Strategic Operations Focused CFO

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Strategic Operations Focused CFO
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
CPA with MBA who has been successful in both private and public companies from startups to fortune 500 entities advising senior management, board of directors and outside stakeholders in improving financial results, strenghening capital structure and installing management accountability.


Executive Summary

Executive level finance professional and Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in multi-national, multi-state manufacturing and distribution operations. Skilled in equity capitalization, acquisitions, divestures, post-acquisition integration, installing management accountability, building financial reporting infrastructure, working capital management, tax avoidance strategies and Corporate Governance. Exceptional leadership qualities with the ability to quickly comprehend the financial complexities of an organization in order to increase efficiency, accountability, and maximize enterprise value.

Career Accomplishments

" Successfully guided founder and original shareholders thru the due diligence process and eventual sale of the Company to a Fortune 500 company.
" Spearheaded team that identified and eliminated manufacturing bottlenecks which increased thru put by 40% with minimal capital investment and was the key driver for a 250% increase in enterprise value in just 3 years.
" Converted ERP system from standard to actual cost which provided better visibility of all the cost of production creating opportunities to strategically increase market share from 12% to 19% by becoming the lowest cost manufacturer in a market with 17 competitors. Volume increased 76% while the overall market grew 28%.
" Revamped Sales Incentive Programs (SIP) to targeted gross margin percentage improvements aligning sales force compensation with specific corporate goals.
" Instituted tax avoidance strategies resulting in tax refunds of $310K.
" Implemented closing procedures that reduced the month end closing process from 20 days to 5 days for all worldwide business units.
" Integrated five acquisitions procured in 2007 into the Companys ERP system within nine months of transaction date
" Authored transfer pricing studies and implemented operational changes that resulted in the re-characterization of income and transfer of expenses producing a cash tax savings of $3M.
" Identified, developed and instituted a key metric system for measuring the profitability and working capital needs of the individual Business Units (Working Capital Efficiency Ratio).
" Presided over the merger of two entrepreneurial entities consolidating both into a new manufacturing facility, obtained SOX 404 compliance, migrated disparate reporting systems into one ERP system and developed policies and procedures complying with all corporate mandates on time and under budget.
" Reduced warranty, rework and scrap from 3.5% of sales to .5%
" Created a process to identify low margin and obsolete inventory, identified over $3.5M of E&O inventory, executing a plan delivering improved cash flow and inventory turnover.
" As acting CFO; presided over the divesture of two business units investing cash in debt reduction, cutting operations overhead expenses by $4.5M and corporate expenses by $5M while obtaining compliance with loan syndication in 18 months after the financial collapse promulgated by the events of September 11th.
" Negotiated a $44.5M private placement debt offering with several major insurance companies including offering memorandum, covenants, interest rates and tenor.
" Oversaw ERP migration from HP MAN MAN to PeopleSoft / Oracle for U.S. and international business units.
" Performed first R&D tax study resulting in $5.6M in cash tax refunds.
" Converted health plans from full indemnity to large deductible plans resulting in savings of $1M per year.
" Implemented safety and health initiatives reducing worker compensation costs in excess of $350k per year and reducing modification rate by 60%.
" Performed several recapitalizations of the Company utilizing preferred stock, mezzanine financing and bank debt culminated by an Initial Public Offering (IPO) raising $14 million providing the funding for a new extrusion facility and corporate headquarters.
" Presided over the start up of a new manufacturing facility, the purchase of a machining company including the financing and staffing while successfully integrating operations with all other business units.
" Implemented the companys first automated shop floor reporting system, including bills of materials, overhead rates and routing operations. Significantly reduced physical inventory adjustments


Certified Public Accountant
Masters of Business Administration Major in International Finance
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Accounting

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Strategic Operations Focused CFO

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