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Resume Summary
A Management Consulting leader with a twenty year proven track record expertly trained and certified by Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse, W.R. Grace, and IBM with extensive transformations across multiple industries including all business areas.

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Barry A. Mills

Executive Summary
A Management Consulting leader with a twenty year proven track record in consulting and executive management, working with industry leading global multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as mid-size, and small companies.
Extensive business transformations across multiple industries including business areas such as Strategy, Turnarounds, Change Management, Technology, Operations, Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, utilizing disciplines of Program, Project, and Change management as well as Continuous Quality Improvement, Cost Reduction and Business Process Analysis.
Expertly trained and certified by Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse, W.R. Grace, and IBM during the first fifteen years of my twenty nine year corporate career and have further honed those skills to become an even more valuable asset to any organization.

Major Areas of Effectiveness

" Strategy " Change Management
" Operations " Delivery
" Business Process Analysis " Technology
" Turnarounds

Career Highlights

Lead the transformation and growth of $40 million company into a $120 million company under three years

Restructured leadership to allow growth and increase profit margins

Redefined key success factors for real time reporting from projects in order to track bottom line profits versus project percentage of complete

Developed key human capital in order to expand project and company growth, as well as increasing potential recruiting options

Attracted high value personal from key competitors through branding of new company vision

Penetrated new markets through innovative thinking and formed new alliances and partnerships

Implemented new structure/technology/reports/metrics in order to increase effectiveness, profits, and snapshots of projects and bottom line

Selected by a $70 million dollar company to assess, plan, improve, automate and lead the company to grow to a $200 million company

Lead small business owner through transformation of current operations into new business model which increased sales by 65% and realized five year growth plan goals in two years through current state analysis, future state modeling, process improvement, leadership development, and strategic planning

Successfully lead an Internet project through the complete project life cycle including planning, definition, development, implementation as well as setting up post implementation support

Successfully lead a VOIP project through the complete project life cycle including software & vendor selection, infrastructure definition, testing and implementation for three clubs, four sales offices, and an administrative complex.

Directed the client from making a $100,000+ mistake in software development costs by changing development companies and acquiring a local developer and also saving ten of thousands of network license fees to other communities by restructuring the development process.

Sold consulting services of $100,000 + to $65 million dollar company

Negotiated the purchase of VOIP phone system and saved the client $40,000 on the equipment, and in addition to thousands per month by utilizing the VOIP technology to cut down on intra-Latta calls throughout the sites .

Sold add-on services valuing in excess of $70,000 to $65 million dollar company

Effectively lead the software selection process for new POS and accounting systems resulting in saving of $100,000 from the original software package they were considering while exceeding all the requirements demanded by the new system.

Increased sales and customer retention, while decreasing customer attrition of local small business

Lead company to increase revenue by 22 % over the course of a year

Developed and implemented sales, management, and employment incentive programs

Served as sales closer on various projects to multi million and billion companies

Effectively served as turn around expert of a $25 million, 200 people project which involved software implementation and merger of two multi-billion telecommunications companies through management restructuring, project plan development, building client relationships, and mentoring of new leadership.

Credited with $12.8 million sale of add-on work for a multi-billion telecommunication company at this client.

Successfully lead a SAP R/3 software implementation within two divisions of a multi-100-million chemical company covering the finance, sales and distribution, inventory and production areas.

Selected to teach management course for new managers and recent MBA graduates in a big five consulting firm including Fact Based Consulting, Customer Value Management, Competency development and career management, methodologies, Client Relationships, Project Management, Engagement Economics, Presentation Skills, Business Process Modeling, and Business Case Generation.

Lead the tactical and strategic planning for Information Services Division within multi-billion consumer products company for SAP post implementation support in what was considered at the time to be the worlds largest and most diverse implementations of SAP software.

Chosen to work with the senior partnership of a $32 billion + client to develop an strategic account strategy.

Hand picked from big five consulting firm to serve as a strategic advisor to global SAP transformation project for multi-billion consumer products company.

Served in the leadership of the pilot coordination effort. Developed quick start packages, cost estimates, project plans, resource requirements, and assessments for the pilot sites and early implementations.

Successfully lead five project teams in five different geographical locations to the completion of their project milestones for a billion dollar chemical company implementing SAP R/3 worldwide.

Successfully managed the largest division of a worldwide Messaging project for a billion dollar multi-national firm that implemented open technologies e-mail system.

Lead re-engineering project in the creating a new vision for support and communication, service agreements, creation of new policies and procedures, software selection, installation, and configuration

Successfully lead the implementation and integration of EDI purchase orders into the order entry system for billion dollar packaging company. Led the project through the full system development life cycle from analysis to implementation.

Employment History

Mills Management Consulting 1999  Present
Greer, SC
Major clients: LML Construction, Superior Construction Greenville, The Cliffs, ComputerPlus

Ernst and Young LLP 1996  1999
Charlotte, NC
Senior Manager, Management Consulting Group
Major clients: The Coca Cola Company, Southwestern Bell Communications, and United Calaysts

W.R. Grace, Corporate 1994  1996
Boston, MA
Project Management, SAP Implementation
Served as a member of the project management team responsible for implementing SAP worldwide.

W.R. Grace, Cryovac Division 1990  1994
Duncan, SC
Division Project Leader  Worldwide Messaging Project
Quality Process Improvement Group Leader
Project Leader  Help Desk Re-engineering Project & EDI Implementation, and System Analyst

First Federal of South Carolina 1984  1990
Programmer Analyst


Bachelors of Science in Business Administration / Data Processing, University of South Carolina


Ernst & Young Management Consulting, LLP

Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management, ERP, Program Management, Project Management, Consulting Methodology, Fact Based Consulting, Engagement Economics, Customer Value Management, Client Relationships, SDLC, Business Process Modeling, Data Modeling, Business Case Generation, Competency development and career management, and Presentation Skills.
SAP Sales & Distribution, SAP Financials, SAP Data Dictionary, SAP System Administration, SAP ABAP Programming, SAP EDI Configuration

Price Waterhouse Management Consulting, LLP

Strategic Planning, Change Management, ERP, Consulting Methodology, Engagement Economics, SDLC, Project Management, Business Process Modeling, SAP Financials, SAP Data Dictionary

W.R. Grace Inc.

Management, Strategic Planning, Continuous Quality Improvement (Xerox), SDLC, Project Management, Budgeting, Scheduling, Resource Planning, Time Management, Team Building, Ropes Course, Sales Training, Salesmen Training, Sales Office Training, UNIX, Open Systems Integration, IBM AIX, IBM Networks & PCs, EDI, Customer Service, Helpdesk, Manufacturing, Software Application Design, Development, Integration, Testing, and Implementation

First Federal

Management, Financial Services, Mortgage Loan, Customer Service, Collections, Foreclosure & Bankruptcy, Software Application Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Implementation SDLC, IBM Mainframes, CICS, and JCL

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