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FINALLY: Being known to the top executive search firms is
quick, sure, and EASY!

Getting known to the finest search firms -- while avoiding the others -- is the #1 essential of executive-level job-changing. Now it’s quick, sure, and EASY!

In less than 30 minutes you can email your resume to America’s top search firms retained to fill executive-level jobs.

These firms trash a large percentage of the emailed resumes they receive for reasons that yours will avoid.

After you have taken the first and most essential steps to deal with these firms, you’ll get continuing assistance week-after-week -- both in job-hunting and also in succeeding and moving up afterward -- from America’s #1 expert on executive job-changing and career development!
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About our founder, the late Mr. John Lucht.

John spent over 30 years putting executives into top jobs ... from heads of Sales, Marketing, Finance, R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering and Technology ... to CEOs of Fortune 500 Corporations.

Founder Tribute
As a top executive recruiter, John authored Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+... the Insider’s Guide to Executive Job-Changing and Faster Career Progress. It’s the #1 bestseller on the subject ... today, as it has been for over a decade. John's advice in the book and on RiteSite.com help you reach the finest executive recruiters.

RiteSite provides you even more. Let’s hear about it from a member:
Listen to Shamus Hurley.  Which of his results would help you?
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First step... RiteSite gets your resume to the powerful retainer-compensated recruiters.

They are the “Rites-Honored” firms RiteSite guides you to.

These recruiters do not scatter resumes, hoping for a hire. They’re paid, or they don’t work! Each search is an “exclusive.” Therefore, you have the least to lose and the most to gain from identifying yourself to these key recruiters and cultivating relationships with as many as possible.

That’s an essential part of every executive job campaign ... and equally important in long-term career-building. It’s also what RiteSite.com helps you do in ways that no other site provides. It’d be nearly impossible for you to do for yourself what you’ll easily do with RiteSite’s help. Let’s see what that is:

1. Identification of “Rites-Honored” firms. You’ve probably already dealt with several top firms. Perhaps Heidrick and Struggles, the largest, Korn/Ferry, the second-largest, and Spencer Stuart, third in size. Surely you know others. But unless you’re an insider, you cannot know the whole industry. Many of the best jobs are filled by prestigious “boutiques” ... often led by “stars” of the giant firms, who’ve gone off on their own.  Click here to see the 515 firms we want you to reach.
2. Reaching Out.You absolutely must be known to these firms. Even in a strong executive job market only a very few of these firms will discover you within several years. You must submit your resume. And do so exactly as each firm stipulates. RiteSite makes that process obvious and EASY.
Our unique "Email-My-Resume" AUTOMATICALLY sends to your choices among the 515 Rites-Honored firms. Saves DAYS! Takes LESS THAN AN 30 MINUTES! Customized to come from YOUR OWN email address! Nothing like this is available anywhere else!
Listen to Gail Gavin.  How did she become a CEO using Rites Honored Recruiters?
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3. Becoming “findable.” Absolutely the first place “Rites-Honored Recruiters” look is in their own database. You hope they’ve inserted your resume. But you cannot know how many -- if any -- have done that. Some will. Many won’t. Moreover, you can’t know how long you’ll be retained even if you’re inserted. That’s why we maintain our unique Rites-Honored resume database. Here you’ll keep up to three versions of your resume continually on file, with your identity fully revealed ... always available free of charge to all Rites-Honored recruiters, but totally shielded from all headhunters who are not Rites-Honored and from all employers. The headhunters we screen out are the the main purchasers at Chief Monster, 6-FigureJobs, CareerBuilder, CareerJournal and all the other commercial sites. Here, they cannot enter at any price! You’re protected from everyone but the Rites-Honored recruiters you urgently want to find you.
4. Convenient Web Link List to reach all Rites-Honored Recruiters. Visit the Web sites of all Rites-Honored Recruiters ... especially the ones that invite you in to discuss an opportunity. No need to look up these sites. Merely click through RiteSite’s alphabetical array of URLS.  Click here for a sample.
Listen to Bob Pike, a Rites-Honored Recruiter.
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5. Being “Findable” -- but cautiously -- by everyone else. RiteSite also maintains a publicly accessible database. Post up to 4 versions of your resume with your identity concealed. Everyone can see your achievements, but they do not know your identity. They must contact you through RiteSite’s computer. If interested, you reply. If not, you stay hidden. Contingency recruiters, entrepreneurs staffing startups (and not ready to pay search fees), corporate recruiters, senior executives looking for subordinates ... all can find you here.
Listen to Rob Cotton, a first-class recruiter, although not Rites-Honored because some of his searches are on contingency; not all are retained.
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Special Bonus:
Make great new networking contacts!
Get job leads and recruiter referrals from your
fellow RiteSite members.
Use our unique "Members Helping Members" Networking. It's powerful!

Special help every week! Could you benefit from a wealth of new networking contacts? RiteSite enables you to view the IDENTITY-CONCEALED resumes of thousands of our members nationwide. Choose the most appropriate. Send them your personal "Invitation to Network." They accept if interested ... stay concealed if not. Privacy is protected. But, whenever any two members desire to know and help each other, RiteSite makes that possible. On average, more than 14% of all Invitations to Network are accepted. If you participate, yours should be too.

Listen to Rich Rhodes' experience with Membership Networking.
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6. Reversing the Burden of Secrecy. Blind ads and Internet postings provide secrecy to headhunters and employers. Reverse that advantage! Use RiteSite to submit your Identity Concealed resume. If a headhunter wants to meet you, they’ll have to reveal themselves and their proposal. If you’re impressed, you respond. Otherwise not.

Special Bonus:
Weekly "Memos from John," RiteSite's founder, bring you time tested techniques to compete aggressively in the challenging executive job market.  If you don’t have this information, you’re at a disadvantage to others who do!

"Memos from John" and RITESITE UNIVERSITY

Special help every week! You receive a weekly memo with very specific tips on how to beat your competition for today’s limited supply of executive jobs. This information is not provided to anyone who is not a RiteSite member. Every week, you’ll get a 2-page supplement to the #1 bestselling book on executive job-changing and career building.

RITESITE UNIVERSITY. Fifteen topical courses bring you practical help with each of the most important and difficult issues faced by an executive seeking a new or better job. You find exactly what you want to know with easy push-button convenience.

Listen to a user of RiteSite advice.
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With RiteSite, you’ll avoid the scams and misrepresentations of Internet job-hunting. For example, look at the many online resume-submission tools. All are easy. But every one we’ve ever seen is potentially damaging at the executive level.

Some boast that they’ll send your resume to tens of thousands of recruiters. Do you know why this is likely to do you more harm than good?

Others claim they’ll send only to retained search firms. Do you know that “retained” or “retainer” -- if they offer such a category -- is usually not the same restriction you need and RiteSite provides?

Most forwarders pay no attention to the means by which each firm is willing to receive resumes. Therefore your resume arrives in a form that a large proportion of the firms will trash!

And on top of the other shortcomings, the leading forwarders charge you about as much for just a one-time sending of your resume as RiteSite charges you for full membership with no cutoff date. They provide only one instantaneous "blast" of your resume. They never disclose the email addresses they send to! And, unless you pay a high additional price, they never provide data you can download for an on-paper campaign, if you want one.

Listen to Tom Delaney compare RiteSite with the other job sites.
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Only RiteSite empowers you to market yourself to the top search firms by providing you with the actual data you want and need to do so!

But Wait! There’s More.
RiteSite helps you with more than just Job-Hunting.  It shows you a unique approach to CONSULTING that can add income during your job search, add power to your networking, and yet leave you free to exit for the right job.  Or perhaps you’ll shun a corporate payroll and remain your own boss.

John discovered a totally different business model for an individual doing consulting. It solves the classic problem: “When you’re doing, you can’t be selling. And when you’re selling you can’t be doing.” Now you can solve that problem and make good money consulting while you’re job-hunting. Also, add power to your networking. Some RiteSite members find this consulting so lucrative and satisfying that they refuse great job offers to keep on consulting.

Check RiteSite University for “Crandall’s Way Consulting.” See how John made $196,000 a year in extra income for 3 years this way, while still maintaining a successful executive search practice. Notice the member who turned down one of America’s top VP - Marketing jobs to continue consulting.

Notice too, how some members use the information to push ahead with their entrepreneurial goals while they also conduct their job search.  Pursue this strategy and you may wind up owning your own business.  For example, here's a member who took that approach.

Listen to Russ Gilmore who's now CEO of his own company.
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But Wait! RiteSite does more than help you find a job.  There’s world class advice on entering your new position successfully. Plus weekly advisories on succeeding and continually moving up.

You’ll receive two emails per week ... on entirely different subjects.

One is your “MEMO from John,” RiteSite's founder ... having hard-hitting, time tested strategy and technique to succeed in an executive job search.

The other is your weekly “INSIGHT” ... an observation or technique on how to lead successfully and move up within any organization. These sometimes touch on broader issues of successful living. Many members have reported profound help from this unique combination of supportive influences.

Also, by enabling members to communicate with the very finest U.S. and Canadian search firms in the easiest and most time-efficient way, RiteSite helps executives currently working abroad to become re-employed in the U.S. or Canada.

We hear from many people who use RiteSite to assist international relocation. For example, using Rites of Passage, a young member got a great banking job in Spain right out of Business School. Four years later, he used RiteSite to get an even better job back in California.

Listen to Al Ricci’s international use of RiteSite.
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A Unique Climate of Verified and Verifiable Information

RiteSite allows the posting of jobs free of charge as a courtesy to the executive search community and to employers posting directly. But above all, RiteSite serves its executive members. Therefore, we have uniquely stringent rules that make sure you have reliable -- or at least checkable -- information on everyone who posts a job on this site. All jobs are either (1) from Rites-Honored firms or (2) from recruiters or employers who provide identifying information you can check. The Internet abounds in unheard-of and unverifiable headhunting firms. RiteSite does not.

Note: As a courtesy for our members, we sometimes scan the Internet for executive-level jobs posted on other sites and point them out to our members. These job postings, of course, do not meet our strict identification requirements.

Listen to Susan Thompson. What are her
reasons for buying RiteSite?
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RiteSite Membership costs just $94 and you pay only once. There is never any renewal fee. 

That’s right, you make a one-time payment of just $94 and you can use RiteSite as long and as thoroughly as you wish. You will never be billed for a renewal fee. Many members have been with us for nearly a decade after their single $94 payment. So, as you see, we’ve kept RiteSite true to its purpose of helping executives with their careers -- not just reaching for their money when they’re vulnerable in the midst of changing jobs. 

Listen to Monty Westmeyer.  He signed up and paid $94 years ago.  What does he think of the service he’s getting now, years afterward?
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New features are continually being added.
Objective: To Put Members ahead of non-members.  

By now you know what RiteSite is about.  However, when you join, you’ll find even more great tools we haven’t discussed. Plus, more are being developed!  So, here’s the Bottom Line:  We want every RiteSite member to have knowledge of recruiters, plus special tools, plus lots of other  knowledge that non-members do not have.

In job-hunting and career-advancement, our members compete with non-members.   Our purpose with RiteSite is to help make sure our members compete successfully and WIN!

Join and let us help.   We’re sure you’ll be pleased.

Click here and Become a Member of RiteSite today.

P.S.:  You should sign up for RiteSite and begin today to speed up your job search and career development.  But if, for any reason, you don’t feel ready for RiteSite, be sure to get Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+ ... the insider’s guide to executive job-changing and faster career progress.  You’ll surely benefit from the world’s #1 guidebook.

Listen to Tom Bundros. Hear how the book helped him.

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