CAO / Shared Services Executive

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CAO / Shared Services Executive
Location Confidential
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Innovative, resourceful Administration and Shared Services senior executive who creates value, customer satisfaction and profitable growth through vision, teamwork, best practices, sustainable solutions and bottom line contributions. Successful career in both public and private industry, nonprofit institutions and professional associations.


Creative, visionary executive with a record of success leading performance, value generation and growth in domestic and international operations through business and industry transformation, turnaround situations, change management and business modeling. Respected for excellence in shared services, fiscal & metrics management, sourcing/supply chain operations, service delivery and customer satisfaction achieved through business planning, innovation, commitment, communication and teamwork. MBA with proven leadership and demonstrated success in the following:

* Business Planning / Finance
* Budgeting/Performance Metrics
* Shared Resource Management
* Market & Process Analysis
* Business Development/Sales
* Corporate Programs Leadership
* Sourcing/Supply Chain
* Supplier Partnerships
* Key Deliverables

Building and leading organizations to achieve sustainable growth in the global marketplace

Actively engaged in defining the mission & scope and improving the service delivery of four non-profit organizations; in planning, organizing and fund raising; by providing leadership in the development of educational programs, forums, events and conferences and in being a liaison to industry/government/higher education/community groups.

* Friends of Gale Free Library - a volunteer group responsible for the betterment of the library including the staffing and operation of The Book Cellar, a used bookstore within the library.
* Wachusett Greenways - a grass roots organization of volunteers working to expand a network of trails and open spaces linking central MA communities and connecting them to two more planned greenways in eastern and western MA.
* Wachusett Food Pantry - provides emergency food assistance to any resident in the Wachusett Region in a caring and confidential manner as part of the Worcester Country Hungry-Free Network.
* AltWheels - an organization "dedicated to creating a sustainable transportation and energy vision for the 21st century" in cooperation with corporations, higher education, other non-profits and federal, state & local governments.

Industry leading Mutual Fund Company and provider of financial services, investment management, brokerage services, personal and workplace investing services and human resources and benefits outsourcing services.

Supply Chain Consultant, Fidelity Human Resources Services Co. (FHRS) through Veritude LLC (2007 to 2008)
Reviewed the Fidelity Employer Services Co. portfolio, identified and analyzed operations and contractual obligations relative to the newly formed FHRS Co., and devised a profitable, client-supplier HR and Benefits Outsourcing Services business model. Reported to the Vice President, FHRS Supplier Management.

* Increased profits by more than $25M and leveraged synergies to further improve margins.
* Established supplier P/L statements and developed KPIs and dashboards to monitor their performance.
* Identified, assessed and aligned client and supplier SLAs and metrics, recommended alternative contractual scenarios to improve performance and client satisfaction and implemented best practices to insure sustainability.

A world-renowned institute of higher education and research with proven leadership in the fields of engineering, business, technology and life sciences. Reorganization of the Institute under the leadership of its new President initiated in 2006.

Special Projects Director (2005 to 2007)
Director, Shared Services Initiative (2004 to 2007)
MIT AltWheels Representative (2004-2007)
Created and developed Shared Services "Centers of Excellence" for multiple departments, labs, centers and schools and executed special projects involving strategic planning, finance and administration, procurement, IT and talent management. Reported to the Executive Vice President and the Senior Projects Director.

* Designed "Centers of Excellence" that provided strategic and tactical operations & services and significantly improved process efficiencies, cross-functional effectiveness & cost savings by more than 30%.
* Delivered Internal Consultative Services: Planning, budgeting, market research, program development, contract and vendor management, continuous process improvement, IT integration, talent management and labor relations.
* Devised and led Institute-wide Special Projects including business modeling, change management, operations, indirect procurement including travel services, fleet & transportation, IT, facilities, office services & equipment, and service initiatives leveraging process efficiencies, competencies and technology into value added Institute solutions.

A privately held, family owned, automotive group incorporating Chrysler/Jeep/Nissan franchises.

Business Development / E-Commerce Sales Project Manager, Bancroft Nissan
(2003 to 2004)
Developed, implemented and managed the e-commerce sales project and identified and improved Internet sales channels, processes and metrics that directly contributed to the profitable growth of new and pre-owned Nissan sales. Reported to the General Sales Manager; with 2 direct reports and 5 indirect reports.

* Delivered 26.5% of total Nissan sales within first 12 months through new Internet/e-commerce process.
* Attained a 9.5:1 "lead to sales" ratio; surpassing the national dealership Internet "lead to sales" ratio of 11:1.
* Achieved an 85.5% Internet "appointment to closing" percentage; exceeding the national average of 78%.

A $30M privately held S Corp specializing in value-added Technical and IT contract staffing solutions for business and industry. Reorganized during Q1/2002 with the remaining owner/partners actively managing Corporate and Division operations.

Chief Operating Officer (2001 to 2002)
Directed corporate operations and the business plans, metrics attainment and profitable growth of the business divisions. Reported to the President & CEO and the Board of Directors; with 9 direct reports and 7 indirect reports.

* Devised and implemented the new business model that generated a 40% increase in net profit on new business.
* Introduced the first five-year business plan with revenues, SG&A and net profit by business unit.
* Strategized with and developed key performance metrics for the Board of Directors and Division Managers and incorporated them into the Balanced Scorecard to quantify true business growth and profitability.

A $1.15B privately held company that manufactures, sells, and services fire detection equipment, access control/security devices and workforce solutions worldwide. Acquired by Tyco International 2001.

Senior Manager, Global Corporate Services Operations (1996 to 2001)
Manager, Corporate Services (1986 to 1995)
Created, directed and expanded Corporate Services to a centralized global operation for the planning, strategic sourcing, fiscal management and service delivery of indirect spend and resource management across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and China. Reported to VP/Treasurer; with 9 direct reports and 150 indirect reports.

* Grew Corporate Services from a start-up US business unit to a Global supply chain operation incorporating the planning, sourcing, fiscal management and service delivery of indirect spend worldwide.
* Broadened services to include travel services, rental car & ground transportation, fleet operations (3,600 vehicles), insurance, risk, safety and claims management, real estate and facility management (190 offices), IT/IS services, office services, capital planning, asset and resource management, supplier and contract management and service delivery.
* Designed and leveraged Corporate Services to include an operating budget of $120 million, an asset portfolio of $89 million, annual volume in excess of $67 million, and a contribution margin of $13 million.
* Generated $32 million profit and $25.4 million revenue enhancements in global operations over five years.
* Attained/exceeded plan, contribution margin and key performance metrics annually for fifteen consecutive years.

MBA, Management and Finance, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
BSBA, Marketing, John Carroll University, University Heights, OH

Current Affiliations: Friends of Gale Free Library; Wachusett Greenways; AltWheels; Wachusett Food Pantry
Prior Affiliations: NAFA Fleet Management Association; NBTA; IFMA; NHTSA; RIMS; MA Clean Cities; NACUBO
Chairman and Secretary, New England Chapter of the NAFA Fleet Management Association
Client Advisory Board, Wheels, Inc. (leading fleet management services provider in the US)
National Editorial Chairman, NAFA Fleet Management Association
National Education Chairman, NAFA Fleet Management Association

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CAO / Shared Services Executive

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