Executive Business Mgmt & Improvement Consultant

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Executive Business Mgmt & Improvement Consultant
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$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Executive leader with diverse experience in technology and business functions. Expertise includes managing large programs/functional organizations, driving transformation, quality and process improvement, reliability engineering, vendor management, operations, development and product lifecycle management of operational support systems (OSS).


Summary of Qualifications:
Results oriented business management and technology professional with extensive leadership experience in multiple functional areas. Competences include:

- Diverse Business & Technology Background
- Strategy Balanced with Practical Implementation
- Business Program Management/Leading Teams
- Quality & Reliability Improvement Initiatives
- Vendor Management Programs
- Operational Support System Development/Mgmt.
- Operations & Technical Support
- Regulatory & Business Continuity Support

UNIVERSITY: Bachelor Degree, Computer Science - Graduated with honors. Other: Associate Degree, General Science. Associate Degree, Electrical Engineering Technology. Specialized Expert: Quality and Reliability Engineering.

Professional Experience:
Large Telecom Service Provider 2003 - 2014

Executive Director, Technology:
Leader of a specialized shared services support team. Created the organizational strategy, functions, and grew capabilities of the team to support the business (grew from 1 to a peak of 100+ professionals). Core accountabilities:

- Large Programs/Project Management
- Quality and Process Improvement
- Reliability Engineering Improvement
- Vendor Management
- Development/Life Cycle Ownership of Operations Tools (OSS)
- Regulatory and Business Continuity Planning

Position Details:

Accountable for developing strategy, plans and/or managing implementation of business and technology programs and projects as large as $30M (enterprise wide and/or tactically focused).

Quality and Process Improvement:
Created and responsible for process improvement center tasked with defining and improving processes utilizing industry standard methodologies (e.g. Six Sigma). Process frameworks included ETOM and ITIL.

Reliability Engineering:
Implemented and led the reliability program in operations to improve services and products; included, metrics/scorecards, analytics function, and development/implementation of improvement and cost reduction programs via collaboration. Developed design for reliability strategy/plan for development process and collaborated/supported design to adapt.

Vendor Management Program:
Instituted and led the successful vendor performance management program in Operations. In 2014, developed and implemented the end-to-end enterprise wide vendor performance management program; included strategy, framework, scorecards, analytics capabilities, business reviews, performance and cost improvement processes.

Operational Support Systems Development (OSS):
Accountable for business ownership and product life cycle management of a $24M portfolio of Enterprise tools (e.g. monitoring, inventory, fault, ticketing, etc.) - included financial management, life cycle planning, maintenance/bug fixes, feature enhancements, and creating/implementing new tools to improve operational performance and efficiency.

Regulatory and Business Continuity:
Accountable for mandated FCC outage reporting and enterprise business continuity planning (BCP). Known in the industry with many years of active support of industry and governmental advisory forums.

Accomplishments Included:
Program: Leader of $30M Enterprise wide quality/reliability program that reduced annual outage minutes on voice service by 80% and improved operational efficiency by developing processes, tools and training (+7M annual savings). Quality: Base-lined operational processes, analyzed gaps, and implemented plans that improved performance/efficiency 25%. Multiple Six Sigma initiatives improved efficiency, reduced repair time, trouble calls, etc. (up to 60% improvement). Reliability: Used reliability engineering to identify/eliminate a premature hardware fault with a 75% reliability gain and $2.6M savings/Yr. Led a $3.6M reliability program that identified risk and reduced the top 30% of vulnerabilities on targeted video services. Vendor Management: Operational tools: Developed/implemented an enterprise wide vendor management program and processes ($5M saved first year). Created and implemented a proprietary application that reduces/prevents outages with benefit of reducing customer troubles (7% per year call volume reduction & $7.6M annual savings)  personally received patent as inventor. Regulatory: Created and managed the FCC outage reporting process, team and tools ($7M) - 100% compliance over past six years.

Large Telecom Service Provider 2002  2003

Senior Manager, Engineering  Network Service Quality & Plant Reliability:
Senior leader responsible for the network reporting, analytics and continuous improvement team for video, data and telephony services (product and process):

Accomplishments Included:
Outage minutes reduced by 47%, eliminated defective Installs up to 78%, improved mean time to repair up to 57%, customer troubles reduced by 13%, customer repeat troubles reduced 48%, and avoidable truck rolls by 57%.

Large Telecom Equipment Supplier 1981 - 2001

Program Management Leader, New Product Introduction 2000  2001:
Responsible for creating and managing a new functional role and associated processes to ensure global new product introduction readiness in areas of installation, engineering, service, repair, documentation and training ($1.3b portfolio).

Director, Global Technical Service 1997 - 2000:
Directed strategy, budget, capital, resource plan and day-to-day activities of the technical support teams with product responsibilities totaling $10 plus billion in annual sales (Tiers 1 to 5 - up to 76 employees). Product ownership included SONET OC-3 to OC-192 fiber optic transport systems, access voice, Cornerstone HFC voice/data cable media and access data products. Also owned the QA test lab to validate software prior to release.

Accomplishments Included:
Developed/grew team from 22 to 52 engineers to support expanded product market, while improving performance via continuous improvement (reduced trouble rates by 20% and 70% on two major products). Implemented support strategies taking products from a cost model to a revenue model ($2.2M million to bottom line).

Technical Support Manager 1996 - 1997:
Position managed call center and fiber optic/video technical support groups. Project Manager for TL9000/ISO 9000 audit.

Senior Scientific Staff Engineer  Bell Northern Research 1993 - 1996:
Responsibilities included project/program management for new software development releases, technical marketing, quality testing on new products and design level field support on fiber optic, digital loop, and DMS-100/500 platforms.

Manager and Lead Quality/Reliability Engineer 1987 - 1992:
Manager of Field Performance and Factory Quality Assurance: A) Customer interface for analysis and resolution of engineering complaints. B) Compiled/analyzed field tracking/reliability statistics. C) Formed and implemented improvement initiatives using quality and continuous improvement methods (e.g. six sigma green belt and black belt level). Assisted with factory implementation of statistical process control with JIT manufacturing and ISO 9001 program.

Accomplishments Included:
Uncovered/resolved a major multi-million dollar flaw in the line card manufacturing process before catastrophic network failures occurred. Solution improved network performance and dropped failure rates by 30% to 50%.

Quality Engineering, Audit and Electronic Technician 1981  1987:
Ensured quality standards were met on manufactured product by using statistical analysis and sampling methods.

Automotive Manufacturer Two Years
Quality Control Inspector

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Executive Business Mgmt & Improvement Consultant

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