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Location Confidential
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Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
SCM professional with 19 years of progressive career experience in the steel, distribution and automotive industry. Proven ability to provide strategic & analytical leadership in the analysis and improvement of business, IT, SCM and logistics processes.

Resume Body      AE_UPDATED

MBA, University of Michigan, 2000, (4.0 GPA out of 4.0)
M.S. Chem. Eng. (Dipl. Ing), University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany, 1994 (3.4 GPA out of 4.0)
Career Summary
Supply Chain Management professional with 19 years of progressive career experience in the steel, distribution and automotive industry. Proven ability to provide strategic and analytical leadership in the analysis and improvement of business, IT, and supply chain management and logistics processes.

Professional Experience
ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, LLC, Mobile, AL Feb 2006 -Present
A 3.7 billion US$ steel rolling mill Greenfield investment in Alabama. Target output of 4.1 million tons
Director, Supply Chain Management (February 2006  Present)
Reporting to the Chief Sales Officer. Responsible for Logistics and Order Management for TKS USA
Participated in site selection process to identify suitable location for the new steel mill
Analyzed feasibility of in-bound and out-bound movement including cost analysis during site selection
Involved in design work within the site infrastructure to ensure proper material flow
Responsible for construction site logistics
Established and created the SCM department, including a Global Supply Strategy for TKS USA within TK Global
Established processes and procedures for day one operation, including vendor/partner selection, negotiations and contract structures.
Since July 2010 moved into production and ensuring proper start-up of the production line and fine-tuning of processes
Responsible for inbound, outbound and all internal logistics
Complete order management including scheduling of inbound raw material
Scheduling of 9 production lines (HR, PLTCM, CPL HDGLs, SLH) - until June 2011
ThyssenKrupp Steel North America, Detroit, MI 1994 to 12/2007
A 250+ Mio $ automotive steel supplier & processor headquartered in Detroit with facilities in the US and Mexico.
General Manager Supply Chain Management (June 2002 to 12/2007)
Reporting to the President of TKS-NA. Material Management for 300,000 tons of steel. Budget responsibility of 50 million US$ of external material purchases, and 5 Million of indirect purchases with a department expense budget of $2.5 million. Responsibilities included the management of 15 professionals in the area of customer service/inside sales, materials management, material processing, purchasing, logistics and IT.
Reengineered existing business processes to improve the supply chain management between Germany and US locations. Aligned the business processes with SAP to optimize and streamline the material and information flow
Established supply chain processes which resulted in a reduction of inventory by 30% with a reduction of aged inventory by 90%
Created visibility throughout the complete supply chain (domestic and overseas) and achieved 4 turns in inventory. The visibility eliminated last minute logistic efforts and resulted in annual savings of 500k US$
Reduced logistics cost through proper materials management and established lead-times which resulted in an increased profitability of 20$/NT.
Improved internal communication and information flow between SCM, plant management, sales and financial departments to optimize the overall process and to provide timely and accurate information internally and externally to vendors and customers
Instilled a sense of importance of proper forecasting and clear communication, which helped to achieve a current on time delivery to the customer of 99%
Evaluated and improved the value and material flow throughout the supply chain to identify potential cost saving and to improve timeliness of material production, processing and delivery.
Established new/alternate sourcing from domestic steel companies as well as from the Chinese market

Project Manager IT, (May 2000 to May 2002)
Reported to the CFO. Responsibilities included the implementation of SAP as the new ERP software while redefining the business processes. Budget responsibility for 2 million US$.
Managed a SAP R/3 implementation for MM/SD/PP/AM/FI/QM/CO, including the responsibility for the strategic design of the EDI processes. This included testing and adjusting of various EDI transaction to ensure proper integration into R/3
Reengineered existing business processes to improve the supply chain management between Germany and US locations, including integration of further EDI transaction into SAP
Introduced control mechanism to verify and streamline the EDI data flow between Germany, US and the customers
Achieved annual IT cost savings of 500,000 US$ through the SAP implementation and the resulting outsourcing of the complete IT department

Business Analyst (July 1997 to May 2000)
Reported to the VP of Operations. Responsibilities included the establishment of EDI processes with the automotive industry as well as designing internal reporting tools
Aligned and implemented EDI projects within the strategic goals of the automotive industry, including integration of EDI transaction into an AS400/Harbinger-Premenos environment.
Developed applications & analytical tools for material and inventory management
Developed applications & analytical tools for production and cost control.

Coordinator Trading & Distribution (September 1995 to June 1997)
Reported to the Senior VP of Trading & Distribution. Responsibilities included budgeting and forecasting for the Trading & Distribution division as well as inventory control.
Prepared annual forecasts and budgets.
Developed analytical tools for material and inventory management
Reduced excess inventory and improved inventory management.

Product Manager (September 1994 to August 1995)
Imported wire rod and pipe products from various European countries for the domestic market.

German Fluent
English Fluent
French base knowledge
Spanish base knowledge

Computer skills
Microsoft All office products, MS Office
SQL base knowledge; extensive database development

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