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About RiteSite.com...

    Our Founder is The Late Mr. John Lucht

    Mr. Lucht, author of Rites of Passage at $100,000 to #1 Million+, America's and the world's #1 bestseller on executive job-hunting, had RiteSite.com developed in 2000-2001.

    In 2001 RiteSite.com was launched to provide ability to assist a still wider executive audience. RiteSite offered, and offers, unique tools such as “Email my Resume” which permits submitting your resume to hundreds of select leading retained search firms. This feature of RiteSite is used daily by RiteSite’s executive members starting new job searches.

    RiteSite also contains “RiteSite University,” “Memos from John,” and “Insights for the Journey,” providing career advice and assisting executives in finding a new job.

    RiteSite feature “Identity Concealed resume” was created so executives can look for career advancement opportunities while still in their current position.

    You may find it interesting that original development of RiteSite.com was by a software company in New Zealand.

    To learn more about our founder, The Late Mr. John Lucht, please visit Founder Tribute.

    To Contact RiteSite:

    Submit a request to customer service.

    Or send an email to:


    Post Office Address is:

       ATTN: Robert M Whitman
       P.O. Box 2607
       Reserve, LA 70084-2607