Digital Media Mobile Executive

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Digital Media Mobile Executive
Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
A Technology, Digital Media and Product Development executive with 15 years of experience across mobile and cable. Experienced in building both consumer and enterprise products. Expert in core network technology and application development. Loves agile, collaborative, creative and entrepreneurial environments.



Verizon (Wireless) Director  Portfolio and Network Systems Engineering 2014-2015
" Wireless Product Portfolio
" Managed the network pipeline with over 200 projects and $12 Billion in related capital
" Priority Ranking, Strategy, Resource Management, Business Case and Finance Support
" Network Systems Engineering
" Responsible for the network integration of all new Verizon Wireless products
" Work with Product teams at Stage 0 to pre-design system components/architecture before SW design was completed and coding initiated.
" Products: SDN, Big Data, LBS, IoT, Messaging, Digital Media/Video, Low Power devices
" Integration aspects: 3GPP/LTE Network: EPC, IMS, Power & Space, Database Logic, Charging / Data Usage systems, Location Systems (LBS), Roaming, SIM/UICC, IT Provisioning, 3rd Party Settlement (Vendors), RAN Capacity /Video Data Usage Modeling, MPLS topology, Firewalls, Access Lists, Cloud Integrations, User and Network Forecasting, Product Systems ability to scale and grow, Backup Methods / Disaster Recovery Planning.

[Reported to Chief Technology Officer Andy MacLeod from Vodafone]
Verizon (Wireless) Director  Converged Solutions Joint Venture 2013-2014
" Developed new digital media products for Verizon Wireless, Comcast, TWC, Brighthouse, Cox and VZT
" Media Strategy, Product Management, Architecture Design, Inter-Company Business Development

[Requested by Chief Network Officer: Nicola Nicki Palmer]
Verizon (Wireless) Director  Product Development: Digital Media 2010-2013
" Responsible for E2E architecture, construction, certification and operation of the following products:
" National Football League (NFL) and Indy Car Mobile sponsorship applications
" VCAST Video, VZ Tones (Ring-Back-Tones), VCAST Music
" Viewdini: Combined Hulu, Netflix, Apple, Redbox, Comcast, FiOS, TWC, TMS, IVA Trailers
" Created a new Broadcast over Mobile Service (LTE): The formal term for the service is Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS). I designed the service architecture and hold a patent for the system resource scheduler called Broadcast Video Provisioning System. (Different from MediaFLO)
" End-to-End system design (Mobile, Cable, Web). Incorporating recommendations engines, social networks, user experience design, DRM, CDNs, metadata management systems, 3rd party content integrations, Advertising support with SCTE-130, VPAID, VAST (DSPs and Ad Networks). Always testing new encoders to optimize video resolution (H.264, 265/HEVC). Adaptive streaming techniques with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Progressive Download and Broadcast Solutions that include Forward Error Correction (Raptor Codes). Familiar with Main, Baseline and High mobile profiles. Application development for multiple OSs and web with hybrid HTML architectures (Android, iOS, MSFT, BB), Middleware, SOCs. Experience with vehicle entertainment systems, In-Home CPE and much more&

[Reported to Chief Product Officer: Roger Gurnani (Now CIO/CTO)]
Verizon (Wireless) Director  Product Assurance 2009-2010
" Responsible for End-to-End review of all new products and services prior to launch
" Responsibilities included business case analysis, architecture design reviews and all product testing
" Developed mobile device certification lab as well as several partnerships with 3rd party testing companies
" Detected and resolved several critical issues on our first LTE device prior to launch
" Created low level Application Interoperability Validation Process (Qualcomm QXDM Tools)
" Power and Data usage analysis of branded mobile services on out-of-box hardware
" Part of the team that developed and launched the first Droid (Motorola Android for VZW)

Verizon (Wireline) Manager  FiOS Video System Performance 2008-2009
" Reduced call volume by 15%
o Led the End-To-End FiOS system analysis that uncovered numerous issues that caused: increased truck rolls, equipment replacements, calls to customer care, customer frustration/ dissatisfaction.
o After triaging the issues, I defined the fix/resolution, tested the fixes, managed the production deployment schedules and measured the impact on the previously stated issues (reduced call volume by 15%)

Verizon (Wireline) Manager - Video Tier 2 Support 2006-2008
" 24/7 Support for video network elements and product life-cycle management
o Technology: Set-Top-Box, Middleware, Firmware and Interactive Media Guide (IMG). In-Home Routers and Network Protocols, MoCA, Wi-Fi, Remote Controls. Video Distribution Systems: DAC, RADD, OM, Emergency Alerts Service (SCTE18), Closed Captioning (SCTE20), VOD Systems, PEG Services, IT Equipment Management Databases, IT Network and User Provisioning scripts, PPV (Purchase Polls), linear cable advertising insertion systems (SCTE-130), MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. ZigBee, Z-Wave and Powerline product management.
" Key Accomplishments: Awards for daylight savings transitions, 100-HD channel deployment milestone, Developed new method of Set-Top-Box code download, Fixed lab testing methods, improved I&M Process, Resolved solder board issue with remote controls, Resolved grounding issue with PON Network, Created Adjustable de-interlacing settings to accommodate analog TVs as well as Digital TVs (picture quality analysis)

Verizon (Wireline) Sr. Specialist - Network Engineering 2003-2006
" Project Managed the entire fGTE FiOS backbone build (Florida  Washington)
o Technology: Switches, Routers, IOF, OSP, Fiber Huts/Pads, Central office: Power, Space, Optical patch panels, Communication panels, Alarming systems, Big Band Mux (Combined Video/Data feeds)
" Created National Database for Engineering Systems Deployment Management
" Project Managed the service restoration of 1,000 closed aDSL offices (Nationwide)

Verizon (Wireline) Supervisor  Network Creation 2002-2003
" Led the creation team for the fGTE footprint. Migrated work from Management held positions in CA to Union hourly employees in MD (east coast management centers)
" Created an automated reporting database
" Led major Network and IT systems migration (PAVA)

Verizon (Wireline) Technician  Network Creation 2001-2002
" After mastering the network creation process, was responsible for training the rest of the union technicians. Also developed all of the automation scripts for the routers and DSLAMs
" Technology: ATM, Frame Relay, Ad-Drop MUX, Lucent ATM switches, Optical Circuits, DSLAM, Modems, Splitters, In-Home elements: alarm systems, fax, analog phones

Verizon (Wireline) Technician - Customer Care 1999-2001
" Award winning front line customer support for AOL DSL customers. Was responsible for resolving over 50% of the call centers trouble tickets.

" University of Maryland University College [UMUC: Adelphi, Maryland]
o Bachelors of Science: Information Systems Management, 2011
" Anne Arundel Community College (AACC: Arnold, MD): Associates Degree: General Studies, 1996
" Relevant Training: CISSP, CCNA, ATM, Frame Relay, Redback, aDSL, LTE, IMS, VoLTE, Alpha 3 and 4

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Digital Media Mobile Executive

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