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Overview of Recruiter / Employer Services

Post your searches at no cost.

Rites-Honored Recruiters:
If your firm is honored in Rites of Passage, you may post all of your searches anonymously and free of charge. We realize your 100% retainer-based firm normally never buys postings on the commercial sites. We understand why, and we're pleased to assist you at no charge. Moreover, as a "Rites-Honored Recruiter" on RiteSite your searches -- although anonymous -- have tremendous credibility and drawing power.

If you are any other recruiter or an employer, you too may post free of charge. RiteSite is pleased to be a free service to all recruiters and employers.

Search RiteSite's CCS resume databases at no cost.

Most other sites -- even those claiming to specialize in executives or high-paying jobs -- charge you to view their database. We do not. All our resumes are from executives who have purchased RiteSite's Custom Career Service to foster and manage their career. They pay. You and they both benefit.

Two databases:

Identity-Concealed Resumes that Everyone Can Access. Many CCS executives -- although interested in career opportunity -- must conceal that interest in order not to jeopardize their current situation. So they present only their achievements, not their identity. With just one click, RiteSite's computer puts you in touch with them by E-mail.

Identity-Revealed Resumes that Only Rites-Honored Recruiters Can Access. If you are a Rites-Honored Recruiter, then you are with a firm our CCS members normally conduct a direct mail campaign to reach. So they nearly always choose our Rites-Honored Option, which opens up their identity-revealed resume to you, just as if it were in your own firm's database.

We welcome all recruiters and employers. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. Also, when you have time, take a look at Chapter 14 of the latest Rites of Passage.