Dir/VP of Eng'ng/Product/Business Development

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Dir/VP of Eng'ng/Product/Business Development
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
My strengths/skills include: product and business management; management of multi-function/multi-project engineering organizations; cross-functional team leadership; reduced Time-to-Market techniques; ISO 9001 quality systems; broad technical knowledge and experience in electronic packaging, electronic connectors, electronic materials, and mechanical engineering


Director/VP of Engineering/New Product/Business Development.

Director/Vice President of Engineering; New Product or Business Development utilizing proven New Product Development, Product Management and Engineering Management Skills.


Successful New Business Development and Product Management Experience

Successful Cross-functional, Multifunction/Multi-Project Team Leadership Skills

Demonstrated New Product Development, Engineering, and Product Management Skills

Successful Applications of Reduced Time-to-Market Techniques and ISO 9001 Quality Systems

Excellent Interpersonal, Organizational, and Communication Skills


PRESENT EMPLOYER - MBO FROM FORTUNE 500 COMPANY (who purchased IPO previous employer) - Major Midwestern City

3 YEARS General Manager - US Subsidiary LLC of UK Based MBO Parent.

Established the MBOs US manufacturing operation via a license agreement with FORTUNE 500 Company to continue marketing and manufacture of several key video media conversion products when FORTUNE 500 Company consolidated the IPO Mid-Western Operations in 2009. Developed the business plan, handled all the start-up logistics, and delivered results to plan for first fiscal year. Lead several new product developments for MBO's first major NAB trade show in 2010, ending FY 2011 with the first profitable LLC quarter. Managed LLC through recent economic challenges, ended FY 2012 with LLC delivering net profit and a year to year revenue increase of 79%.


6 YEARS Director of Product Development/ Management - Active Video Products

Lead a high margin niche business developed by applying the company's optoelectronic capabilities to broadcast digital HDTV with revenue potential of $20 million in next two years. Grew the business to nearly $1 million per quarter in first two full years; assumed P&L responsibility in 2005 when company right-sized the existing businesses. Overall product management responsibilities including establishing pricing, managing business partnerships, supplying quotations, organizing NAB and IBC trade show participation, and managing new product introductions. A value added product strategy ranging from OEM component and subsystem products through end -user products and systems makes up the business plan. Hired one direct product manager report to expand the business.

3 YEARS Director of Engineering

Lead six managers (~50 engineering staff) responsible for overall Product Engineering for fiber-optic transceiver business unit. To speed up new product development, I restructured engineering to create a new technology group under a director. This allowed my Engineering group to develop new products using proven technical building blocks. Participated with four other directors in day-to-day management of business unit. Managed Engineering through significant business downturn, maintaining focus on new product efforts and releasing 46 new parts, in first half of 2002. One of 3 key employees tasked in 2002 reorganization with redefining the business/product development focus to survive the 2002 business downturn.

1 YEAR Engineering Manager ? Mechanical and Optical Engineering

Managed two managers and their engineering groups providing product engineering and new product development of products used in various network applications. Represented company on ad-hoc industrial standards group for reduced form factor products. Lead product development teams for two new products in first 6 months in position. Realigned mechanical engineering group along product platform lines to improve accountability and focus engineering efforts. Staffed both groups to support business? growth of 50% per year.


Engineering Manager

First Engineering Manager for this rapidly growing $30+ million business unit. Established engineering department structure for product development, customer specials, and sustaining engineering activities. Staffed department with 5 new hires and 1 internal transfer. Supported completion of 12 existing and new product projects in first 18 months. Improved engineering change system by reducing cycle time and corrections by 66%.


1993 ? 1996 Product Engineering Manager - Miniaturized Connector Products
Lead product development and engineering group with responsibility for several fine pitch and miniature electronic connector product lines generating $55 million/year produced in the U.S., Europe, and Asia/Pacific. Successfully managed several state-of-the-art connector developments and product line extensions with $20 million per year potential revenue stream. Actively contributed to organizational efforts to reduce development cycle times and improve request for quote response cycle time.

1991 ? 1993 Development Engineering Supervisor - High Speed Connector Systems

Successfully managed completion of new product development activities for a high density, fine pitch connector product line, coordinating activities between Engineering, Marketing and Manufacturing functions in the U.S. and Taiwan. Product line grew to $5+ million/year sales in second year.
Lead Global High Speed Connector Technology Team, which developed technology road map for electrically enhanced, high-density connectors and initiated development of several connector concepts for future business. Lead cross-functional team, which established Advanced Quality Planning process used to create Product Quality Plans for U.S. region used to improve product quality and meet 6 sigma product defect levels on key product characteristics. Managed Field Application Engineering group, coordinated and aligned their work plans with Marketing directions, established strategies and operating principles for those engineers, and designed and conducted several training meetings to keep them up to date.

1978 ? 1991 DUPONT - Wilmington, DE

1990 ? 1991 Research Supervisor - Thick Film and Electronic Ceramic Materials

Managed a Materials Science group developing thick film circuit and substrate materials used for manufacturing low (firing) temperature ceramic hybrid electronic circuits and integrated circuit die attach adhesives. Several new product variations and product offerings were developed and put into initial production. Active member of the Product Line Business Team overseeing those business ventures who provided technical direction to the business plans.

1988 ? 1990 Engineering Manager - Fiberoptic Datalink Packaging - BT&D Technologies

Managed DuPont Engineering R&D effort in support of British Telecom & DuPont joint venture. Sponsored U.S. Engineering Development team, which conceptualized, designed, tooled, and produced FDDI fiber-optic transceiver package and coordinated manufacturing startup with United Kingdom site.


1987 ? 1988 Senior Supervisor - Electronic Ceramic Processing/Mechanical Systems
Supervised Engineering Process R&D efforts that developed improved manufacturing techniques for ceramic tape materials used in low (firing) temperature ceramic hybrid circuits. Group identified and demonstrated improved firing techniques that significantly improved dimensional and shrinkage control of the circuits during manufacturing. Defined and implemented DuPont Engineering R&D program on fiber-optic component packaging for BT&D joint venture, organized inputs of DuPont and British Telecom scientists and engineers into detailed R&D plan.

1983 ? 1987 Research Supervisor - Machine Dynamics of Process Equipment

Supervised Machine Dynamics R&D group and directed several R&D programs on Web/Film Handling, Precision Motion Control, Vibration Measurements and Analysis in support of several of Dupont?s core business areas (plastic film casting and coating, fiber spinning processes, and diagnostic instruments)

1978 - 1983 Research Engineer - Machine Dynamics of Process Equipment

Conducted numerous on-line plant measurement programs using mechanical vibration measurement and signal analysis to identify and quantify mechanical equipment sources for polyester film thickness variations. Developed on-line dynamic film thickness measurement system to allow FFT analysis of variation sources. Recommended equipment modifications to improve product quality or improve equipment performance, which resulted in film quality necessary for videotape applications. Developed a proprietary system to improve film coating uniformity.


Ph. D. - Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin, 1978
M. S. - Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin, 1975
B. S. - General Engineering, Univ. of Illinois, 1974

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Dir/VP of Eng'ng/Product/Business Development

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