Management Generalist

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Management Generalist
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I am a Senior Officer who has completed military service. I have enjoyed my military career; however, it is time to transition to the private sector. As a former manager in financial services, I look forward to solving business needs.


I am a Senior Military Officer who has completed my military service. I have enjoyed my military career; however, it is time to transition to the private sector. As a former manager in the financial services industry, I look forward to solving organizational and customer needs.

10/16 - 10/18 Vice Chief of Staff | Colonel | Marine Forces Reserve | New Orleans, LA

" Co-led multi-functional headquarters staff of 19 team members to staff, train, and resource the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (30,847 service members) at 160 locations.
" Led cross functional inspection program analysis - synchronized 4 inspection categories over 5 years (322 inspections) - decreased annual inspections 17%, increased available training hours 11% (502K).
" Led telecommunications equipment and service analysis - decreased annual cost 51% ($389,000).
" Led mid-year budget analysis - prioritized $3.3 million in discretionary payroll expenses.
" Graduated from U.S. Air Force Air University - graduate strategic planning course.
" Strategic planner for organizational design of U.S. Marine Corps in 2025.
" Strategic planner for U.S. Marine Corps operations in 2030.

I was competitively selected for this senior leader staff position from an applicant pool of highly qualified Colonels by a selection committee of military General Officers. As a key advisor to the Commander of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, a 3-star General, I provided policy recommendations on staffing, training, and resourcing military forces for global military needs. I co-led and managed the day to day business of the organization through a multi-functional staff and planning teams that developed plans and programs supporting policy. I was the Commanders personal representative for strategic planning initiatives within the U.S. Marine Corps that included organizational development re-design for 2025, and development of military operations for 2030 that supported the National Security Strategy policy goals.

06/13 - 9/16 Deputy Commander | Colonel | Force HQ Group | Marine Forces Reserve |
New Orleans, LA

" Second in command of 13 units comprised of 4100 members providing capabilities of Intelligence, Communications, Law Enforcement, Liaison, and Civil Affairs, in support of global military needs.
" Led and assessed performance of direct reports (6) and units (13).
" Analyzed reporting metrics - decreased unit strategy goals 43% that resulted in 7% increase in member retention.
" Managed operational risk management process for military member return to full time service - increased individual assessments 15% year over year while absorbing 23% decrease in staffing.

I was competitively selected for this senior leader role from an applicant pool of several highly qualified Colonels by a committee of military General Officers. I served as the Asst. Commander to a 1-Star General. As a primary advisor to the commander, I led and participated in the development and implementation of organizational policies, and the adjudication of staffing, training, fiscal, and operational issues, in support of global military needs. In addition to the 4100 service members managed, this organization was responsible for the administrative needs of U.S. Marine Corps Service Veterans (approx. 63,000). On my annual review I was evaluated by my commander as the #1 performing Colonel among 30 he had evaluated during his career.

10/12 - 5/13 Deputy Commander | Colonel | U.S. Navy | Naval Station San Diego, CA

" Second in command of 23 subsidiary commands that included 14 Amphibious Platforms (ships) and 13,500 Sailors and Marines.
" Led operational risk management planning of international military exercise with 2600 participants and 2 countries that validated a requirement for new Department of Defense maritime operations principles.
" Graduated with honors from National Defense University advanced operations planning course (3.85/4,00 GPA).

I was competitively selected for this position by a U.S. Marine Corps 2-Star General. I served as the Asst. Commander to a U.S. Navy 1-Star Admiral, and as the senior rank U.S. Marine Corps Officer in the organization, and a subject matter expert for U.S. Marine Corps integration with the U.S. Navy. As one of three primary advisors to the Admiral, I participated in the development and implementation of organizational policies, the adjudication of staffing, fiscal, and operational issues, and was the primary liaison with the Marine Corps. During military operations, I ensured effective headquarters integration of the Navy and Marines in support of training objectives (approx. 150 members). I was awarded the U.S. Marine Corps Legion of Merit personal award for my results. Upon completion of this assignment, I was competitively selected by a committee of U.S. Marine Corps Generals to serve in my next assignment.

11/11 - 9/12 Commander | Colonel | I MEF Headquarters Group | Camp Pendleton, CA

" Led 6 subsidiary units with 4000 service members, 8 Direct Reports.
" Led human resource and operational risk management planning and execution.
" Staffed, trained, and deployed overseas 1500 members for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations.
" Managed and controlled equipment account ($15 million) and contract budget ($12 million).

Upon my return from one year in Afghanistan, I was selected as the Commanding Officer of this organization. I led, mentored, and evaluated my senior leader direct reports (8), and evaluated the performance of additional members of the organization (60). I led the creation of two new military organizations (approx. 700 members) and organizational development initiatives, recommending a significant re-organization and headquarters headcount increase to better support subordinate unit needs. These changes were implemented in 2016. I established various policies (and controls) to ensure a high state of readiness and implemented new training standards based on feedback of current operations. I completed this assignment and was selected as the Asst. Commander of a larger organization with the U.S. Navy.

01/10 - 09/11 Incident Assessment Team Leader and Red Team Leader | Colonel | I Marine Expeditionary Force | Camp Pendleton, Oceanside CA and Afghanistan

" Led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) team (15 members) that assessed high risk operational incidents to mitigate negative international public perception (17 incidents).
" Led operational effectiveness analysis of events and implemented lessons learned into military operating procedures and rules of engagement.
" Led development of team procedures that NATO implemented for all assessment teams in the country (5).
" Led adversary operational planning team that designed operations in support of NATO campaign goals.

I led an operational incident management team that conducted rapid assessments of incidents with potential political and strategic consequence to the government of Afghanistan and NATO (approx. 17). T I reported directly to the Commanding General. his team was comprised of Afghanistan political and NATO military representatives (approx. 15 members), that visited the site of an incident, conducted a rapid assessment, and submitted findings to NATO and the Government of Afghanistan. I also represented the Commander in negotiations with the United Nations on the impact of the conflict to local civilians. I received personal recognition by NATO as the incident assessment team leader, and my teams assessment procedures were adopted by NATO for use throughout Afghanistan.

I also led a multi-national team of 5 military and civilian strategic planners that supported NATO operations in southwest Afghanistan (approx. 17,000 service members). I led my team identifying vulnerabilities and unintended consequences of security and economic development plans, and conducted special initiative planning for the Commander (approx. 40).

I was personally awarded the U.S. Marine Corps Meritorious Service Medal for my performance.

11/09 - 12/09 Operations Officer | Colonel | Tactical Air Command Center Battle Staff | 4th Marine Aircraft Wing | Marine Corps Air Station Miramar | San Diego, CA

" Led operational risk planning of military aviation operations.
" Created training and development syllabus to certify team members for aviation operations certifications (35 members).
" Achieved Senior Aviation Watch Supervisor qualification.

07/05 - 10/08 Project Manager and Learning Manager | World Savings and Wachovia Bank | Oakland, CA

" World Savings Project Manager - led, managed, and mentored Direct Reports (4) that developed strategic initiative learning curriculum for retail bank (283 branches; 8,300 teammates).
" During Wachovia and World Savings merger, led team and achieved 0% turnover; awarded $10,000 cash bonus.
" Wachovia Learning Manager No CA/NV - led and managed retail bank learning team (10 Direct Reports) that facilitated general bank job family training (107 sessions).
" Increased bank training throughput 31% by leveraging metrics and partnering with Recruiting and Line of Business.
" Served in military reserve.

Upon my return from my re-call to full time military service, I was promoted to Project Manager and led a new team within retail bank Learning and Development. I reported to the Retail Training Director. Eight months after I started in this role, the merger between World Saving and Wachovia Bank was announced. With Wachovia Bank, I reported directly to the Sr. Learning Manager for the Western Banking Group. Due to market conditions in the summer of 2008, I participated in the organizational development re-design of the Western Region learning organization. My position was eliminated in October 2008 due to market conditions, and purchase of Wachovia Bank by Wells Fargo Bank.

07/04 - 5/05 Commander | Lieutenant Colonel | U.S. Marine Corps | Iraq

" In-voluntarily recalled to full-time military service from the military reserve.
" Led, managed, and mentored Direct Reports (10) providing security and logistics support for aviation operations (523 members) at 6 locations.
" Leveraged reporting metrics to inform operational risk management planning.
" Served as Contracting Officers Representative - managed $5 mil government Innovation Technology communications systems contract.
" Awarded Bronze Star Medal for leadership results.

For my involuntary recall to full time military service, I deployed overseas and served as the Commander of a military organization. I reported directly to the Commanding General and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for my results. At the completion of my required one year of military service, I was discharged from the full-time military, transferred back to the military reserve, and returned to World Savings Bank.

06/95 - 07/04 World Savings Bank | Branch Manager and Internal Audit Liaison | Oakland, CA

" Managed 2 retail bank financial centers - increased deposits 23% ($50 m) in 12 months and managed staff of 19 that serviced 10,000 customer transactions per month; decreased team member turnover 60%. Awarded Presidents Club membership for top 10% results nationwide.
" Promoted to Internal Audit Liaison - managed internal audit operational risk management assessments for 283 financial centers. Validated controls of highest risk audit findings and authored over 70 internal audit responses annually for board of director audit committee review.
" Conceptualized, refined, and published retail bank operational risk management policies and procedures in collaboration with business and functional experts.
" Served in the military reserve.

08/88 - 02/95 Commissioned Officer | U.S. Marine Corps | United States and Japan

" Served full time in the military from 1988 to 1995.


-Bachelor of Arts, Economics, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 1988
-Naval ROTC, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 1988
-Command and Staff College (Distance Education), Marine Corps University, Quantico, VA, 2007
-Advanced Joint Military Professional Education II (Distance Education), National Defense University,
Washington, D.C. - Honor Graduate (3.85/4.00 GPA), 2013
-Air University, Air War College (Distance Education), US Air Force, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, 2017


-Top Secret Security Clearance (Department of Defense)
-Military personal recognition: Legion of Merit (2), Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (3), Navy Achievement Medal

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