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RiteSite Privacy Policy

To Everyone . . .
You may find it convenient to store confidential personal information on RiteSite. If you choose to register to use any of our services for executives, recruiters, or employers, your information on RiteSite belongs to you alone and none of it will be intentionally disseminated to anyone else unless you indicate that it should be. If you merely visit the site and do not register for services, no personally identifiable information will be collected about you or your visit.

To the Custom Career Service Executive . . .
It's up to you to decide what information you wish disclose and to whom. We make it possible for you to display your achievements to the world in identity-concealed resumes you devise. When you attract inquiries, you decide whether or not to reveal your identity and respond. We also -- if you ask us to -- make your identity-revealed information available to recruiters with the prestigious firms honored in Rites of Passage.

Our Very Different Approach
Unlike the overwhelming majority of employment-oriented Internet sites, including sites stressing that they serve high-level and/or highly-paid executives, we do not sell access to our databases of resumes nor to our records of registered users' identities, registrations, or usage for any purpose whatsoever ... not for recruiting purposes ... not for solicitation to buy merchandise or services ... not to support causes ... and not to solicit charitable contributions. Doing so is a lucrative business. But we are not in it.

To the Rites-Honored Recruiter . . .
Whether or not you publicize your use of RiteSite to assist in conducting your searches is entirely up to you. Obviously, you will have to reveal yourself to the candidates you select. Otherwise you cannot deal with them. However, no one will be informed by RiteSite that you personally -- or you as a member of your Rites-Honored firm -- are a user of RiteSite. No matter how successful you may become in using RiteSite to help fill your search assignments, we will never publicize the fact that you are using Ritesite unless and until we first ask and get your permission in writing to do so.

To Other Recruiters and Employers . . .
You too will benefit from RiteSite's policy of never publicizing who is using its services and how extensively. True, you will forthrightly identify yourself in every posting. That's necessary to use the service. RiteSite's entire emphasis is on enabling worthy candidates to draw themselves to your attention and on enabling you to draw your opportunities to the attention of outstanding candidates. RiteSite helps fill jobs. But it doesn't say, "See how I'm filling these jobs." It prefers to let you -- whether a recruiter working for clients or a recruiter or a line manager working for a company -- to say merely, "See what impressive results I'm getting and how quickly I'm getting them."

Your skillful use of RiteSite is your personal professional tool. You deserve the credit and we won't try to grab any of it. We appreciate your allowing us to help our Custom Career Service members by helping you.

To Everyone Wishing to View Our Privacy Policy in Detail...
RiteSite Privacy Policy Statement in Detail