military utility arguments to accelerate Block 50 Ground Control Station (GCS) for MQ-9 and MQ-1 Remotely Piloted Aircraft. Spearheaded effort and persuaded SAF/AQ, Commander Air Combat Command, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and Secretary of the Air Forcenew ACAT-1D program Block 50 GCS path set!

May 09 - Aug 11
Chief, Operations and Training Division (led 51 personnel)
HQ Air Combat Command, USAF, Langley AFB, VA

Directed policy and guidance for ops, aircrew training, weapons & tactics, advanced programs, info ops, etc. Oversaw $2.1B MAJCOM munitions allocation, 35+ special access programs

Built brief for CSAF & SECAF--articulated DCA coverage thru 2025, F-35 beddown & weapons

Briefed German Air Force Chief of Staff; eloquent clarity of USAF Close Air Support operations

Provided high north fighter comparison, F-35 basing options; oversaw LAAR/LiMA initiatives

Nov 06 - May 09
Commander Air Ops Squadron Det 1 (led 9 personnel)
Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Controlled Joint Chiefs of Staff directed combat aircraft deployments during contingencies

Daily briefs to Multi-National Corps Iraq Commander & Task Force Iron Claw & Task Force ODIN

Sep 05 - Nov 06
Operations Officer, 82 ATRS (led 250 personnel)

Govt Flight Rep (GFR) over $113M contractor, 145 aircraft/$362M inventory, new BQM-167

Aug 03 - Sep 05
Program Manager, Assistant Ops Officer (ACC/WSEP)
Tyndall AFB, Florida

Lead weapons officer for USAF Air-to-Air Weapon System Evaluation, 440 missile live-fires

Other Noteworthy Career Experience Examples

2011- Operation NOMAD SHADOW Deputy CC (led 32 personnel team  w/ partner Nation)
2008-Joint Ops Center, MNC-I, Camp Victory  Baghdad, Iraq
2005-Strategic Ops Center, MNF-I, US Embassy (IZ)  Baghdad, Iraq

Jan 93 - Sep 05
Numerous positions of responsibility such as: Flight Commander, Chief of Weapons at both Wing and Squadron level, Chief of Training at both Wing and Squadron level, Chief of Scheduling at both Wing and Squadron level, Chief of Standards and Evaluation, etc during various F-16 military assignments to varied locations both within the United States, across Europe, and in the Far East.

Civilian Education, Completion dates
2004 - MS - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
1989 - BA International Relations, Purdue University

Military Professional Development Courses, Completion dates
2007 - US Air Force Air War College
2003 - Air Command and Staff College
2000 - US Air Force Fighter Weapons School (USAFWS) Instructor Course
1996 - F-16 Instructor Upgrade
1992 - F-16 Initial Training
1991 - USAF Flight School

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Business / Strategic Development Director

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