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Resume Summary
Finance executive with consistent record of delivering outstanding results and turning around underperforming operations. Progressively responsible experience underscores keen analytical and strategic insights and a wealth of collaborative leadership tools to drive and communicate financial results.

Resume Body      CFO


Financial Management & Reporting
Budgeting & Forecasting
Turnaround & Organizational Change Management (OCM) Systems Integration & Process Improvement
Strategic Planning & Business Development
Negotiations & Relationship Building


v Negotiated largest development contract (>$10M) in history of college to produce and market an innovative, transformational new educational product combining digital courseware from a leading publisher with a college-credit bearing high stakes examination.
v Selected by interim CFO to chair college Business and Finance Advisory Group after college discovered an unanticipated $22M budget gap. BFAG responsible for rebuilding internal accounting structure, selecting a new FIS, developing, documenting and training leadership in new Responsibility Center Management (RCM) budgeting model and processes, and vetting all new business initiatives.
v Transformed a nonprofit organization employing 200+ staff, struggling with annual net losses, poor controls, inaccurate financial reporting, low employee morale and serious cash deficiencies into a growing and profitable $5M business.
v Managed company transition to a new production software. Negotiated a $1M savings in operating costs over the expected life of the product with vendor. Established and documented new operating procedures. Planned and implemented system integration, company training and adoption.



Directed all operations of profit center, original core competency and unique differentiator of Excelsior College.

v Fiscal Turnaround: Transformed assessment unit from perceived loss leader anticipating closure to leading college profit center in two years by developing a balanced scorecard for vetting new products, investing in new production software, using project management tools to drive production process, developing marketing collateral to enhance sales, and developing fiscal reporting capabilities to track and report on progress.

v Change Management: Successfully pivoted unit from internal support function to standalone lead profit center by developing proof-of-concept and piloting shared risk/shared reward model with outside investment.

v Budgeting: Developed complex business pro formas with multiple scenarios and risk management considerations to budget resource needs and to properly price development projects for internal and external stakeholders.

v Leadership: Served on inaugural cohort of the Advanced Leadership Academy (by appointment) at Excelsior College. Discussed educational policy with political and industry leaders in Washington, D.C., and developed an organizational change management process for use in college initiatives.


Directed 60-year-old agency serving a socioeconomically diverse population with multiple social, educational, cultural, camp and physical fitness programs.

v Fiscal Turnaround: Drove year over year revenue growth and achieved positive cash flow and earnings within first year. 2013 EOY operating income 69% ahead of budget; net income 57% ahead of same period last year.

v Asset Management: Created NYPMIFA-compliant investment policy to safeguard $2M endowment. Upgraded antiquated fitness center equipment by staggering continuous capital purchase cycle. Implemented a six-year rolling capital budgeting process to handle 50 years worth of deferred maintenance on facility.

v Budgeting: Replaced an ineffective rollover budgeting process with a program-based process, empowering and incentivizing directors to take control of, and accountability for, financial results.

v Financial Analysis & Reporting: Moved to SAAS accounting. Replaced accounting system, rebuilt COA, integrated front and back office software, created custom financial reports to track and report on desired detail level.

v Cash Management: Paid off credit line and renegotiated banking relationships & loans. Reduced payables from >120 days to current. Established operating and capital reserves.

v Compliance and Board Governance: Led the board in remediating 501(c)(3) compliance issues. Created an independent Audit Committee, established board conflict of interest, code of ethics, document retention and whistleblower policies.


Directed the consolidated operations of four offices and of a regional title agency. Prudent budgeting, oversight and fiscal leadership that strengthened secondary profit centers and reduced costs preserved company profitability during the worst real estate downturn in 50 years.

v Audits: Fixed poor accounting practices and coordinated with external auditors.

v Financial Management: Consolidated financial reporting across company. Reduced payroll by 28% by lowering company benefits costs, implementing eligible Medicare supplemental health plan, establishing temporary four day workweek, and eliminating future PTO liabilities.

v Cash Management: Initiated a system for collecting third party fees and implemented remote banking and linked zero balance accounts at each office to reduce processing time and maximize float.

v Controls: Ensured safety and redundancy of financial and operational systems, developing procedure manuals for production, accounting, finance, banking, and payroll functions.

v Escrows: Transformed poorly managed, insecure, commingled off-balance sheet liabilities into compliant, individually held, secure customer accounts.

v Strategic Planning: Spotted market opportunities and trends, segmented and tracked market share.


Led a staff of 25 in Marketing, Production and Rehabilitation departments of a $70M human services agency.

v Turnaround & OCM: Reversed decline in subcontract sales, turning around agencys loss leader. Achieved 24% year over year growth and exceeded profitability projections by 38%.

v Strategic Planning: Analyzed and eliminated unprofitable lines and reduced reliance on diminishing state contract monies. Identified and evaluated business expansion opportunities. Analyzed operating models. Developed market strategies and pro formas and qualified prospects for joint ventures.

v Financial Reporting: Strengthened uniformity, accountability and reporting functions across all departments. NYS limited fiscal audit of program in September 2006 yielded score of 496/500 (99%).

v Business Development: Negotiated new contracts with Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation, Gloversville PBA, Columbina Candy Company, Canajo Manufacturing, Fulton County Chamber of Commerce, Electro-Metrics, JAG Manufacturing, Tim-Bar Corporation, Kasson Keller/Keymark, and Taylor Marine.

v IT Integration: Automated CRM, sales prospecting, inventory management and bill of lading systems.

v Process Development: Modified workflow designs and instituted a Kanban system resulting in 25% faster job productivity.


Master of Business Administration, Lally School of Management at RPI, Troy, New York
Bachelor of Arts, Economics & Political Science, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut


President, Yale Alumni Schools Committee, NENY Region (current)
Member, Skidmore College Palamountain Benefit Committee (2007-2010)
Member, Saratoga Springs Charter Revision Commission (2006)
President, Board of Trustees, Saratoga Springs City School District. Elected to 3-year term via general
election (1995); elected president by trustees (1996, 1997)
Trustee, Saratoga Springs Rotary Club Foundation (1998 to 2005)
Vice Chair, Scholarship Committee, Saratoga Rotary Club (2001-2005)
Treasurer, Childrens Museum of Saratoga (2001-2002)

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