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Location Confidential
Willing to Relocate
$150,000 to $300,000

Resume Summary
General Manager with track record of growing businesses in China, for both local private as well as international public companies. Over 14 years' experience in general management and operation, business development, sales and marketing.

Resume Body      CHINA CEO/COO/GM


Cornell University
Johnson Graduate School of Management
Ithaca, NY, USA
Master of Business Administration, May 2005

Dalian University of Technology
Dalian, China
Master of Engineering - Architectural Structure Engineering, April 1994
Bachelor of Engineering - Industry and Civil Construction Engineering, July 1991


Jul 2005 - Present
Roper Industries, Inc. (NYSE: ROP)
Chief Representative of China
Shanghai Roper Industries Trading Co., Ltd.
General Manager
Shanghai, China
- Reconstructed the structure of the representative office, resolved legacy issues.
- Set up the WOFE to better serve business development of Roper in China.
- Recruit, coach and lead administration team of the WOFE.
- Establish and develop systems and procedures to improve the operating quality and efficiency of the WOFE.
- Manage the operational activities of the WOFE.
- Develop strategy for the Chinese market, coordinate the implementation of the strategy.
- Report to Vice President of Roper.

Mar 1996 - Mar 2003
Jamran Co., Ltd.
General Manager
Shenyang, China
- Identified new business opportunities.
- Established a sales network covering 22 major Chinese cities.
- Developed and executed strategies which enabled the company to achieve 18% average sales growth for seven consecutive years.
- Report to President.

Mar 1995 - Mar 1996
Armstrong World Industries Inc. (NYSE: AWI)
Marketing Representative, Building Products Operation
Guangzhou, China
- Researched and analyzed the ceiling market in nine southern Chinese provinces, created and implemented regional marketing plan.
- Managed Armstrong's sales network, expanded the sales network by adding new dealers.
- Delivered 20% sales growth.
- Report to Regional Manager.

May 1994 - Mar 1995
Great Family Industrial Group
Civil Engineer, Real Estate Division
Guangzhou, China
- Led a team of three engineers to supervise company construction project.
- Coordinated and managed multiple project aspects, including project costing, design development, quality control and contract reporting.
- Report to Division Manager.

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