CFO and General Management Executive

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CFO and General Management Executive
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
FINANCE & GM leader and builder who acts as a catalyst for change. With record of impressive growth in Business Services, FinTech, and SaaS, led start-ups, turnarounds, and reorganizations through strategic initiatives, and critical processes and IT implementations.


Servant Leadership | Financial Management | Operational Development | Performance Improvement

A highly driven and dynamic business leader and builder with strong insight, leadership acumen; an executive who leads by example and acts as a catalyst for change. With a track record of impressive growth in Business Services, FinTech, and SaaS, led start-ups, turnarounds, and reorganizations through strategic initiatives, and critical process and IT implementation.

- Increased margins 20% + year-after-year, achieving 121% margin increase in 5 years
- Improved client retention to 95% with servant leadership initiative
- Delivered record 99.98% quality standard for data with continuous improvement
- Built accounting and financial reporting systems from the ground-up
- Managed $15M of capital-raising

Breadth of business credentials include:

Start-up and Turnarounds|Organizational Reengineering | P&L Management | Cost Accounting | Financial Due Diligence | Financial Modeling and Reporting | SEC Reporting | Regulatory Compliance | Client Management | Project Management | Contract Negotiations | HR Management | Outsource Modeling and Implementation | Employee Benefits | Senior Compensation Programs.

Product development |B2B Sales|Business Development | Marketing | Brand Management |Proposal Development | Purchasing | Quality Control | Legal Affairs | Technology Integration and Management | Office Search and Acquisition | Facilities Design and Construction | Training and Integrating Staff | Corporate Downsizing.


SocialFinServ, LLC | Principal and CFO, 2016 - Present
Launched an online SEC/FINRA-compliant social media marketing solution for independent registered investment advisors with a Best Practices solution not previously available. Operations and control being transferred to partners.


Private Client Resources, LLC | CEO/CFO/COO, 2005 - 2016
A $35M funded FinTech/SaaS service provider specializing in ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) data aggregation and consolidated reporting. Served 7 of the Top 10 leading private banks plus UHNW leading RIAs and family offices.

Increased margins 20% + year-after-year. Created a Continuous Improvement Program and Culture to increase revenue and lower costs. Applied KPIs, OCR, process improvement, IT, pricing, contract negotiations, and billing.

Increased operating margin 121% in five years and achieved a record data aggregation quality standard of 99.98%.

Improved client retention to 95%. Led a servant leadership initiative to deliver concierge services. Reorganized client service team, set goals, and established robust event management and monitoring system. Achieved a record client retention rate.

Developed accounting and financial reporting systems from the ground-up. Evaluated requirements and executed QuickBooks within 60 days. Established finance and accounting department. Prepared company for its first GAAP audit.

Managed $15M of capital-raising. Seized opportunity to accelerate growth (535% over 5 years). Raised $15M in equity and debt financing in five rounds. Developed offerings and investor documents. Led investor presentations and worked with legal team to finish deals. Achieved 100% of goals.

Architect of 10X expansion in addressable market. Recognized underserved market need and developed a new product leveraging existing product chassis. New product was attractively priced and packaged with new mobile/responsive interface, enrollment automation, and limited feature-set, producing higher margins than legacy product. Expanded addressable market from 75,000 to 750,000 potential users with higher margin product.


03Fusion, LLC  Managing Director/CFO/COO, 2003 - 2005
Co-founded start-up, privately funded marketing consulting firm; key clients include Peoples Bank, Kelly Financial, Phoenix Brands, and Shemin Nursery.

Successfully launched and grew business and gained a strong competitive advantage over leading traditional marketers by delivering highly responsive premium marketing services to large and mid-size financial companies.

Achieved more than $600,000 in revenues with 62% net profit margin in first year. Leveraged technology and professional network. Beat out competition with prices 25% below market prices


Optima Group, Inc. | CFO/COO, VP Finance, 1993 - 2003
High-end marketing consulting, branding and graphical design firm focused on Fortune financial organizations.

Stabilized company with history of unpredictable revenues and high staff turnover, and transform business into a powerhouse that was significantly larger, stronger, and more productive and profitable.

Optimized performance, reduced risk, and increased project margins 17%. Implemented Deltek ERP for its robust capabilities, including A/R, A/P, Time & Billing, and Job Costing applications. Met 100% of project goals.

Increased revenue and profits 15%. Optima was overlooking revenue and profit increase opportunities. Modified standard client contracts to break-out reimbursable and direct expenses from all-inclusive contracts terms, increasing profits 10%. Also added in-house capability to replace more expensive outsourced service to increase profits and productivity, increasing profits another 5%. Total profits increased more than 15%.

Managed 9/11 downsizing initiative. After 9/11 demand for marketing services dropped, reducing company revenues significantly. Using a disciplined revenue and correlated cost modeling approach, reduced costs in concert with revenue to ensure survival. Headcount was decreased from 60 to 10 over 3 years. Optima is a thriving, profitable business today.

Delivered financial insights into performance of clients, projects and personnel.

New business development had been disappointing. Identified opportunity to increase lead generation through cold-calling and appointment setting. Outsourced entire program, producing 60% of new business during its first year. This new lead generation program was further developed and brought in-house becoming a key component of sales function.


Earlier: Started career with Ernst & Young. Held controller & assistant controller roles in the real estate/heavy construction and natural gas industries.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants

Personal: Married in excellent health, member of West Point Army Club, enjoys yoga and kickboxing

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CFO and General Management Executive

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