Experienced C-level Executive

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Experienced C-level Executive
Location Confidential
Southwest USA
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Transformational manager with demonstrated success in P&L, growth and performance management, business & financial planning, and operations. Authentic leader and action-oriented manager, with proven skills at leading teams to accomplish objectives and achieve major project goals.


" Dynamic and versatile executive leadership professional with more than 25 years experience in multiple industries
" Well versed in all aspects of strategic business development with a proven track record of implementing strategic business planning to optimize return on investment, streamlining operations for efficiencies and effectiveness and commitment to improve profitability, customer satisfaction and employee productivity and satisfaction.
" Broad span of control in P&L management, business/financial planning, and operations management.
" Executive dedicated to realizing long-term success goals and increasing durable competitive advantage.


Economic and Business Development Authority of a Native-American tribe. Current operations include a casino, hotel, fine-dining restaurant, three government contracting companies, and a smoke shop and diner.
Casino Hotel
General Manager 10/2012  3/2013
" Grew market share and achieved 17% year-over-year growth by ramping-up operations of new hotel and restaurant, steadily growing occupancy and covers.
" Leveraged improved attractiveness with new casino promotions to increase frequency and duration of guest visits.
" Built teamwork among Management staff with common goals and shared experiences by continually clarifying expectations, calling out elephants in the room, initiating structured group exercises to increase and improve communications and reduce office politics.
" Identified culture of departmental silos, inability to make decisions and failure to execute, and began altering the culture through soup to nuts project assignments, and accountability to quarterly objectives.
" Continued to support corporate development project analyses
Corporate Offices
Chief Financial Officer 10/2010  9/2012
" Charged with coordination and professional oversight of economic activities to preserve and develop the Tribes resources; to establish, own, and operate financially self-sustaining and successful business enterprises
" Led operational planning effort to transition from a stand-alone Casino environment, to a property with a full-service luxury hotel and conference center and Casino.
" Managed the pre-opening process, shakedowns / mock & Grand openings, coordinating the efforts of the General Manager, nine department heads, and consultants.
" Guided company effort to define and convey an invigorated customer service culture to all employees. Presented to over 400 employees in 20+ meetings, making the companys Vision, Mission, and Values statements live for the organization.
" Protected tribal assets and privacy by establishing a Tribal management company to conduct all hotel and food & beverage operations. Procured all necessary licenses and permits to operate units and offer liquor for sale under this new entity.
" Coordinated efforts among Underwriters Counsel, Bond Counsel, Borrowers Counsel, Financial Advisors, Tribal Boards and Casino management team to complete due diligence, offering memorandum, indenture, and numerous other contracts for issuance of Tribal Economic Development bonds to fund construction of hotel and conference center.
" Supported Tribes effort to build a revenue center in New Mexico by assisting with business planning, presentations to residents, and leading existing operations.
" Analyzed due diligence in support of proposed acquisition of $40M contracting company. Reported to Board of Trustees highlighting critical risk items requiring resolution prior to closing, items with significant leverage over future value, and items where the Tribe needs to exert influence over future operations.
" Established new business planning discipline across all business units. Coordinated presentation of plans, objectives, and budgets to the Board of Trustees.
" Developed regular performance measurement regimen, driving accountability into the organization. Measured against both quantitative and qualitative metrics, through budget variance analyses and key result areas.
" Drove analyses of revenue and cost trends. Facilitated costs reductions of 13% during first six months, achieving near record profits while revenues were declining slightly.

Independent Consultant
Offering executive financial services, targeting private and closely-held companies in the manufacturing & distribution, electronics, and professional services segments.
" Cofounder micro-targeted marketing firm -
Acted in the role of CEO, coordinating actions to establish business. Made presentations to potential customers and investors. Built cohesive team, focused on accomplishing milestones.
" Electronics manufacturer client -
Prepared a business unit valuation based on an EBITDA multiplier methodology to support divestiture negotiations. Retained by Acquirer to perform project management on military contracts and lead product development efforts.
" Synthetic landscaping turf client -
Developed detailed forecasts and discounted cash flow valuation for use in negotiations with investors. Also prepared scenario analyses, net present value analyses, and recast financial statements.
" Virtual reality cognitive therapy client -
Modeled new product cash flow and constructed a briefing for use in approaching commercial bankers. Supported bank due diligence and staged discussions with potential equity partners. Assisted in business plan development and creation of detailed budgets.
" Nationwide executive services client -
Served in a business development capacity. Generated engagement and hiring leads supporting offices in San Diego, Dallas, Washington DC, Chicago, and St Louis.

A small, privately-held, engineering services firm supporting the construction industry.
Chief Financial Officer
" Performed detailed financial analyses on historical statements; identified key financial objectives, and completed first detailed annual budget in companys recent history.
" Improved accountability of management team to financial performance targets through clearer reporting of results, tracking of metrics, and monthly Financial Review meetings.
" Focused performance discussions on objective measurements, tactfully bringing accountability to underperforming business segments.
" Reduced overhead and improved margins resulting in a reduction of breakeven point by 20% over prior years average.
" Improved workforce confidence in management through open communication of plans, actions, and results.

A small, privately-held, high-growth, high-tech company. Producer of niche electronics products serving the public safety, sports, rail, and other markets.
Electronics Service Firm (Acquisition of Parent)
General Manager 2004  2005
" Functioned as a technology integrator in the outfitting of public safety vehicles. Served role of first-tier service provider to customer community.
" Developed customer relationships into an advocacy role, producing a strong distribution channel.
" Created detailed market analysis and an aggressive expansion strategy for growth across the Southwestern U.S.
" Targeted sales efforts toward the highest potential market, achieving 87% year-over-year revenue growth.
" Built upon #1 market position in San Diego County by winning every major contract award in Orange, Los Angeles, Kern and Clark Counties.
Corporate Offices
Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Financial Officer 1994 - 2003
" Negotiated, contracted, performed due diligence and closed ThunderWorks acquisition.
" Accelerated company growth from $4M to $19M within seven years at 26% annual sales growth by implementing a combination of product introductions, distribution channel strategies, alliances, and acquisitions.
" Enhanced company value 600% in a six-year period through consistent earnings performance, business risk reduction, and asset accumulation, as documented by an independent CPA valuation.
" Amplified asset turnover 55%, generating $500K cash during a 20-month, 133% growth surge through applying process controls and a quality management system.
" Improved inventory turnover by 250%; reduced shipment times up to 80%; decreased personnel turnover 60%.
" Led 18 month implementation of ISO9001 achieving certification in April 2000.

A publicly-held defense/aerospace contractor. Functioned in multiple roles within organizational finance
" Strategic Financial Analysis / Financial Planning / Program Finance / Cost Accounting
" Learned disciplined performance measurement by implementing government Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria. Successfully completed Air Force C/SCSC audit.

Master of Business Administration University of Southern California
Bachelor of Science in Accounting University of Arkansas

Gaming License  Oklahoma, Tribal

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Experienced C-level Executive

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