Vice President, Manufacturing

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Vice President, Manufacturing
Location Confidential
No preference
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
Results-driven executive leader with extensive experience streamlining operations for a variety of world-leading manufacturing corporations.Process development expert adept at evaluating work styles/procedures.Team builder skilled in motivating individuals at all corporate levels.Proven track record of success in implementing Lean Manufacturing principles.


Areas of expertise:

People Development
Lean Manufacturing
Manufacturing Systems Development
Contract Negotiation
Organizational Restructures
Operations Management
Employee Relations
Process Assessment/Evaluation
Toyota Production Systems (TPS)
Continuous Improvement
Executive Leadership
Team Building
Cross-Functional Communication



Car manufacturing facility supplying 250K units
annually for the world’s number 1 automaker.

Assistant General Manager

Run a 250-member team to direct plant operations,
processes, materials sourcing, and equipment,
encompassing paint and plastics operations,
facilities management, capital spending, and
environmental engineering. Provide continuous hands-
on oversight to maximize safety, quality, and
productivity, mentoring and coaching engineers to
ensure the proper execution of long- and short-term
strategic engineering plans.

* Improved quality measurement and monitoring,
enhancing proactive protections against the
progression of defects down the line, with the
institution of intelligent process monitoring (IPM)
across multiple production applications.

* Slashed rework rates 60% and reduced materials
scrap/waste up to 15% through the strategic IPM

* Brought plant into full regulatory compliance with
equipment upgrades while maintaining capital spending

* Enhanced ergonomics with strategic automation

* Appointed to special project leading a production
readiness initiative and as a coach/mentor to
production management for a new plant launch.


Manufacturing facility supplying 170K units annually
for sale in North America and 134 countries

Senior Manager

Directed process engineering/integrity and overall
facility production reliability, consulting with
senior executive leadership to set, implement, and
manage daily requirements to meet long-term project
and site milestones. Additionally managed site-wide
capital budgeting and ensured location adherence to
corporate documentation standards.

* Led a $600M, 2M square foot facility expansion to
double production capacity, overseeing 1K contractors
while maintaining production levels at existing

* Boosted value-added work content 40% and raised
operator efficiency 38% in 2 months with a complete
station-by-station Kaizen evaluation and process
rearrangement, maintaining zero defect outflows
throughout transformation initiative.

* Cut operational costs 15% year-over-year, achieved
landmark rates of paint, assembly, and body shop
efficiency, and reduced ergonomic injuries 15% 2
consecutive years with strategic process
analysis/application programs.

* Recognized for outstanding leadership and
performance with appointments to a joint
Mercedes/Chrysler common process initiative, as
liaison to The University of Alabama Co-op Program’s
board, to the Mercedes Car Group global benchmarking
team, and as the president’s delegate to the Mercedes
Production System Team.


$2B manufacturer of wheel bearings, strut bearings,
water pump bearings, and related assemblies.

Vice President of Manufacturing

Headed all manufacturing operations with full profit
and loss accountability for 4 North American
facilities, directing production, quality, materials,
purchasing, engineering, and maintenance. Aligned
daily production priorities with key metrics and
long-term strategic plans, provided direction and
support to production floor supervisors, and served
as a key member of the executive leadership team.

* Established a proprietary corporate operating
system modeled after the Toyota Production System

* Led the successful consolidation of North American
automotive and industrial manufacturing facilities.

* Reduced headcount 19% while achieving 20%
productivity gains and maintaining $250M in sales,
instituting a comprehensive employee communication,
education, and life-support strategy for exiting team

* Lowered customer complaints 70% over 2 years with a
complete organizational restructure reducing waste,
enhancing communication, and establishing a single
point of contact for customers.

CAMI AUTOMOTIVE, INC., Ontario, Canada * 1993-2000

Joint venture of General Motors and Suzuki
specializing in the manufacture of sport utility and
compact vehicles.

Director of Manufacturing Operations

Managed turnkey stamping, welding, painting, and
assembly operations as well as management of the
plant/facilities and the Suzuki production system
office. Provided daily oversight of safety, quality,
and productivity, maintaining an active, visible
presence on the production floor to identify and
rectify equipment bottlenecks and areas for process

* Delivered corporate cost targets while increasing
productivity and boosting workforce morale by
rallying a formal team of hourly workers to identify
and implement improvements in quality, productivity,
cost, and safety.

* Achieved 2 consecutive, 3-year labor agreements,
reversing a history of strikes and poor relations,
without disrupting production or eroding the team-
based culture.

* Secured 3 consecutive years of “best in class”
vehicle quality awards, breaking a 6-year losing
streak, by restructuring a paint team to empower
individuals with accountability, ownership, and
problem-solving tools.

* Consistently promoted through the manufacturing
ranks, from Paint Assistant Manager to Paint Manager,
Assistant Director, and Director of Manufacturing

CAREER NOTE: Additional roles include positions as
Lead Manufacturing Engineer for TOYOTA MOTOR
MANUFACTURING, Assistant Manufacturing General
Manager for MAGNA INTERNATIONAL, Senior Manufacturing
Engineer for LIBBY OWENS FORD, and as Systems Design
Installation Coordinator for SERVAIR, INC. Details
available upon request.


Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Sheridan College, Brampton, Ontario

Toyota Production Systems
Toyota Motomachi Plant, Japan

Production System Leadership, Vehicle Development,
Launch Management

Behavioral Analysis, Coaching and Mentoring,
Executive Leadership
Development Dimensions International, Inc.

Additional training courses including TS Lead Auditor
training, Dupont Behavioral Based Study, Finance for
Non-Finance Executives, Joshi-Ten/Ergonomics & Time
Study, Lean Manufacturing/Waste & Production Time
Reduction, Management by Objectives, and Targeted
Selection Interviewing.

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Vice President, Manufacturing

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