Consultant - Strategic, Operational and P&L

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Consultant - Strategic, Operational and P&L
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Resume Summary
International and Domestic consulting across multiple industries. Focus on strategy, operations, finance and turn arounds. Specific international engagements included Prudential Assurance and British Airways. Performance metrics are measurable. Worked in corporate and government organizations.


Global Operations | Country Management | Strategy Development & Execution

Successful at improving business operations, delivering profits and leading growth through strategic planning, execution, and change management while driving key operational metrics in domestic and international markets.

MBA Northeastern University | BBA Finance University of Massachusetts
TS/SCI Top Secret Security Clearance


Colonel - Country Manager Linguist Operations - Afghanistan (2011 - 2013)
Bagram Airfield & Camp Phoenix, Kabul

Promoted to run the $800M annual, $5B 5-year US Army Linguist Contract in direct support of US Forces and Coalition Partners in Afghanistan. Supervised 7,800 interpreters (US hires and local nationals), 150 vendor staff and 12 senior headquarters staff spread across 225 locations in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and other NATO countries. Reported monthly to the Deputy Commanding General of all US Forces in Afghanistan; my direct supervisor was located 7,000 miles away at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Linguist support was failing in key areas due to systemic problems of sheer size, combat zone operations, lack of physical or financial infrastructure, and the inability to scale-up during the US Army surge beginning in 2010. The contract was hemorrhaging money and churning people at an unsatisfactory personnel fill rate of < 80%. Units were classified as non-mission capable. A centralized Iraqi operations template was used instead of a decentralized system conducive to a rugged and undeveloped country like Afghanistan.

The following is a summary of the US Army's Afghanistan linguist operations since I joined in 2011 plus 3 years prior and (proposed) 2 years later:

* In 2008 and 2009, contract cost was minimal, and there were 2,800 personnel (90% fill rate) across 75 country sites.

* In 2010, contract cost rose 17% to $350M, and personnel grew 20% to 3,500, (85% fill rate) across 135 country sites.

* In 2011, contract cost rose 93% to $675M, and personnel grew 37% to 4,800 (75% fill rate) across 175 country sites.

* In 2012, contract cost rose 17% to $787M, and personnel grew 63% to 7,800 (98% fill rate) across 225 country sites.

* In 2013, when we transitioned into a firm fixed price contract, contract cost decreased 40% to $475M, and personnel was reduced by 28% to 5,500 (99% fill rate) across 158 country sites.

* In 2014 (Proposed), contract cost is expected to decrease 37% to <$300M, and personnel will be reduced 55% to 2,500 (110% fill rate) across 43 country sites.

* In 2015 (Proposed), contract cost is expected to decrease 50% to
< $150M, and personnel will be reduced 60% to 1,000 (110% fill rate) across 5 country sites.

Quickly accomplished 2 critical objectives to streamline operations. First, I decentralized operations by reorganizing the country into 5 Regional Operational Divisions and 2 Country-Wide Functional Divisions. The decentralized structure properly aligned our operations with the military's operating structure. Second, we completed a new set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) specific to Afghanistan. The new SOP provided operators a standardized instruction manual governing all aspects of Afghanistan linguist operations.

Upon completing my first 2 initiatives, we began collapsing costs, streamlining logistics, and improving transportation. We saved tens of millions of taxpayer dollars by simply substituting US Air Force flights for commercial flights to and from the US for the 1,000 personnel moves we completed each month. We improved personnel accountability by establishing 2 gateways (Bagram and Kandahar) in and out of Afghanistan, and closed down inefficient air routes (Manas, Kyrgyzstan and Kabul, Afghanistan). In March 2013, I executed an additional reduction of $53M in sensitive personnel costs, timed with the US Government's sequestration.

During my last 6 months, I revised the SOP to incorporate the changes of a new firm fixed price contract, planned the draw down requirements through February 2015, trained a new set of headquarters operations officers, and completed a smooth transition with my successor in June 2013.


Lieutenant Colonel - Battalion Commander (2009 - 2011)
Chicago, IL & Fort Benning, GA

Assumed command of US Army Reserve Basic Training Unit with 125 Drill Sergeants plus support personnel in Chicago. My commander immediately informed me that I would mobilize the battalion within 15 months to support the Infantry Training Brigade at Ft. Benning, GA. We were the only US Army Reserve training battalion selected for mobilization to support the US Army personnel surge beginning in 2010. I immediately made transitional decisions involving personnel, staff selection, training, recruiting, and resource management. We turned over 50% of unit personnel in 12 months and transformed the team into an Infantry basic training battalion.

Over a 2-year period, I converted a reserve basic training unit into Infantry basic training unit, prepared the unit for regular Army activation, mobilized the battalion, began training 2,500 + new US Army infantry soldiers, and finally conducted a seamless leadership transition in February 2011.

My superiors recognized my performance and selected me for promotion to Colonel in September 2010. I delayed promotion 9 months until May 2011 while mobilizing my battalion.


Senior Consultant

Contract consultant to middle market companies in the areas of performance improvement, financial advisory, workouts, reorganization, restructuring, and turnaround. I worked as part of a team on 2 engagements.

Post 2008 financial crisis business solutions were counter-intuitive from a turn around perspective. Mark to market valuation requirements created a liquidity crisis for banks. Banks cancelled or reduced credit lines to our clients. Our advice was to draw fully on the credit line so cash would be available for working capital. I left Morris Anderson to wind down Ameriwash, Inc and prepare for my pending US Army mobilization.

AMERIWASH, INC. - Chicago, IL 2001 - 2011

President and Chief Operating Officer

Acquired 6 carwash properties in 2001, turned around and sold 5 properties within two years, generating 175% ROI. Built remaining operation to 70% after-tax profit. In 2005, we renovated the facility and leveraged technology to reduce operating costs 25% below industry norms. My plan was to validate the new automatic/self service carwash business model. Sales doubled between 2006 and 2007, and Ameriwash was featured in national trade magazines.

In 2007, we negotiated strategic alliance with Belanger Inc. and launched a sister company to sell carwash equipment, chemicals, products and services in Northern Illinois. Equipment and chemical sales increased 4 fold in an 18 month period until the financial crisis of the fall of 2008.

The financial crisis of 2008 crushed the automatic/self-service business model across the US. Commercial wash sales collapsed 25% by November 2008. The public stopped washing cars in the winter of 2009, and wash sales decreased an additional 25%. Equipment sales stalled and chemical sales dropped 50%. Industry changing creative destruction arrived from Florida in 2010 in the form of the $3 tunnel carwash model championed by Sonny's Carwash Equipment. We liquidated Ameriwash in March 2011 for 35 cents on the dollar. I negotiated personal guarantor releases of $1.3M for 3 and 5 cents on the dollar with Wells Fargo and Community South Banks.

THE VECTOR GROUP - London, UK 1999 - 2001

Senior Management Consultant

Led operations, management and finance consulting projects for Prudential Assurance across the United Kingdom and Europe. Key player on the18-month sales force reorganization, cultural change, and profit turnaround. I worked directly for the principal of the firm.

While at London Headquarters, we identified profit drain and halted 300M annual loss resulting from the sales of Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs, the British version of a retirement annuity). Our research revealed it cost 300% to underwrite every 1 in AVC premium. I briefed the management committee on Geico Insurance entering the British market and the effect on profitability a 20% decrease in automobile premiums would have in the British market.

KFC CORPORATION / YUM! BRANDS - Chicago, IL 1993 - 1999

Director of Operations (1997 - 1999)
Area Manager (1993 - 1996)

P&L responsibility for 51 company owned stores in the Chicago market with 1,750+ salaried and hourly employees generating $50M+ revenue per year. Led sales and profit increase by driving sales from $40M to $50M+. Turned 10% annual loss to 15% gain by reducing fixed costs 30%. Built/opened 7 new locations, renovated 13 stores, closed 8 unprofitable operations plus launched first national KFC/Taco Bell co-branding (2 in 1) program.

Earlier, I was area manager of a 12 store district. Catapulted 70th-ranked district to #2 and achieved 15% sales growth to $14.5M in 2 years. We increased net operating profit before taxes from 3% to 15%. Increased productivity 20%+ and cut employee turnover from 300% to <75%.

CLEAN HARBORS, INC. - Baltimore, MD & Chicago, IL 1991 - 1993

New Product Development Manager

Hired by the COO of this hazardous waste company to build a facility and establish a market for mercury disposal. I outlined cash flow, ROI and net income plus built a proto-type facility in Baltimore to valid the business plan. My findings determined we could subcontract the disposal to Bethlehem Apparatus at a 50% profit margin and save $3M in facility capital costs.

I left in 1993, and was asked to return in 2003 to organize subcontractors for an oil spill off the coast of Buzzards Bay, MA. I set up an invoicing system and cost controls to meet West of England Insurance's requirements. We delivered $26M revenue and 170% profit margin in 36 days.


Commercial Property Manager

Managed $3M in commercial property for this real estate developer during graduate school. Following the 1989 S&L bank crisis, I successfully negotiated $7M in foreclosure workouts.


Captain, Major, and Lieutenant Colonel, Multiple U.S. Army Reserve Units (1988 - 2009)

Captain, Battalion Personnel Officer, 9th Infantry Division, Ft. Lewis, WA (1987 - 1988)

1st Lieutenant, Platoon Leader, 2nd Infantry Division, Airborne Ranger, South Korea / (1985 - 1987)
Demilitarized Zone, Dongducheon, Uijongbu & Yonjugol - South Korea


U.S. Army Command & General Staff College, 1999
TS/SCI Top Secret Security Clearance, Current

MBA, Northeastern University, 1990
BBA Finance, University of Massachusetts, 1985

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Consultant - Strategic, Operational and P&L

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