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Northeast USA
Willing to Relocate
$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Straightforward and pragmatic with a hands-on leadership style. Determined, and agile problem-solver and system-builder with highly developed professional competencies in compliance and controls, enterprise software selection and integration, that enhances business growth, increases revenues, and drives profit margin performance.

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Anthony Petrella, CPA(Inactive), M.A. 203-536-3547
54 Circle Dr, Greenwich, CT 06830 petrellaanthony057@gmail.com

Straightforward and pragmatic with a hands-on leadership style promoting a get-the-job-done team spirit. Sharp self-awareness and strong listener who seeks to understand before being understood. Determined, and agile problem-solver and system-builder with highly developed professional competencies in compliance and controls, enterprise software selection and integration, and corporate program development and administration that enhances business growth, increases revenues, and drives profit margin performance. Develops, motivates, coaches, and manages high-functioning teams who deliver outstanding business results focused on ROI.


" Treasury
" M&A Integration
" FCPA Compliance
" Government Reports
" 401- Fiduciary Committee
" Consolidations & Reporting
" Abandoned Property
" Commercial Insurance
" Corporate Card Program
" ADP Payroll & GL Integration
" Reorganizations & Factor Closings
" Compliance  IFRS, GAAP, Federal
" Canadian Sub-Accounting
" FATCA / 1042 Withholding
" Pension Plan Administration
" Yearly Operating Income Plan
" Record Retention Management
" eCommerce / Brick & Mortar Retail

Tony is a talented and astute finance leader with broad experience. He has sound business acumen supported by strong financial analysis (FP&A) and accounting experience. In managing the business, he demonstrated both insightful analytics and a strategic perspective. With regard to organization management, Tony has a collaborative approach and built a strong finance bench through effective talent management and coaching.
J. Scott Bohling, SVP / CFO, HH Brown Shoe Company


Removed 4 days from the monthly reporting cycle, dramatically improved the visibility and analysis of divisional financial activity and ushered in a completely new level of financial integrity after implementing a new consolidation and reporting software solution that brought together a conglomeration of disparate ERP systems.
Designed and implemented an industry leading process to ensure compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) thereby protecting the company and its executives from severe FCPA penalties and adverse publicity.
Implemented sales tax compliance software to address newly adopted sales tax nexus rules in states following the South Dakota vs Wayfair tax decision pertaining to out-of-state retailers (E-Commerce). Allowed HH Brown to go from preparing 30 tax returns/year to 400/year and administering compliance obligations for 4 states to a total of 27 states.
Designed and implemented what is now the company travel program encompassing $8M of overall Travel & Entertainment expenses. The automated processes and the cross-divisional travel team both contribute to a 95% timely submission rate. The program standardized travel practices across disparate operating units and earned us an AMEX volume rebate of $120K-$150K. In addition, the program saved the company approximately $150K in booking fees by achieving an 80% online booking tool adoption rate.


The HH Brown Shoe Co., Inc. manufactures and distributes work, rugged outdoor and casual shoes and western-style footwear under a number of brand names, including Justin Original Work, Tony Lama®, Chippewa®, BØRN® , B"Ø"C®, Carolina®, Söfft, EuroSöfft, Double-H Boots®, Nursemates® and Comfortiva®. Products are sold worldwide through a variety of channels including department stores, footwear chains, specialty stores, catalogs and the Internet, as well as through company-owned retail stores.
Vice President and Corporate Controller (1998  Present)
Reporting to the CFO and with a staff of five, direct the consolidation of all business units and oversee all financials including ledgers of our Corporate Headquarters and shared service expenses of the various business units. Responsible for the integrity of the financials including ensuring all business units are in compliance with all relevant Government Regulation and that results are uniformly prepared according to the latest GAAP rules. Ensure compliance with internal control policies and procedures and oversee 401K, commercial insurance, and corporate travel administration.
Selected Accomplishments:
" Integrated Justin Brands financial reporting, treasury, depreciation, lease management, and payroll with HH Brown.
" Implemented Concur Expense and Travel along with AMEX GBT travel and the AMEX Corporate Card Program.
" Created a single portal solution for travelers by integrating Concur, the AMEX Corporate Card Program and AMEXs Travel Agency solution. The synergies with AMEX result in a 1.5% rebate on all T&E spend. The online booking tool costs $9 per transaction versus $35 when calling the agency. Adoption rate achieved is 80% for online bookings.
" Implemented treasury workstation software used for domestic and international transactions and as well as cash reporting.  Gtreasury.
" Implemented leasing software to easily account for the new accounting pronouncement (ASC 842)  Lease Query.
" Responsible for early adoption and implementation of a formal FCPA compliance program covering the on-boarding process of international suppliers and customers. The process included implementation of third-party software which scans our new vendors/customers against up-to-date international databases of known criminals or politically exposed individuals (including the U.S. OFAC SDN list of suspected terrorist) - KYCShere.
" Rolled out a cycle count process at two main warehouse locations and 43 store retail operation for both finished goods and raw materials.
" Implemented countermeasures against Business Email Compromise Scams incorporating Identity Authentication as well as the standard call back.
" Enrolled HH Brown in every Berkshire Hathaway Hotel, Airline and Car Rental Leveraged Spending contract. Through relationships with sister Berkshire companies, I was also able to allow HH Brown to participate in Netjets hotel contract rates which are distinct from the general Berkshire Hathaway rates. I then coordinated with AMEX travel agency to integrate all contract rates regardless of origin, into the online booking tool.

Corporate Controller (1993  1998)
Reporting to the VP of Finance and with a staff of five, responsible for the consolidation, financial reporting and analysis, Treasury, 401K administration and travel program.
" Implemented corporate consolidation reporting tool with flexibility to adapt to changes in organizational structure as well as accommodating our disparate ERPs - Flexi International.
" Implemented financial reporting tool  FRX to be later replaced with Prospero.
" Created one consistent standard corporate chart of accounts to accommodate multiple divisions / ERPs by creating and maintaining a mapping scheme.
" Initiated annual Finance Conference venue to discuss, coordinate and roll-out new accounting policies and procedures with divisional finance teams.
" Converted 401K providers  Cigna to Mass Mutual.
" Implemented depreciation software Thomson Reuters
" Assembled informal effective cross-divisional team of local travel administrators with dotted line responsibility to me thus maintaining technical expertise at the divisional level while maintaining vendor relationships and contract negotiation under my care.
" Designed and wrote Travel Policy.

GTE Corporation, formerly General Telephone & Electronics Corporation, was the largest independent telephone company in the United States during the days of the Bell System.


M.A. - Management (With Honors), Albertus Magnus, New Haven, CT
BS  Accounting, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
Member AICPA

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