Automotive Parts Supplier

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Automotive Parts Supplier
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
I have enjoyed serving the automotive industry as a custom coating supplier and then running a 3PL logistics company. Also some of my work experience in telematics had direct automotive application



Expertise in business development and industrial general management with an international scope. Experience spans a wide variety of industrial markets: auto, aviation, appliance, telecom, electronic cooling for data centers and alternative energy, and industrial coatings and adhesives. Demonstrated ability to grow a business, develop new product technology and lead people towards a common vision. Proven ability to mix a strong sense of individual creativity with the skill to motivate others to achieve results. Willingness to attack the status quo to change the culture and achieve breakthrough results.

New Product Development International Operations and Markets
Product Technology Marketing Logistics - Just in Time  3PL
Key Customer Sales Lean Manufacturing

WOLVERINE TUBE, INC., Decatur, AL 2007 - 2015

General Manager for the MicroCoolŽ Division
Prepared the business rational and lead the creation of a start-up division targeting $50M in revenue with product technology and engineering service for the liquid cooling of electronics, focused on advanced cold plates for power electronic inverters and the CPU in the data center.

n Set up proto-type manufacturing in Decatur and high volume manufacturing in Shanghai.
n Led all sales and marketing activity; from zero to $5.4M.
n Augmented website with effective search engine, MicroCoolŽ shopping cart and thermal analytic MicroCoolŽ Tool. Drove up traffic by 300% over two years.
n Contracted sales with Intel, Oracle, Google, Infineon, GE, Alcatel, GM, etc.

JIT SERVICES LLC, Huntsville, AL 2004 - 2007

President & CEO, Huntsville, AL
A third party, logistics company with over 185 employees at 7 distinct VMI, vendor managed inventory servicing: Siemens, Delphi, Panasonic, Navistar and Emerson Electric.

n Led the effort to facilitate the sale of JIT, a family owned business, to the private equity fund.
n Generated the companys first set of audited financials, financial budget and business plan.
n Led a team effort to realize 40% sales growth for 2005; $7.4M to $10.4M.

WESTWIND GROUP, Huntsville, AL 2001  2003

President & CEO, Westwind Technologies, Inc. and EnviroFoam Technologies, Inc.
Military defense company focused on the modification and engineering upgrade of legacy Army Aviation rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Directed 135 people with full responsibility for business development, manufacturing, engineering, finance, quality and contracts. Also led affiliate EnviroFoam Technologies, that developed proprietary decontamination solution to counter chem-bio weapons of mass destruction .

n Managed revenue growth >40% annually for three years; $3.5M, $8.0M, $16M, $23M.
n Managed $4.0M EBIDA turn around in 18 months; (~$2.0M) to $2.0M from 2001 to 2002.
n Negotiated $3.0M emergency requirement from CENTCOM for Operation Iraqi Freedom
n Deployed EasyDECON for Capitol Hill anthrax cleanup.
TIME DOMAIN INC., Huntsville, AL 1998  2001

Senior VP of Business Development, Huntsville, AL
Leading developer of a revolutionary, high bandwidth (ultra wide band) wireless communication and radar technology, frustrated with major FCC regulatory delay.

n Secured an $8.0M agreement with GE for ASIC wireless chip development.
n Supported an executive team that secured $75.0M in equity; Siemens, Sony, Marconi, etc.
n Orchestrated $4.0M in government development contracts.

PPG INDUSTRIES, Pittsburgh, PA 1977  1998

General Manager, AirCraft Products Division, Huntsville, AL (19941998)
Leading manufacturer of aircraft windows in the world. One of 15 PPG strategic business units with $110 million in sales. Reported to the Senior Vice President of Glass and responsible for 700 employees. Managed sales, manufacturing, quality, engineering, finance, human resources, and a manufacturing facility in Italy. Customers included all major global OEM Manufacturers, Airlines, and U.S. Military.

n Grew sales from $66 million in 1993 to $110 million in 1997, a 40% market share gain.
n Improved EBITDA by 62% and cash flow by 100%.
n Managed team which obtained recognition as Supplier of the Year at Boeing in 1995.
n Reduced safety incident rate from 5.7 to 2.7 in three years with BAPP.
n Implemented a lean manufacturing conversion with a 30% cost savings per cell.
n $2 million cost savings in 1997 from improved warranty return and new purchasing strategy.

President and General Manager, PPG Industries de Mexico, Mexico City (1991-1994)
Leading manufacturer of Automotive and Industrial coatings in Mexico. Managed the sales, manufacturing, technical support, human resources, and financial activities of a foreign subsidiary. Total sales grew to $70 million with total employment at 500. Reported to the Head of International Operations for the Coatings and Resins Group.

n Developed business in three years from $40M to $70M, increasing EBITDA 12% per year.
n Rationalized the business to exploit NAFTA opportunities.
n Secured single source $30 million Chrysler partnership and three Pentastar Quality Awards.
n Distinguished Citizenship Award for NAFTA support by the American Chamber of Commerce.
n Lead the design and construction of a $55 million resin and paint plant.

Industrial Coatings, Sales and Marketing Manager, (1977-1990)
Directed sales and marketing product line of industrial coatings and cleaners for NA

n Increased industrial sales from $11 million to $23 million in two years and electro-deposition sales some 100%, $40M to $75M in three years..
n Developed Maquilladora Region with PPG International, which lead to promotion as President of PPG Mexico.


B.A.  International Relations - Colgate University, Hamilton, New York.
Language Skills - Fluent in Spanish (read-speak and write) and some German.
Board Member BizTech 2007- present; Chairman, 2012-2014.
Board of Directors, American Chamber of Commerce-Mexico. (1991-1994)
Member of the Industrial Sector Advisory Committee for Aerospace and Aviation. (1996-1998).

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Automotive Parts Supplier

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