VP Operations/COO

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VP Operations/COO
Location Confidential
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$200,000 to $400,000

Resume Summary
Operations executive with an unwavering focus on the success of his customers, company, and team. With 20+ years leading high-performance organizations, I leverage technology, data, business processes & relationships to deliver top-line growth, continuous improvement & customer-driven solutions.

Resume Body      VP OPERATIONS/COO

Specialties: Project and Program Management, Strategy, Planning, Business Development, Account Management, Technical and Soft-Skills Training, IT Development and Deployment, Logistics and Supply Chain, and P&L/Financial Management.

Chief Operating Officer
" Operations leader for 85-employee micro-ticket equipment lease financing company. Lead Sales, Marketing, Account Management and Transactional Operations teams, as well as all supporting systems/technologies.
" Increased revenue 40% in first year, with lease originations over $55 Million for the first time in company history.
" Developed recruiting, onboarding and training processes. Sales turnover reduced from 39% to 15%; 14 of 15 new sales reps meeting quota in first 6 months. Awarded $100k training grant from Arizona Commerce Authority.
" Established closing % emphasis throughout the organization, and incorporated closing % metric into sales incentive plans. Closing % increased 400 basis points in 6 months, driving $90k/month incremental revenue.
" Implemented CRM system enhancement to dynamically recommend the bank to utilize for each lease transaction; interfaces with banks enable 75% of lease applications to receive a decision in < 30 min, vs. 3-4 hours previously.
" Launched New Business Team to develop partnerships with B2B equipment distributors, offering lease financing for their online and in-store customers. Launched Specialty Finance Team to offer working capital in addition to equipment financing. Four-person team has signed up 150 new distributors in 7 months, 11% total sales lift.

Vice President of Industry Alliances and Business Development (2013 - 2015)
" Overall accountability for the diesel/industrial category at 10 diesel campuses nationwide. Oversaw P&L, budgeting, staffing, marketing, education and employment-related activities for UTIs diesel programs, as well as all customer-facing activities and initiatives with industry customers.
" Regulatory ownership including licensing and accreditation activities for new programs, and messaging compliance for marketing, catalog, and 10-K materials.
" Led business development activities for all new student programs and workforce technical training.
- Secured and launched programs with Cummins, Freightliner, and Peterbilt to fulfill growing technician demand.
- Created partnership with not-for-profit veterans organization to recruit and train technicians for a national equipment rental company.
" Delivered product training to 300 member Sales team, resulting in 50% YOY increase in student enrollments.
Vice President of Operations: Advanced Training (2007-2012)
" Operations leader of Advanced Training business unit, which develops and delivered technical and sales/service training for the automotive, diesel, motorcycle, and marine industries. Customers included Porsche, Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Volvo, Ford, Nissan, Harley-Davidson, Cummins, Navistar, and Honda.
- Responsible for business unit operations, including personnel (110 staff @ 10 campuses and remote training locations), P&L/budgeting ($35 Mil Revenue), strategic planning, curriculum & education (over 4,000 students/year), contract negotiations, business development, marketing & promotion, and customer service.
- Implemented customer-specific goals and operational metrics to achieve 90%+ student completion & employment outcomes.
- Led Admissions team in increasing manufacturer elective program enrollments by 33% in 2 years.
- Successfully launched 10 manufacturer training programs from initial customer engagement to the first class, including facility construction, instructor selection, and curriculum development.
- Directed curriculum development project that added 800 hours of e-learning to 10 elective programs.
- Expanded remote workforce training activities, increasing sales in this area by 150%.
- Improved facility utilization, eliminating off-site leases and saving $1 Mil annually in rent.
- Improved Great Places to Work staff satisfaction rating from 74% to 94%.
Vice President of Operations: Employment Services (2005-2007)
" Functional responsibility for Career Services organization (130 staff @ 10 campuses), which provides career counseling and employment opportunities for 10,000 technician graduates annually.
- Revamped student support model: streamlined operations, established targets and metrics, and implemented information technology tools, driving student employment outcomes from 87% to 91% in 2 years.
- Implemented a comprehensive on-campus marketing & promotion process, improving up-sell revenues 35%.

Customer Relationship Manager
" Managed customer satisfaction and IT relationship for Global Finance Staffs: Comptrollers Staff, Treasury and Pension Mgmt., Risk Mgmt., Financial Shared Services, Audit, and Customs/Tax.
" Led Finance team in the creation of business strategies, operational plans, process improvements, and financial budgets, and directed the technology component of these activities.
" Led program managers and their project teams (local and off-shore) in the development and deployment of global Finance applications. Annual budget of $30 Mil.
Strategic Planning Manager
" Directed all aspects of the Strategic Planning process for the Global IT Finance and Human Resource Organizations: Competitive Assessments & Benchmarking, Long-Term Strategic Planning & Tactical Business Planning, Operational Metrics, and Organizational Communications Planning.
" Managed the $80 Million Global Finance and Human Resources IT project portfolio process (approximately 60-80 new development projects per year), and ensured the coordination and communication between stakeholders.
Program Manager
" Managed global team of Finance process leads, GM IT analysts, and external consultants in the design and deployment of the CFO-chartered Common Finance Process project. Deployed process and SAP system model to business units in North America, South America, and Asia, utilizing low cost offshore vendor support model.
" Led the Purchasing organization through the GM supplier reassessment process for development and hosting of the Finance Business Intelligence environment. New contract structure included improved service level agreements, help desk support, and disaster recovery procedures, while reducing overall costs by 30%.

Senior Sales & Distribution Consultant
Client: Natural Organics, Incorporated
" Order to Invoice Lead for the analysis and design activities of a leading wholesaler of nutritional supplements. Aligned teams efforts with the project charter of creating competitive advantage and enabling growth through data consolidation, and the integration of best-practice supply chain processes and information systems.
" Identified functional gaps between current capabilities and future strategy, and recommended process and system solutions in the critical success areas of sales promotion management, CRM, and shipping automation.
Client: Thomson Industries, Incorporated
" Led the analysis, design, and implementation of a large-scale SAP system and process reengineering project for manufacturer of linear motion products, as well as aerospace and automotive components; focus areas included customer service and distribution, and the integration with inventory control, purchasing, and production planning.
" Directed concurrent development activities for multiple business units at 5 domestic and 2 international locations.
" Reduced cycle time for custom quotes by 50%, simplified pricing, increased available-to-promise integrity.

Manager, Supply Chain Management Consulting Services
Client: Tenneco Packaging Corporation
" Improved and implemented customer service processes on an enterprise-wide information technology (SAP) engagement. Process areas included order fulfillment, complaints processing, and pricing/sales deals.
" Sold, developed and managed $1.2 Mil training program consisting of over 45 courses and 60 trainees.
Client: McDonalds Corporation
" Performed financial and operational analyses of Quick Service Restaurant industry competitors. Areas investigated included store inventory and ordering policies, promotional processes, and information systems.
" Provided data analysis and recommendations for model that enabled Marketing and Purchasing to forecast store-level demand for promotional items, as well as assess the impact of promotions on standard menu items.
Client: Keebler Foods Company
" Revamped shipping/transportation planning process, integrating three software packages to minimize shipping costs, and to ensure timely flow of materials throughout a complex network of plants and distribution centers.

Materials Logistics Engineer
" Deployed integrated logistics system, reducing inventory by $100 Million. Created new ordering process with 30 suppliers and customers, emphasizing just-in-time deliveries and supplier ownership of product until consumption.
" Led procurement optimization project that lowered parts shortages by 40%, and increased forecast integrity.

Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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VP Operations/COO

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