Water-Food-Energy Security; Development; etc.

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Water-Food-Energy Security; Development; etc.
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
MANAGEMENT of Consulting Team(s)
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Experienced CTO, Vice President, Director, and Lead Scientist; uniquely qualified to develop solutions for your most complex problems, policy, and recommendations for water-food-energy security, environmental, resiliency, critical infrastructure, national security, and policy problems. I am called the 'fix-it-man.'


Seeking a leadership position, as an integral part of a management team (CEO, President, GM, ...) and/or expert consultant, directing highly skilled and diverse professionals for major program initiatives, operations and special projects that cross operational lines and that require complex skill sets and expertise for problems and issues that have potential national and/or global impact for your organization. I am self-directed, self-motivated, and have an entrepreneurial mindset - there is always a solution, no matter the problem. I work inside and across organizations to craft strategies and tactics, build capacity and capabilities; develop and implement initiatives, and drive success. Frankly, I build trust.

I am accustomed to national and international travel and have worked extensively in China, Europe and Latin America as a routine part of my duties, spending up to a month or more 'in country' to achieve goals of projects. In many cases it has been in areas with no running water and minimal conveniences; in other cases with all the conveniences. Succinctly, if you need the job done I can make it happen.

Master of Arts International Security Studies
U.S. Naval Postgraduate School

Ph.D. Physics & Engineering
University of Georgia

M.S. Systems and Natural Resources
B.S. Agricultural Economics and Development

English, Arabic, Mandarin, Miccosukee, Spanish

American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Society for International Development (SID)
ASIS International
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD-Mentor and Manuscript Reviewer)

PUBLICATIONS (Brief Titles  partial list, also others in intelligence, all hazards, and global resources)
Water Security?
Water-Energy Interdependence
Water Security in Libya
Water Security Synopsis
Key Trends Likely to Influence Global Security-Water Effects?

Water-Food-Energy Security
Forecasting Studies
? Financials & Economics
? Water & Energy
? Agriculture, Droughts, & Infrastructure
? Country-Scale Climate Change
? Country-Scale Hydrology
Resiliency and Sustainability
Agriculture Sustainability & Development (Local to Country Scale)
Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies & Failure
Economic Development Planning & Impacts
Energy Supply and Load Studies (Country Scale)
Environmental Impact Studies (Country Level)
Marketing & Business Planning Studies
Policy Development
S&T Applications for LDC Sustainability & Resiliency
S&T Applications for National Security
Training Programs
Vulnerability Analysis & Risk Assessment

o Agriculture & Rural Development Ministry, Mexico
o China, Ministry of Water Resources,
o Defense & Military Ministry, Mexico
o Ecuador, Ministry of Health
o Goldman Sachs
o Guatemala, Ministry of Energy and Mines
o India, Ministry of Finance
o India, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
o India, Ministry of Water Resources
o Jordan, Strategic Planning Directorate
o Ministry of Agriculture, Kingdom of Morocco
o Ministry of Defense, El Salvador
o Ministry of Economy, El Salvador
o National Energy Commission, China
o Northrup Grumman
o Thailand, Ministry of Public Health
o U.S. Dept Homeland Security
o U.S. Dept of Defense
o U.S. Dept of Energy
o U.S. Dept State, Israel, Jordan, Palestine (West Bank)
o U.S. Dept State, Romania and Hungary
o U.S.AID Kenya & Mozambique
o Venezuela, Ministry of Infrastructure
o U.S. Dept State
o World Bank

Served in variety of positions - CTO, Vice President, Program Director, Lead Scientist and Manger, and Technical Projects Director and am uniquely qualified to develop solutions, policy, and recommendations for a variety of water-food-energy security, environmental, resiliency, critical infrastructure, national security, and policy problems. I apply broad thinking across multiple agency and private industry segments and departments to embrace change and emerging technologies for developing solutions for complex problems, particularly those relating to sustainability, development, and forecasting and water, food, and energy security. Work has involved extensive foreign travel and work with lesser and developed countries and their respective cultures.

Possess an executive presence with a knack for building trust and alliances, and establishing technical and leadership credibility and respect with business partners, peers, and competitors. I am an energetic, dynamic, innovative, and results-driven leader, skilled operating in environments and cultures undergoing transformation, and am a multicultural, multilingual professional  speaking Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English.

My skill sets are unique, allowing me to be as comfortable in the back woods of a developed country as in the board room, from social justice and resource issues to national security issues. My goal has been to observe and manage interdependencies of a great many issues and their broad effects on peoples, economies, and resiliency. Succinctly, I am a leader and problem solver with the ability to work with all stakeholders to achieve set goals who enjoys difficult challenges.

National Programs: 2002-Present


I successfully developed the initial proposal, planning, and organizational structure, which led to the implementation of this national program.
" Lead management and fiscal responsibilities, strategic positioning and direction, implementation, control, program management, and other functions.
" Direct 22 highly specialized personnel, as well as coordinate extensively on a daily basis with over 25 managers and technical experts.
" Increased productivity by 25 percent in past two years on shrinking budget; managed and collaborated with scientists, managers, and officials across multiple departments and agencies and internationally.
" Areas of specificity include water, food, and energy security and sustainability, agriculture and food production, commodity supply lines and interconnectedness of regional, national and global systems in cooperation with over 10 agencies and more than 20 private-sector partners such as Xcel Energy and others.

In charge of major projects in the U.S., China, Brazil, Africa, Romania, El Salvador, etc. Currently working on water/energy security projects in Nigeria and Latin America. Work includes water and natural resources; water & energy demand and forecasting; sustainability and economic development; drought mitigation processes; agricultural, water, and energy infrastructure development; critical infrastructure and security issues; risk assessment; transportation and logistics; and S&T concerns. All projects have involved stakeholder relations and buy-in, as well as training phases.

PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF STRATEGIC INITIATIVES: Innovate and direct near-, mid-, and long-term planning, processes and strategic/operations assessment activities. This includes policy development and global-resources investigations. Examples include the development of guidelines and policy to maintain operational resiliency in critical infrastructure, water sustainability and security, and intelligence related issues on a country-level scale in event of large-scale natural hazards or anthropogenic (man-made) attacks. This work was 100 percent completed with the government of El Salvador; I successfully transferred technology and protocols from a national-scale program within the U.S. Another example includes work with law enforcement groups utilizing networked, collected intelligence to enhance investigative skills and efficiency (by as much as 17 percent), as well as work with private partners such as defense contractors, foreign aid groups, and others. Further, I develop, recommend, interpret, apply, and maintain policy guidance and also serve as advisor on technical, policy, and procedural maters to ensure compliance with operational goals and directives.

PARTNER-STAKEHOLDER RELATIONS AND CONSULTANT TO OTHER AGENCIES AND ORGANIZATIONS: I serve as primary policy position and represent the agency and Secretary at discussions, briefings, and meetings with other U.S. agencies, foreign governments, and private sector executives in related areas of program interests; interacting with the highest levels of government across multiple agencies and departmental lines in water, food and energy security, forecasting (economics, drought, etc.) critical infrastructure, and research and development (particularly of emerging technologies). I provide expert advice and consultation across multiple agencies, industries, and segments, both functionally and organizationally from a joint enterprise-wide perspective to serve our customers.

Examples include:
" Serving on lead panel for the Presidents Infrastructure Modernization Initiative (IMI);
" Serving as delegation lead for 6 months to assist Romanias entrance into European Union regarding critical infrastructure and water sustainability problems (March 2007);
" Tasking by U.S. Department of State to participate in the Middle East Peace Process, for 8 months and $3 million budget. I served as team leader, organizer, and coordinator for 30 officials and delegates from Israel, Jordan, and Palestinian Territories (West Bank) on resiliency and sustainability, critical infrastructure, energy, and associated problems and solutions for a country scale regarding water, energy, food, and natural resources supply lines.
" Invitation by DoD to discuss global and national water and energy security
" Invitation by OneHealth to discuss role of water in national and global public health.

" Perform extensive collaboration, strategy sessions, briefings, training sessions and consultations from lay level to government officials, corporate boards, and heads of state at technical, scientific, and academic, and management levels. Much of this is performed to secure cooperation, resolve controversial matters, and to convey information relative to proposed changes in assigned programs(s).
" Position requires extensive writing of internal memos, reports, policy statements, and other written material. Lead planning and programming decisions, and regularly review, edit, manage, supervise, reports on a wide variety of areas involved in intelligence, security, information technology, and critical infrastructure.
" Developed cross-skill programs to increase skill sets of mid-level managers and directors through instructing various courses such as: Water Security, Resource and Organizational Resiliency, Six Sigma for Executives; and Strategy - Processes, Content, and Context. I developed and directed a successful mentor/training program boosting morale and enhancing productivity significantly.

Incorporate and task a variety of unplanned work loads, specifically in assisting outside agencies and other groups. This is often accomplished by directing the formation of complex teams to collaborate with other agencies in the areas of security convergence of IT/micro-controller systems, critical infrastructure second and third order failure effects, synthesis and analysis of emerging technologies and applications, as well as their complex, interdependent relations. I frequently participate in special projects, initiatives, and perform special assignments.

Examples include: (1) Assignment to El Salvador for water-energy interdependencies and security; (2) Hydrology and environmental solutions development for Ministry of Water Resources, China; (3) Development of potential solutions for water and food energy in Jordan and Israel with Bi-lateral Military Affairs Commission; (4) Food and Water security and scarcity effects on the economy with Goldman Sachs; (5) Collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, FBI, and other law enforcement groups I developed and monitored 22 red-team exercises for terrorist attacks and counter-terrorism measures on water and food supplies and critical infrastructure, that included the interdependence of intelligence and IT with DoD and DHS, etc.

I directed P&L statements worth $44 M and 153 subordinates (9 direct reports and numerous vendors), and managed all external resources in worldwide locations - California, New York, Beijing, China, and New Delhi, India. Developed the companys first corporate SOP, established the IT network, architecture, and information security processes. Performed budget and management analysis and directed strategic planning, performance metrics, benchmarking, penetration strategy, and risk management. Lead short and long-term strategy for technology operations, selected all vendors, and collaborated with and managed partners. I improved overall operating efficiency by more than 15 percent.

PLANNING AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Upon assuming responsibilities about one product was being turned out every 10 weeks and the firm had spent $13M. By end of first quarter I increased productivity to 10 products at cost of $1.5M. Due to an anticipated budget shortfall and in coordination with the VP of Human Resources, I reduced (as mandated by board of directors) my staff by 65 percent. This resulted in lowering the annual budget 37 percent, while improving project development time. I successfully implemented project-management and process-flow techniques that reduced project development time from 8 weeks down to one week.

INNOVATION: I developed a business intelligence group whose function performed data collection and analysis for industry research and competitor intelligence analysis utilizing a target-centric approach-SNA (social network analysis) and NNA (nodal network analysis). This program also nabbed a senior company officer who was selling information to a competitor. Also, developed a client extranet and information sharing system that strengthened client relationships, improved workflow through collaboration (by 12 percent), and increased company presence to clients.

MENTORING AND MOTIVATION: I streamlined technology functions while developing cross-functional project teams to leverage company-wide talent, which increased productivity 75 percent, reduced costs 45 percent, increased output about 700 percent, and reduced risk about 30 percent.

1992-1996: SENIOR PROJECT DIRECTOR, Univ. Georgia  I managed 35 multi- and interdisciplinary S&T and R&D related projects collaborating with DoD, DOE, USDA, many other and Center for International Trade and Security. I incorporated model-based analysis, maintained currency in wide range of technologies, in charge of strategic leadership and R&D, leveraged personnel expertise (12 different departments; 6 Federal agencies), operations research, capacity planning, stakeholder analysis and mapping &

1990-1992: VICE PRESIDENT for Development Assistance Corporation  In charge of P&L statements ($74 million), managed 343 personnel...Led firm in evolving technical operations and training for IT, security, and infrastructure development; I engineered 38 percent increase in outputs; managed 12 direct reports, 9 contractor reports, 20 vendors. I initiated a leadership development plan; performed budget analysis, management analysis, and asset management. I developed a comprehensive employee evaluation/performance management plan and policy.

In addition to leadership and management skills, I have extensive experience in leveraging R&D of water-food-energy security and related technologies and also am rated by my current employer as an expert hydrologist, physical scientist, and also have held rating as certified professional soil scientist, along with various technology ratings.

I have served as an adjunct professor at 5 U.S. universities and 3 international universities, including China and Latin America. During that service I have been major professor for 31 graduate students who obtained their M.S. and Ph.D. degrees under my tutelage in areas such as evaluation of the effectiveness of training, commodity supply lines resiliency in comparison to global resources, resiliency of North Carolina water supplies, effects of trust on social capital, identifying resilient traits in complex human systems, the effects of baby-boomer loss on corporate sustainability and competitiveness, crowd-sourcing effects on management of emergency response, assessing the viability of a domestic intelligence agency, counter-terrorism policy and local law enforcement, border security, etc. I do this because I have found it a good way to recruit unexpected talent and because it keeps me on my toes for 3-dimensional thinking!

Partial List of Courses Taught
1. Resiliency and Sustainability of Environmental and Other Complex Systems
2. Strategy: Process, Content, Context
3. Managing Emerging Technologies
4. Global Resources: Threats, Mitigation, Sustainability
5. Water Security
6. Groundwater Hydrology
7. Economic and Environmental Impacts of Natural Hazards and Sustainability
8. Resiliency: A Comparative Analysis of Resources and Industries
9. others . . .

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Water-Food-Energy Security; Development; etc.

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