MIssion-Critical Facilities Consultant

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MIssion-Critical Facilities Consultant
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$100,000 to $200,000

Resume Summary
Proven consultant of mission-critical facilities; architecture and design, general and project management, training programs, MEP. Experienced with annual budgets of >$10M OPEX and >$50M CAPEX. Tactical and strategic planning, load growth planning, meaningful redundancy/reliability analysis and problem mitigation.


Summary: Proven Leader of Mission-Critical Facilities where high-availability is mandatory.
" 20+ years experience in mission-critical engineering environments.
" Experienced in CAPEX and OPEX budget development and implementation, typically >$50M CAPEX and >$10M annual OPEX.
" Deep knowledge of mechanical, electrical, environmental health and safety systems.
" Experienced leading complicated projects including retrofit of in-service mission-critical infrastructure facilities to new construction projects exceed $150M.
" Build, staff and train engineering teams, including development of SOPs/MOPs/ERPs.
" Develop and implement next-generation strategic plans for scalable mission-critical facilities operations, using customized KPIs that are specific, meaningful and timely, for real-time operational feedback.
" Develop and deploy meaningful facilities analyses matrices, for operational and materiel assessment, and using the results create tactical plans to upgrade/retrofit facilities as funding and IT operations could accommodate.
" Develop IT load growth pattern monitoring and cooling management, to assure proper environmental conditions maintained throughout the portfolio.

Critical Facilities Manager
Microsoft Cheyenne Data Centers
3/2014 - Present


Manage all critical facilities engineering aspects of **** Data Centers at ****.

Manage all financial, operational and personnel aspects of campus, including construction management. Develop and implement engineering training program for Microsoft portfolio.
Provide tactical leadership and management support to Critical Environments Team who have the responsibility of day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Critical Infrastructure.
Establish the scope of various programs and/or projects, addressing all aspects including but not limited to business requirements, performance specifications, planning, cost, interdependencies, safety and resources.

Critical Environments and Engineering Operations Manager
Bank of **** Account


Provide strategic leadership, management and technical oversight for assigned Portfolio, which includes critical environments and associated equipment & systems.

Critical Facilities Portfolio Manager

Recruited to the second largest corporation in Western USA as Critical Facilities Manager, to oversee all mission-critical facilities, including data, phone and grid-control centers.

Managed capital upgrade projects from inception to commissioning, matching infrastructure capabilities against customer growth projections. Provide consulting services to IT management, level-setting expectations to existing facility capabilities, and establish meaningful forecasting to meet future demands.

Developed strategic management plan, including staffing, training, standardization and budgeting for entire SCE portfolio (ten locations). Developed and implemented comprehensive data center technician training programs for ****.

Reduced maintenance expenses by 20% and saved the corporation $7 million in capital upgrade costs by performing detailed analyses of different approaches, yielding a total direct savings to the corporation and customers of $14 Million.

Directed four critical facility engineering upgrades of data centers while they were supporting business operations, achieving Tier-IV electrical/Tier-III mechanical in each facility ($145 million of capital).

Facilities Manager, Data Center

Invited to manage the sole data center for *** Pharmaceutical company, including maintenance, support and monitoring of data center electrical and mechanical support systems, and the planning of upgrades and new installations.

Completed 12 engineering projects to upgrade reliability and redundancy of the data center, in a 13-month period, while data center was fully operational and maintaining a global presence. Result was a Tier-IV electric plant, with Tier-III mechanical systems.

Won the 2009 Uptime Institute award as a member of the 100 Global Green IT Companies, due to an engineering project that reduced utility usage by 30% while maintaining overall data center reliability. Payback period was only three weeks, with an ROI of 3,650%.

Manufacturing Industry
Maintenance Department Supervisor

After completing a B.S. in Managerial Economics at UC Davis (2001-2003), I began working in the manufacturing industry at different companies, starting as a maintenance technician and eventually working up to supervisor. However, after three years at three different companies, I realized I wasnt a good fit- my devotion to excellence simply wasnt required. I concluded that the manufacturing industry could not meet my expectations, but the data center environment could, and within two months joined **** Pharmaceutical.

Data Center Facilities Technician

Managed and maintained companys properties and facilities. Supervised operational team, and vendor maintenance of critical data center support systems, including UPS systems, power distribution and emergency diesel generators. Vendor management of all contractors and suppliers used by Corporate Real Estate. Stopped working to complete my B.S. at UC Davis.

General Manager for Manufacturers Rep. Firm

Started with the family business, working with my father, and learned B2B sales, including all aspects of the national sales accounts including all account negotiations, collections, customer-service issues, buy-offs and customer-requested equipment modifications, testing and certifications.

Supervised vendor support of customers, to ensure that all customer needs were fulfilled in a timely and complete manner. Organized and managed installations and/or troubleshooting of robotic systems by technical teams in both domestic and overseas locations. Trained production crews and senior technicians on operations and troubleshooting, both domestically and in overseas facilities.

Increased sales of Epson Robotics automated test handlers by 400%, by developing new methodologies to control next-generation robotic systems, resulting in 50% higher speeds, with an increase of 30% in production yields. Developed integration of ICOS Vision systems into Epson automated test handlers (at the time, this was thought impossible to accomplish). Designed and wrote all associated technical documentation, allowing rapid ISO-9000 certification.

Sold business at the height of the dot-com boom, recognizing the inherent instability of the market; my father retired and I moved out of Silicon Valley to be closer to my family.

United States Navy
Nuclear Electrician, Submarine Service

Senior supervisory watch over shutdown reactor plant on USS Archerfish (SSN-678), supervising an engineering team of 13 nuclear-certified technicians, mechanics and radiological workers. Managed daily shop operations (while on USS Dixon), overseeing a tiger-team of eighteen people.

Saved the U.S. Navy $1.7 Million by documenting the U.S. Navy receiving defective spare-parts from a vendor.

Doctorate of Science (D.Sc.), Communications and Information Systems, Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA. 2013.
MBA, Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA 5/2009
B.S. Managerial Economics, UC Davis, CA 3/2003
A.S. Business, Mission/West Valley College, CA 12/1999
Naval Nuclear Engineering Program, Orlando, FL 1987
Naval Electrician A School, Great Lakes, MI 1986
Naval Electronics/Electricity School, Great Lakes, MI 1986


**** Measuring Operational Effectiveness of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and the Impact of Critical Facilities Inclusion in the Process. Dissertation, Robert Morris University. Ann Arbor: ProQuest/UMI, 2013. (Publication No. AAT 3617032.)

**** (2015). Mission-Critical Facilities Management (For the Non-Engineer) (p. 292). Charleston: Createspace. http://www.amazon.com/Mission-Critical-Facilities-Management-Woodell-D-Sc/dp/1517762936/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1452702961&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=MISSION-CRITICAL+FACILITIES+MANAGEMENT

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MIssion-Critical Facilities Consultant

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