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Engineering Director or Manager
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
I am an engineering professional looking for a design / analysis / subject matter expert position that utilizes my innate talents (see resume) in the aerospace, medical device, or automotive environments.


Engineering Manager  Analyst / Researcher
Top Secret Clearance: TS/SSBI July 2016 (TS/SCI Eligible) : U.S. Citizen

Bringing sound technical, data analysis and management skills to technical projects in a fast-paced environment

" Led and executed complex technical programs, trade studies, modeling, simulation, algorithm development and research efforts to determine optimal solutions. Proposed, won, and led Air Force study contract developing and verifying (via rocket test) an algorithm to improve efficiency calculations.
" Accomplished senior-level engineer and technologist. Recognized innovator in strategies, methodologies and creative problem solving for significant challenges in the aerospace, automotive, and fire suppression fields. Contributed / authored several patents and technical papers.
" Combines conceptual thinking, creativeness, resourcefulness and leadership to execute strategies in a team environment. Developed a novel solution to producing a variable area nozzle for an Army study contract which required coordinating various engineering disciplines.
" Effective in high-profile engineering roles involving project engineering, failure investigation, and data analysis. Recently a project engineer and key technical member on an externally funded research and development program that was selected by DARPA for continuation in a multi-million dollar program.
" Adept at communicating complex concepts to technical and non-technical audiences. Sought after to effectively and clearly communicate concepts, ideas, and solutions to senior management, industry, and government customers and other decision makers. Developed and maintains working relationships with industrial, governmental, academia and other national experts.
" Expert in solid rocket propulsion, data analysis, problem solving, critical and strategic thinking.

* Training, Development & Supervision
* Engineering budgeting estimates
* Project Management (Project Engineering)
* Active listening, conflict resolution * Process Design / Improvement
* Prioritization, resource management
* Cultivating talent, reviewing work, providing feedback
* Performance assessment / performance reviews

* Problem solving, critical thinking, strategic thinking
* Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), statistical analysis
* Solid propulsion subject matter expert (SME)
* Failure analyses, root cause and corrective action
* Modeling and simulation, model based engineering
* Risk assessment, risk mitigation planning
* Software development graphical user interface design * Research, literature searches
* Trade studies, design optimization, proposals
* Signal processing, data analysis
* Continuous improvement, process improvement
* Algorithm development and implementation
* Launch motor propulsion design and analysis
* Persuasive written and verbal communication


Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Gainesville, VA 1995 to Present
" Selected to lead and revitalize the critical internal ballistics group for the industry leading tactical missile propulsion group. Accountable for all analyses in the seven member tactical internal ballistics group. Interview, train, mentor, conduct performance reviews, and resolve conflicts for six design engineering staff. Developed procedures and best practices for design and analyses (including preliminary design) in the field of internal ballistics.

" Project manager (project engineer) responsible for completing tasks with chemists, process engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality and test engineers. Coordinates with customers to translate high level requirements into actionable design requirements. Responsible for putting together design reviews (PDR / CDR) to include detailed comparison of design to each requirement, identifying risks and developing risk mitigation plans. Leading failure investigations to develop and maintain fault trees, root cause and corrective actions.
" Executes complex technical programs and tasks requiring trade studies, modeling and simulation, algorithm design and implementation and research efforts. Proposed and won four study contracts from the Air Force and Army that resulted in enhanced capabilities and customer confidence for the business unit.
" DFSS Black Belt. Developed processes and computer software to facilitate use of DFSS tools including surface response modeling (designs of experiments) and Monte Carlo analyses.
" Key member of several small product development teams including one that developed a best-in-class automotive inflator, a fire-suppression system that was selected by DARPA to be mentioned at the joint staff briefing, and most recently a tactical rocket motor that was selected by DARPA for continuation.

PRINCIPAL DESIGN ENGINEERAerojet Rocketdyne 1995-2000
" Key contributor on several tactical rocket motor programs, automotive inflator design, and fire suppression projects. Performed internal ballistics design and analysis for several research, development, and production programs.
" Overhauled legacy FORTRAN engineering analysis tools by incorporating modern graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with Visual Basic .NET resulting in added capabilities, significantly quicker turnaround times, visualization of input and outputs, and input error checking.

Thiokol Corporation (Now Orbital ATK), Promontory, UT 1991 to 1995

" Led motor performance design and analyses on several launch motor and strategic solid rocket motor programs in a team environment. This included designing motor propellant configurations to meet customer performance requirements with emphasis on manufacturability and cost. Analysis methods included finite element modeling.
" Streamlined routine analyses using computer-programming skills and provided department representation on a division level computer committee responsible for identifying and meeting the division's hardware and software needs.

Master of Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 1990. Major: Propulsion Systems; Minors: Structures and Applied Mathematics. Teaching Assistant in undergraduate fluid mechanics and aerodynamics lab. Cumulative Grade Point Average: 5.67/6.00.
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, 1989. Minor: Computer and Information Sciences. Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3.73/4.00. Program included a year-long senior design project. Honors: Ranked first in mechanical engineering department; Lindell Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award; Liston Houston Scholarship

" Grove, E. M.; Black, R. E., III; Friedlander, M. P., III; Dawley, S. K., Class 1.3 Minimum-Smoke Propellant Technology, JANNAF Paper, April 2009.
" Dawley, S. K., Black, R.E. III, and Geisler, R.L., Increasing Propellant Isp Efficiency  An Evaluation of Formulation Parameters, CPIA Pub 712, May 2002.
" Dawley, S. K..; Graham, K. J.; Neidert, J. B.; Black, R. E. III Zero-Card Boost Propellant for IHPRPT, July 2001.
" Younger, D. W.; Thai, S. T.; Choueiri, E.; Neidert, J. B.; Black, R. E. III; Graham, K. J.; Fahey, D.; Lucus, R.; Zhu, X. MEMS Mega-pixel Micro-thruster Arrays for Small Satellite Stationkeeping, 14th AIAA Conference on Small Satellites, Logan, UT, 21-14 August 2000.
" Dawley, S. K..; Neidert, J. B.; Black, R. E. III Zero-Card Boost Propellant for IHPRPT, May 2000.
" Neidert, J.B., R.E. Black, III, T.A. Simpson, J.J. Reuther, Assessment of Design and Reliability of Solid Propellant Gas Generators for F-22 Engine-Nacelle Fire Suppression, May 2000.
" Neidert, J.B., Martin, J.D., Lynch, R.D., Black, R.E. III, Simpson, T.A., Fighting Fire with Fire: Solid Propellant Gas Generator Technology for Fire Suppression, CPIA Pub. No. 675, July 1998.
" U.S. Patent 7,762,195 (July 27, 2010) M. Friedlander, R.E. Black, J. Venarchick, Slow cook off rocket igniter
" U.S. Patent 6,447,007 (September 10, 2002) M. DiGiacomo, R.E. Black, C.A. Copperthite, M.S. Derstine, R. Rovito, Compact Dual Nozzle Air Bag Inflator
" U.S. Patent 6,277,296 (August 21, 2001) R.S. Scheffee, J.B. Neidert, R.E. Black, III, R.D. Lynch, J.D.

" Tactical Tomahawk, Standard Missile, Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Retro Motor, PAC-3 MSE, Patriot, LOSAT Attitude Control Motor, Javelin. Launch Vehicles: Castor 120 Launch motor, Trident D-5, Minuteman III

" AIAA Chairmans Award for sustained contributions
" Multiple Aerojet-Rocketdyne awards for excellence including two top-level Orbit awards
" Project selected for recognition at a Joint Chiefs of Staff Daily Briefing (was Project Engineer for DARPA project in the area of fire suppression. The chemically active fire suppression device, successfully demonstrated in aircraft and automotive environments, achieved all project goals.)
" Key member on a small team that developed a best in class non-azide drivers side automobile airbag gas generator.

Senior Member, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics  AIAA
Served as Chairman of the Solid Rocket Technical Committee in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Developed, facilitated, and presented an Advanced Solid Rocket course. Reviewed several articles for the Journal of Propulsion and Power.

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