Engineering Manager

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Engineering Manager
Location Confidential
Southwest USA
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Successful engineering manager in defense microelectronics industry. Consistent leadership style that challenges employees and recognizes efforts. Outstanding communication skills, management knowledge; drives profitability. Skills: product development, program management, budgets, operations, manufacturing. Seeking role in defense, telecommunications or wireless industry.


Career Profile:

Experienced engineer with technical and business degrees, who excels at converting customer requirements into market products. Driven engineer to produce best value solutions via a spiral development process, coupled with proactive risk management, enabled by fact based decision making. Over 15 years of design development of highly integrated hybrid microelectronic modules that contain solder and epoxy based components in hermetically sealed packages. Proven success at creating customer trust from a position of honesty and integrity that focuses on the voice of the customer. Value proposition is centered on passion for delivering superior product and customer service.

Areas of Expertise:

Design Engineering
Customer Engagement
2-18Ghz Multi-Octave Designs
Lumped Element Filters
Avionic Pre-Selectors
Requirements Analysis
Phased Arrays & T/R Modules
EW Receivers
Radar System Sub-Systems
Team Leadership
Integrated Product Teams
Effective Matrix Utilization
Proactive Coaching
Career Management
Authentic Mentor
Active Listener
Trusted Advocate
Balanced Lifestyle
Business Decision Maker
Up/Down Stream Communicator
Tradeoff Analysis
Earned Value Expert
Proposal Management
New Business Capture
Technology Road-Mapping
Outsourcing Liaison
Cost Reduction Initiatives

Professional Experience:

ACCEL-RF (San Diego, CA) 2013
$5M Start-up dedicated to developing reliability test platforms for active devices, working closely with research labs (AFRL) and leading universities (MIT). Products stressed amplifiers by applying constant bias at high temperature while closely monitoring current for degradation.

Director of Engineering
Responsible for new product introduction and developing test platforms for reliability life testing of GaN semiconductor product designs for AFRL and Aerospace Corporation in the telecomm market space. Supported company founders in developing new customers through proposals and market research support
" Created variant product designs to address new customer test requirements in reliability testing, resulting in a single DUT evaluation station with a burn-in capability at a much lower cost per system.
" Defined and launched policies regarding product development that were used to develop a spec compliant 300 watt low frequency pallet amplifier on time, and under budget; a first for the company.
" Designed and implemented electronic data records using ExcelŽ with conditional formatting

Cobham Sensor Systems (San Diego, CA) 2005-2012
$160M design and manufacturing company of custom RF products that comingled SMT and bare die components in hermetic aluminum housing. Over 200 different products shipped monthly to the tier 1 defense contractor community including Lockheed, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, ATK and ITT.

Senior Technical Engineering Manager
Directly responsible for all engineering activities via a staff of 14 engineers and 200 employees. Managed 70,000 sq. ft. of development and manufacturing floor space with P&L responsibility for shipping $1.2M in revenue per month via 4 product lines. Member of executive management steering team for developing strategic initiatives.
" Implemented design to cost and design to processes, which integrated manufacturing engineers into decision process; resulted in producible designs with simplified BOMs, fewer unique parts.
" Established policy for development processes, checklists, design verification and engineering standards, which served as the roadmap for disciplined product development and risk mitigation.
" Defined and managed new product introduction and transfer of designs to production, resulting in:
o Visible Risk Matrix with easy to read stop light graphics depicting resolution
o Proactive technician training plan to smooth out transition of direct labor
o Pictorial work instructions to overcome errors due to ESL (English as a second language)
" Conceived and developed a lights out automated test software approach to final acceptance testing:
o 90% of ATP under software control over temperature, eliminating wasted tech time
o Test data record capture into a database for statistical trend analysis, reducing variation 50%
o Suited of SW Library test functions created reducing development time by 70%
" Co-chaired Cobham North America Engineering council driven to create inter-company collaboration:
o Created centers of excellence which enabled bidding and award of IDECM jammer system due to wider experience base via a single integrated proposal; $34M contract
o Reduced material costs by 18% in the first year by increasing economy of scale purchasing
o Developed single face engineering community based on relationships formed & commonality
" Lead several must win large scale proposals that increased development backlog by over 300%
o Apache Radar Exciter, $4.5M in annual sales over 5 years, $22.5M with good EBIT
o AMDR Phased Array Radar, $60M of volume SMT based designs over 2 years
o IDECM Self Protection Jammer, $34M multi-year contract of broadband RF modules
o AARGM Missile Program, $32M high margin product with $8M in annual deliveries
o Global Hawk Surveillance, $40M program to develop 18 unique designs

REMEC Microwave (San Diego, CA) 1997-2004
A leading design and manufacturing engineering driven company dedicated to the production of defense and space products, producing $134M in annual revenue. Company was acquired by Cobham Plc in 2005.

Senior Program Manager
Responsible for complete contract execution for clean sheet designs, i.e. emerging requirements with focus on new business development with new clients. Served as single point of contact to the customer addressing their needs as a priority; voice of the customer:

" Accountable for training program managers program and marketing managers for consistency in report generation, bidding equations, and equivalent WIP evaluation. Organized, generated and executed a 6 month training program to set the standards.
" Successfully managed over 90 unique custom 0.5-20GHz RF Designs over seven year period that resulted in follow up business and product development at higher levels of integration.
" Served as cost proposal manager for new development programs that required DCAA review and customer audit in compliance with the FAR
" Formally trained in negotiations; had bid and signature authority to execute contracts, MOAs and Long Term Agreements.
" Conceived and coded in VBA a custom MRP program for production manufacturing floor that provided kitting schedules and line of balance visibility. Was in use for years to track WIP prior to SAP implementation.
" Created Cost and Pricing Certification (SF-1411) in compliance with the FAR, DFAR and ITAR as they apply to defense contracts and off shore manufacturing activities.

ITT Avionics Division (Nutley, New Jersey) 1990-1997
Tier 1 supplier working directly with the Air Force, Navy and partnering with other tier 1 suppliers to develop complete avionic systems on fixed wing and rotary wing platforms. ITT

Systems Engineer, IDECM Receiver
Took on pivotal role of re-designing an existing receiver architecture design for an airborne self-protection jammer asset in an electronic warfare system (EW):
" Replaced a series of fixed LOs with a single comb LO generator feeding down & up conversion mixers simplifying hardware, RF plumbing and reducing cost; maintained signal coherency
" Conducted installed performance chain and margin analysis to ensure signal sensitivity requirements where satisfied on various configurations of fighter aircraft
" Led design effort to create single wideband up converter that eliminated 2 unique modules and reduced overall receiver cost by 30%

Senior Member Technical Staff, ASPJ Systems
Performed detailed threat analysis impact on the effectiveness of the Airborne Self-Protection Jammer techniques
" Responsible for evaluating system detection and threat response time using spectrum analyzers which assisted in refining technique definition
" Supported various field flight tests for wet-dry runs at Naval Air Station Pt. Mugu, Eglin AFB, and China Lake Weapons Research Facility to validate final jammer performance as part of system sell off criteria
" Studied threats from classified database subscriptions to understand and adapt existing techniques to new modes, beams and emitters; results fed back to technique team for integration

Hughes Aircraft Company - Radar Systems Group (El Segundo, CA) 1983-1989
Technical Supervisor
Served as Group Head over a Built-in-Test (BIT) team of engineers that were responsible for designing and implementing hardware and software elements to fully vet radar system readiness, initiated and continuously.
Field Support Engineer
Entry level position that provided pilot support and served as a liaison to air force bases worldwide on reported technical issues with the F-15 radar system; provided timely solutions and software updates.


Executive MBA Program  2013 (GPA 3.97)
Point Loma Nazarene University (Point Loma, CA)

BS  Electrical Engineering  1983
New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NJ)

Professional Program Training

" Radar Principles
" Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM)
" Digital Signal Processing
" Contract Negotiations
" Leadership
" Managing Complex Programs
" Excellence in Communication
" Reliability Engineering
" Landmark Forum

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